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Solar chargers/thermostats

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    Hi all, am new to posting here. I'm trying to research solar powered batteries/generator I could setup in my shed to power the heat source for fermenting. Has anyone come across anything suitable?
    I'm not sure if I'd use it to power an element or a heat mat underneath my vessels but would there be anything out there worthwhile but also not too expensive?
    I don't know the exact power requirements to run a source up to say 20 celsius but assuming 12v or under should be fine?


  • For the effort of putting in solar with battery (which you need, as most of the heating will happen at night), you could just run a length of cable to the shed.

    I have done this in 2 of the last 3 homes I was in and could have done this with the third home too.

    Current house has a loop of 25m of arctic blue power cable running out to out garden shed, its plugged into a downstairs socket and runs through an old hole in the wall left by a cable tv utility.

    About 50e for the arctic blue, and a bit extra for socket terminals and multiway sockets in the shed (most surplus to requirements), and a bit extra on cable fittings to keep the cable high on the fence and tidy, out of the way of kids & lawnmowers.

  • Cheers sharigan, I was just thinking of power consumption and just having a handy stand alone unit that could be moved also. In a nutshell free power or as efficient as possible to brew is what I'm aiming for :-)