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Quickest Way To Learn Minecraft?

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    Hi All.

    Just downloaded Minecraft on Android tablet for my 7 year old daughter and despite the fact that it's supposed to be pretty easy to learn, we're not finding it very intuitive.

    After a couple of hours trying to figure it out, some of the questions we have are listed below. Interested in the answers to those questions but even more interested in finding out what's the quickest way to learn / understand the game. If this was any other year, could have a friend over who has the game and learn from them but obviously that's not an option this year. Would like a structured way to do this, not just random Googling :)

    1: We don't seem to have ingredients for any recipes to add to our inventory - do we need to buy something to allow us to do that?
    2: Is there a particular world that we should start with or just create a new world from day 1?
    3: Considering it's a 7 year old, want to play offline initially but even entering random worlds that we have created gives a prompt about online play. I don't believe I've connected to a server so this surprises me.

    So thanks in advance to boardsies for help with the questions below and also general guidance on learning Minecraft.



  • Kids seem to watch hours of youtube vids about minecraft

  • I would suggest creating a new world and making sure it is set to creative mode, or changing the world you already made to creative. This gives you access to all items and unlimited amount of each too. Also allows you to move more freely. Also makes you invincible and removes the "hunger" bar.

    Our 4 year old knows more about this game than me, albeit on ps4. So im sure yours will figure it out easy enough.

    Edit to add, on ps4 there is a tutorial world you can choose that teaches the basics in survival mode. Not sure about the mobile version.