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RTE's closed DAB stations still showing up in my saved stations list

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    My 2020 Passat's Discover Pro radio still defaults to the RTE Radio One DAB station which closed last week when I switch it on.

    I have deleted my saved preset stations and rescanned the FM/DAB bands, re-saving only the FM stations but the radio still receives transmitted carrier signals from all the closed DAB stations, RTE One, Two, Lyric, Plus, Gold and so on, and saves them to the radio's Station List. I have also done the hard reset to no avail.

    When I turn the radio on, it defaults to the Station List rather than the preset stations.

    There is a setting in the radio's menu to select only FM stations but after I turn off the radio, next time I switch it on, it reverts to the RTE DABs which are of course, closed. There doesn't appear to be an option to isolate the defunct DAB stations.

    Will RTE in time, remove the radio signals for those closed DAB channels?

    It's annoying to have to scroll through about six of them to reach the FM ones.

    Has anyone encountered this issue?