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Anyone tried pregesterone to regulate periods?

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    My periods are gone all out of whack for some reason. I'm 33 so I would hope it's not perimenopause starting. I've had my period most of the time since the start of march. There's been 3 days off here, 6 days off there, but more of the month on my period than off. I rang GP and he said to try an antiinflammatory which hasn't seemed to make a difference. He also said the next option would be pregesterone tablets. I'm not too keen so just wondering if anyone else had a similar situation and they worked?


  • I had progesterone prescribed by a fertility clinic but I don't know how it would be in terms of period regulation. The usual option for that would be going on the pill for a short amount of time but if I were you, I would ask your GP to do a full hormonal blood workup for you to see if anything is out of sync. Our hormone systems are pretty cool, over the month it's like dominos with each hormone laying the foundation for another one to kick in. If one of those is wonky, then the whole thing can go awry.

    It might also be worth asking for a gynae referral, by the time you actually get an appointment you'd have probably ruled out a lot of potential possibilities because of the blood results.

  • Are you sure you not pregnant? Maybe get a pregnancy test just to be sure.

  • Neyite's suggestion on a blood workup is a good idea.

    Get the GP to check thyroid function as you are at it, that can also send periods out of whack.

  • I went to the GP last week and got full bloods done. He siad there's a back log in the lab at the moment so possibly up to a two week wait. I'm definitely not pregnant. I've had my period for 15 days in a row now and I'm just so sick of this, so hopefully the bloods will give an answer

  • I was put on the progesterone-only pill a couple of years ago because I have severe endometriosis and it's been an absolute godsend. I don't get periods at all now. I was worried too about side effects, I know it really doesn't agree with some people, but I've been absolutely fine on it.

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  • I would agree with Bunny_Mac. I’ve got PCOS and very heavy and long periods. The progesterone only pill has really helped me manage them.

    I know you say you’ve gotten blood work done already but when your bleeding for so long make sure you keep an eye on iron levels. I’ve had emergency blood transfusions and iron infusions because of my period.

    If you feel out of breath and lightheaded don’t ignore it like I did!