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Where to find out the industry average salary?

  • 22-02-2021 1:57pm
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    So long story short, the place I work at now offers no benefits and have no idea what the future holds. There are other positives which I think at the moment outperform the lack of benefits but in around one year, if nothing changes, I will be looking at leaving if we don't get either salary increase or any benefits like health insurance. I will be with the company two years.

    I like the industry though and the work itself is quite enjoyable and would like to remain in this industry. Is there a place where people anonymously share their salary scales or opinions about their companies or positions other than Glassdoor?


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    You can use Glassdoor, some of the recruiting companies like Brightwater do an annual salary survey, and there's this as well:

    The other thing is, you're fairly anonymous here so you could just disclose your salary and ask what people thought from experience.

    Generally - I have found all my significant salary bumps in my career have come from moving job.

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    If you're looking for more general information on industry salaries and possible roles you could move towards, have a word with a recruiter. I did this via Linkedin a couple of times. Was very upfront. Told them my experience and skillset. They told me potential roles and salaries that I could be in line for.

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    I actually found out that CPL has a very good pdf document which shows vast salary scales across the range of industries. I fall right inside that bracket and I could see a potential for the future if I transition to a different area as an engineer.