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Things in the home HEEPS [Closing: 21st April, 7pm]

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    So most people understand the concept of Sheep/Peehs/Heeps, but for the newcomer...

    In a game of Heeps - you are looking to hit the SECOND most popular answer because.... the most popular answer, or the Sheep - will score....

    ZERO biggrin.png

    1) Name a cooking utensil.

    2) Name something that you would store in the fridge.

    3) Name something with legs, you could find in a kitchen.

    4) Name something that can be found in the press under the sink.

    5) Name a size of bed.

    6) Name something that can be hung up.

    7) Name something found in a bedroom drawer.

    8) Name something that can be found on or above a mantelpiece.

    9) Name a piece of furniture that can be found in a sitting room.

    10) How many mains 3 pin wall sockets are in a typical sitting room?

    11) How many toilets is the perfect number of toilets for a house?

    There are no wrong answers in Heeps, and Google is permitted.