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Raw Superthread 2021!



  • Raw has definitely got a 'fresh' feel following the draft (it's mainly down to having a new and more importantly face champ with loads of new feud opportunities imo), definitely got the better side of things in the draft. Like the Smackdown women's division is now absolute pants with the departure of, well, the entire female roster with the exception of Sasha. Roman has frig all credible challengers now as well aside from McIntyre and Brock, who is part time.

    Raw is still not great but it's improving. Main event was great. Rollins as the only heel I think is the right choice, they haven't pulled the trigger on heel Balor yet (though I think it might be around the corner) so the match with Big E wouldn't work at the moment. Anyways they're probably going to park all of this contender stuff to focus on Survivor Series shortly so I guess enjoy it while it lasts?

    Bianca sort of has to win next week though doesn't she. She's racking up some amount of big match losses since Summerslam.

  • This is the most entertaining Rollins has been in years, his Rick James home invasion was hilarious.

    Also the best dressed man in wrestling right now.

  • I do enjoy his outfits and he can wrestle, no doubt. I just cant warm to him.

    Felt the home invasion was very weak, hes no Dave Chappelle.

  • What did Liv say to Corey? And speaking of Liv, I'm confused about what they're doing with her. Why keep giving Carmella wins over her?

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  • Starting at 12 our time tonight. Becky v Bianca opens the show apparently. Which doesn't bode well for any kind of proper finish to the match.

  • Yeah, though who's likely to interfere? Queen Zelina and Carmella?

  • Cue a tag match made during the break, followed by 'how can these two co-exist?'

  • That's a novel concept. You know what'd be a great idea some time too is if they made two feuding superstars into the tag team champions for a short while!

  • I think they'll be daring and go for a double count out or *gasp* a roll-up win.

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  • It'd be funny if they had Becky win in under 26 seconds this time. Obviously completely, insanely stupid but funny nonetheless.

  • Theory going for Orton V 2.0

  • So Liv Morgan is stepping up even though she loses to Carmella every week?

    Is Zelina trying to do an English accent at times. She seems to start then stop.

    Think the camera zoomed out too far at the end of the Rey backstage interview since we saw Kevin standing with his feet apart like that, which we've heard before is to make the interviewers appear shorter.

    Speaking of Rey, the ref for his match should do more matches since he sees things happening even when he's not looking. He wouldn't have seen Dominik hit Theory.

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  • He didn’t see it but he heard the thunderous slap 😂😂

  • The Liv tease is a bit daft given the Bianca Becky saga is clearly not over. And with Survivor Series in a couple of weeks feuds are going to go on the back burner anyways. The Big E/Kevin axis of "can they co-exist" is going to get annoying too. Turning Owens heel might actually be the best option though I guess it depends on his contract situation, isn't it up in December?

  • A better than usual Raw but thats a low bar.

    Becky v Bianca was an fine TV match. Nothing spectacular.

    But the usual crap makes Raw unwatchable. Same awful, sanitised production. Camera cuts at a rate of 40 per min. Awful, lazy booking all over the show.

    No matter how talented a roster they have or how long a match gets, the same issues persist

  • I'd like Becky to bury Liv just for the online reaction.

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  • Skimmed it, seemed like a decent enough Raw compared to usual.

    Becky/Bianca was a good match. I really do wonder if this has done anything for Bianca though, Becky is still being cheered like crazy even when she's a heel. Did like the main event if it was another meh ending. Big E not trusting Kevin Owens was great, especially when we were expecting the turn.

    Liv as the contender is ridiculous. I like Liv but they've spent the last few weeks making her look a total loser, no forethought what so ever.

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  • Wrestling Inc

    WWE has announced just one match for tonight’s show and that’s Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens.

    It’s expected that Bobby Lashley will be back in the storylines with tonight’s show. He has not appeared on TV since losing to WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg at Crown Jewel, but he did return to action at the recent WWE live events in England, and just lost to WWE Champion Big E at Saturday’s show in London.

    The arena is advertising Big E and RAW Tag Team Champions Randy Orton and Riddle vs. Lashley, AJ Styles and Omos for tonight’s show, plus RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair.

  • Seth WTF are you wearing

    SD colours too

  • Impressive Gable

  • What a coincidence that Liv won after confronting Becky last week.

  • Rollins is some *** but so entertaining, yet another Heel turn for KO it looks like

    Wonder is this the start of a Rey/Dominik 'Why us ?' type storyline. TBH Lashley is a better person to have on your team than Dominik

  • 2 live posts and 2 posts after the show (excluding mine as I didn't watch it so can't comment)...and it's now wednesday!

    This has got to be an all time low!

  • Well we know Adam Pearce wants Team Raw Men to win at SS

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  • Boards ratings are an all time low.

    But then again are we even in the key demographic to matter.