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Hello All, This is just a friendly reminder to read the Forum Charter where you wish to post before posting in it. :)

Updated After Hours Charter 20.03.2021 PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

  • 20-03-2021 3:51pm
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    Please find the updated and streamlined forum charter below.
    1. Keep it lighthearted; serious discussion is catered for elsewhere on the site. The mods utilise the 'Is this thread any craic' test (TM) to determine if the thread is lighthearted enough to stay in AH. So start threads with a view to them being a bit of craic.
    2. Don't be a dick.
    3. If you feel a post needs mod attention; report it. Dont report and then engage anyway. DO NOT FEED SOMEONE YOU THINK IS TROLLING.
    4. Don't discriminate, whether its by sex, gender, religion, race.....anything...just dont.
    5. Don't do or solicit for anything illegal.
    6. If there is a more appropriate place for your thread, post it there.
    7. Grammar nazi's need not contribute advice on grammar.
    8. If you start a thread or make a post, please include your own opinion. Don't just dump links.
    9. The mods rely on help from posters to deal with issues in the forum. We encourage people to report posts (yes this one is in here twice).
    10. Please dont query or argue mod actions on thread. If you disagree with something an AH forum mod has said or done, please PM them to discuss it. Calling out mod actions only serves to derail threads.

    General Rules and Guidelines. Guidelines <----READ ME FIRST

    Information about bans and infractions
    If you break any of the rules often enough or badly enough you are likely to be on the receiving end of a slap on the wrist from a mod. These tend to come in the form of a ban from the forum or an infraction. We moderators will use our discretion when warning, banning or infracting posters.

    A warning from a mod may be issued on the thread you are posting on. It may also be sent via private message or by infracting a poster. Heed these warnings as they are given for a reason. If you wish to query an on thread warning please do so via a private message to the moderator; dont do so on thread. If private messaging a moderator to query a warning please do not abuse the moderator. We have a hard enough job here as it is.

    The infraction system works on a Red & Yellow card basis. If you receive a red card infraction it will be marked on your profile and will be always visible to yourself and all moderators. If you clock up many infractions you are likely to be site-banned or have your access very restricted.

    If you receive a thread ban, don't fret. This is not recorded against your record on the site.

    If your breach of the rules is acute enough you are likely to be banned for a set period of time. This means you will not be able to post in the forum you have been banned from.If you think a decision is out of line or incorrect please private message the moderator. This should be your first port of call for any complaints you have about us. If you remain unsatisfied with the answer you can take it up with their category moderator. These are listed further down this post.

    If you remain unsatisfied after speaking to the category moderator you can use the help desk or dispute resolution forums.

    Help Desk is for providing general feedback on any issues you may have in the forum that cannot be addressed with a mod by PM.
    Dispute resolution is for more specific issues you might have with a card or ban. Please note the first step in the process used in Dispute Resolution is to speak to the mod who gave the card or ban, so its advisable to do this first if you have an issue.

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