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Going out on my own buying a boat, some advice needed ?

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    Hi there ,

    I've always loved sea fishing. So my mid life crises is buying a boat. Nothing could best heading out to sea in my own vessel.

    I have found a beautiful boat. Its in fantastic nick body wise. However, engines are not my area of expertise.

    It is a Yamaha 50 outboard engine. It has little usage @356 hours. It started up grand but as I say lads , I'm far from In the know.

    Could anybody enlighten me to the reputation of these engines ? Good advice is pretty scarce around here. I have a local mechanic who said he'll service it for me but doesn't know much about which engines are good/bad as he's a bike mechanic.

    I'd really appreciate any replies !

    Have a great Sunday


  • More or less all engines are the same Mercury owners will say they are the best as will Honda and Evinrude owners :D the best engines are the ones best looked after by the owners so its a bit hard to tell what sort of life one has had, best thing to do is get a compression test if you get about 10% difference between all cylinders you should be ok. Get it serviced and a new impeller fitted before you hit the water.