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Keeping Track of my Reads



  • Have finished Lean Fall Stand by Jon McGregor. This was a story about an Antarctic expedition with 3 men and something goes wrong. It wasn’t clear at the beginning what happened. When I finished it, I had to read the beginning again to figure it out. It was really about one of the men who suffers a stroke on the expedition and his recovery when he gets home. The beginning of the book set in Antarctica was very atmospheric. Overall I enjoyed it, but it was a bit “disjointed” IMO.

  • The latest book I've read was, Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh. It was a whodunnit mostly based around a court case, on the style of a John Grisham. I'm, a fan of books based on court cases. This was good it was about 2 sisters who don't like each other, accusing each other as being the murderer of their father. The killings in the book were a bit gruesome. But the story was a bit different. You didn't know 'til they end who had done it. Their father was very wealthy and an ex Mayor of New York so whoever was acquitted would get the inheritance so there was a lot at stake. I haven't read this writer before, he's from Northern Ireland and was a lawyer before he gave it up to concentrate on writing books. I must keep an eye out for his earlier books.

  • I've just finished Brixton Hill by Lottie Moggach. It was about a prisoner in for manslaughter who was on day release prior to his being released on parole. While he's out he meets this woman who seems to be interested in him, but then he gets suspicious, why is she interested in a prisoner? Of course, she has an ulterior motive which is revealed as the book goes on. It was well written, you seem to realise at the same time as the character in the book what is going on, and his own story is slowly revealed as well. I enjoyed it. The parts of the book set in the prison gave a good insight into the life of prisoners. Would recommend.

  • My latest read was, Trust by Chris Hammer. Never read this author before. He’s Australian and this book was set in Sydney. I like reading books set in countries other than Ireland, in fact I rarely read books by Irish authors, I read for escapism and so I read books set “somewhere else”. I enjoyed this, it was about money laundering and corruption in politics, the police and the judiciary. It was a good yarn. I’ve seen a few more of his books in the library, I must try another one.

  • I have finished The Neon Rain by James Lee Burke. A detective/crime novel set in New Orleans. I've read a lot of this series of books and they're a great read. This is one of his earlier ones, written in 1987, it may be his first. It was a great read and filled in a lot of the blanks for the books later in the series. I also thought it was much grittier and more violent, but maybe that was just that it's long time since I've read him. Would recommend. His writing is very atmospheric and descriptive. With good descriptions of New Orleans and Louisiana.

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  • My latest read was Summerwater by Sarah Moss. It was one of those books where nothing much happens, just a study of a group of people thrown together somehow. In this instance it is a chalet park in Scotland. A group of people are on holidays during summer but it hasn’t stopped raining and there is nothing to do. It wasn’t a very cheerful read. I couldn’t relate to any of the characters and nobody was happy in the book, a miserable lot. That said it was well written, but didn’t particularly enjoy it.

  • My latest read was The Turnaround by George Pelecanos. He is one of my favourite authors. He starting writing when he had worked in various jobs and gone to college late in life so all his stories have characters that work in these jobs such as shoe salesman, food delivery, Barman etc. He was one of the scriptwriters on The Wire and it shows, his books read like a screenplay with great characters and easy to read. You could finish it in one sitting if you had time to spare. This story was about three friends who do something stupid on the spur of the moment that have repercussions for all of them. He is of Greek descent and all his books have Greek/American characters. Really enjoyed it. I’m trying to work my way through all his books. Would highly recommend.

  • Have just finished The Cut by Chris Brookmyre. It was about a woman just released after 25 years for killing her boyfriend, but she was innocent and with the help of a young student sets out to prove it. It is set in Glasgow but the action then moves to Paris and Rome. It is set in the world of cinema, specifically low budget horror films that were being made in Italy. I enjoyed it overall, but thought it could have been a bit shorter. Also the references to the various horror films was lost on me as I was never a fan, but if you were, it would add to the enjoyment of the book. The student is studying film so he has that connection to the woman, who worked as a special effects make-up artist in the films. You had to suspend your disbelief in sections, but that's OK, it is fiction!