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The Jim Cornette Meltdown Thread



  • Cornette is losing his mind over Meltzer

  • 60k views in less than 24 hours that's about $300 he made from that video not bad bad going for a rant, Corny the ultimate shill and knows out to make money out of nothing.

  • I'm constantly amused by the comments on his YouTube videos from people who think he's desperate for a Wrestling job, or the usual "irrelevant" crowd, when he's the one living a comfortable life in a memorabilia-filled castle of riches that WWE could only dream of owning, posting popular videos and podcasts on the subject on a weekly basis, is no doubt well connected to this day, could build another wrestling company if he wanted to (despite admitting to never wanting to work in the industry again), and seems to live in the heads of modern talent rent-free on a daily basis just by being his loud-mouthed open-viewed stubborn self.

    I can totally understand him not being everyone's cup of tea. Most brutally honest people rarely are, even when they're not being so venemous and don't have a platform to express it from, but come on. How many of you would stumble upon something like this on YouTube and actually take it seriously to the point of being offended, even if you were, say, a huge Kenny Omega fan?

    (NOTE: As expected of anything involving Jim Cornette, extreme swearing is contained within. You've been warned.)

    On the flip side, his contributions to the Dark Side documentries, etc, were certainly interesting, eg. the Montreal Screwjob, Owen Hart, and loads of other topics.

    I like me some (occasional) clips of Jim Cornette, and a certain debut from a certain superstar recently coaxed one of his first glowing reviews of a product he infamously despises, but I confess to not really checking up on anything Wrestling related with any degree of seriousness for the past decade or so.

  • Lads, he has never had a melt down.

    He has been consistent in his views and expressed the logic behind them. If you dont agree with that logic then thats all good. Doesnt mean he is melting down. Wrestling is subjective, he likes good, consistent and well thought out storylines. That is absent in all mainstream wrestling in 2021. So of course, he will never enjoy aew or wwe.

    If you do, then continue to do so. But because someone disagrees, it doesnt mean he is melting down. In the last 14 months, meltzer has had to issue more apologies than cornette.

  • I find myself nodding along with Jim more often than not so it's not his opinions that led to me creating this thread, more when he loses the run of himself and starts calling people pedophiles and being xenophobic.

    It's the weird moments where, amidst saying something completely reasonable, he calls someone like Penelope a slapper. That's the problem and "meltdown" I refer to.

    To be fair to him though I think since the Penelope thing he's reigned himself in. Even with the Bowens rap he was half in support/half against it so he seems to be trying harder not to be a clown with his outbursts

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  • To claim there is no good consistent storylines in AEW is just inaccurate regardless of your view of Jim Cornette.

    I like Jim. Like Eamon Dunphy, I dont always agree with him but I find him entertaining.

  • OF course speaking in generalities is not a good idea...... But if you look at most of the characters, non have been introduced to a casual audience ... Why does the fella put his hands in his pocket.....why is he called jungle boy..... why do the young bucks steal absolutely everything from hbk during his drug years...... These are all parts of the problem. No intro to a new audience.

    But JC has been clear on his problems with aew, hardly a melt down.

  • well this week we may get a all time classic meltdown which isn’t related to wrestling, because Jim cornette has been saying for weeks that he had a new website coming and it was going better than the last one and all that. He was giving it the big push, and dared the listeners to try and crash it. Well today was the day and it lasted less than a minute before it went down and is still not fully up. This could make the Russo rants and Tim Horner pale in comparison.