What is the helpdesk?
The helpdesk is a direct line to site admins. Somewhere where you can pitch a problem or query and only site admins can respond.

What does this forum NOT handle?
We do not deal with the following:
  • Adverts.ie queries - These go in the Adverts.ie Helpdesk
  • Name Changes - Only subscribers can get name changes and these requests go in the Subscribers' Forum
  • Suggestions or Comments - (But not complaints) Use the feedback forum where everyone can respond.
  • Permanent or Temporary Site Bans - Just exercise some self-control and log out. You can also scramble your password to prevent logging in.
  • Queries not about boards.ie - This is a helpdesk for boards.ie. We cannot tell you the best route from Cork to Ballinasloe or look up your last Eircom bill to find out why it was so big. Contact the company involved, or post a thread on a relevant forum on boards.ie.
  • "Why was I banned?" questions - Since only admins can respond, we can't tell you why, we don't know. PM the moderator of the forum you've been banned from.
    Your next point of contact if the Mod is not responding, is the CMod of that section.
  • Why was my reported post not actioned? - Boards has always taken the stance that once you report a post, the chain of communication ends there. Mods are not obliged to explain every thought process behind every reported post. The Helpdesk is not a means to circumvent this.

What DOES this forum handle
  • General How-to queries - However check the Newbies/FAQ forum first. Your question has already been answered, or if not, you'll get a faster response there.
  • Confirmation Emails - If you haven't received it or need it resent, you can get it resent by clicking here. If it fails to arrive after trying that, start a thread
  • Complaints about a moderator action, ban or infraction - ALWAYS PM THE MODERATOR FIRST, to try resolve the situation amicably, like an adult. Feel free to read the full Dispute Resolution Procedure regarding this.
    If you're unhappy with that outcome, then get in touch with that sections CMod.
    If you are still unhappy, then start a thread here, and include as much relevant information as you can.
  • Any other query or comment about boards.ie which doesn't fit elsewhere

General Notes
Before you start a help desk thread check the following, to save your time, our time, and to allow for speedier response to all queries:
  1. Look at the site-wide announcements (top of every forum page). Perhaps your issue is about something the admins know about and have made an announcement about.
  2. Look at the stickies on this forum
  3. Look at the stickies at the Newbies / FAQ forum
  4. Look at the stickes at the Feedback forum
  5. If your query is about a particular forum, PM the moderators first (except for the Sex & Sexuality forum about access, since stickies on all three of the forums mentioned above tell you that "Access to the Sex & Sexuality Forum is given to SMods, CMods, Mods and Subscribers").
  6. If you have not PMed the moderator of the forum, your query will be ignored until you do
  7. All posts in this forum are now premoderated, meaning that there will be some delay between posting and your query appearing. We will approve every post. Posts are premoderated for technical reasons.
It's also worth taking a quick look to see if any recent threads are about your query. If something's going wrong for you it might be going wrong for other people and you might find an answer that way.

The Archive:

Once a thread has been answered to the satisfaction of a forum user, it will be left in the main Helpdesk for around a day or so, as the user has indicated they are happy their query has been resolved. It will then be moved into the Archive for others to read should they wish to do so.

If a thread has been responded to, but the user has not acknowledged, it will be left open in the Help Desk forum for 14 days, after which, it will be closed moved into the Archive, as it will be assumed that the user has either found a solution, resolved the problem, or it is no longer happening.

If a simple and direct question has been answered, and evidence indicates the user has followed the advice given (E.G. The user has requested access to Soccer after being told to do so via a Help Desk thread, but has abandoned the thread thereafter), the thread will be closed and moved as above.

If the user has not followed the advice given, the thread will be left in the Help Desk for no longer than 14 days, and will then be moved to the Archive.