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Raw Superthread 2021!



  • Edge vs Miz then

    Maybe not the worst for a short feud

  • Edge returns to get MizJF 😁

  • Edge returns after years out and it’s Orton, Seth and Miz he faces none of whom need the rub from being in the ring with him.

    I love a good Signature.

  • Edge referencing AEW and Morrison's release. And nice to see Maryse back. Oh and Miz as well, I suppose.

    Becky pointing out what I've said before as well. How are fans in attendance expected to react when big matches are announced for the following week or a PPV?

    Expected someone to pin Dana after the tag match.

    Former CW champion getting pinned by Dominik.

    Theory clearly a favourite of Vince. So can we expect him to be shoved down our throats?

    Who will make their brand debut first, Veer or Xia?

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  • Edge on Miz TV, will Beth show up with him for Maryse

  • Another great jacket from Seth Rollins

    Decent cage match this between Big E and KO, i always do wonder are cage matches a nightmare to see if our sitting in the first few rows at the event

  • Bobby now chasing Big E and the title

    I'm guessing Liv challenging Becks is the main event, 17 years after Lita and Trish headlined Raw

  • Nikki the loser going turn on Rhea or Rhea on her?

  • I expected her to pull off the mask when she lost and leave in frustration

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  • When you're watching Raw, you can see how Kevin Dunn and the Camera crew are desperately trying to avoid capturing the hard cam side because of all of the tarped-off empty seats. Any time a camera pans near the hard cam side, Dunn quickly cuts to another camera.

    Attendance was 5,269 in a 18,100 arena. They drew 13,263 for Fastlane 2015 in the same venue.

  • Just watching RAW here and wondering who had the 24/7 title.

    Dana Brooke apparently...didn't recognise her.

  • I wonder will WWE pull the trigger and give Liv the title, Becky is keen on helping her so may give her the win

    I think Big E needs a clean win at Day1 and continue as champ

  • Reggie playing the long game with Dana to get a pin. Though be awkward having a ref there at the time. 😀 And what's with people leaving trampolines everywhere?

  • Liv attacks Becks training

  • That is the worst acting I have ever seen in my life. What was the need for this. It’s a lame duck feud anyway.

  • Setting up all the cameras and angles probably have away the element of surprise

  • Mrs. Miz is a guest on The Cutting Edge, can we expect a set up with Miz attacking Edge

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  • To call them a bargain bin version of The Two Man Power Trip would be extremely generous.

    TMPT was brief but brilliant.

  • The hhh/Austin team made sense too and wasn't rushed together or put together randomly

  • When Big E mentioned Lashley having loads of sisters I googled and was surprised the info card from Google had Max Caster listed as a sibling. Turns out he played one of the sisters in a bit they did in WWE

  • Oh God don't ever bring that bit up again it was horrendous and I thought I'd blocked it from my memory.

  • A wedding renewal tonight that of course always ends well in WWE (not)

  • Grayson Waller already on Raw while Veer still coming 😁 and Bischoff back for Miz

  • Can't wit for the debut of veer...

  • Waller was likely just there because Omos wasn't. It seemed very rushed. They even changed the match during the break from Aseez to Crews and Waller disappeared. They could've had Waller attack AJ after the match at least.

    Veer has been competing on Main Event which I never understand. Surely if you're promoting someone, you keep them off camera until they arrive. NXT is similar having Tiffany Stratton on 205 Live yet advertising her as coming soon. And having Lash Legend host a chat show on NXT but her matches on 205 Live.

    Still advertising the main event for this weekend? Guess the 2 week rule is no longer in effect?

    Wonder who the Harry Potter fan is in the Rollins/Lynch household with the wands on display. And he really needs to fix the top of the tree.

    Was the last time Eric officiated a wedding the Billy and Chuck wedding? He was in disguise and gave them a 3 Minute Warning.

  • Are they taking the Piss with the Veer thing? It feels like a joke now. I predict he’ll have 1/2 matches and be released. I see they’re trying to make “Send Veer” a thing on the back of Hook’s impact. It’s so perversely amusing to watch this garbage week to week but I’m a lifer so I’m stuck

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  • Yeah and we're to forget Drew was beating Veer and 2 others by himself