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2021 PW Boards Draft - Write Ups Thread

  • 13-02-2021 5:49pm
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    Ok folks, high time this thread was posted - this thread is where we post our write ups following the picking phase.

    I will put a deadline on entries following the last pick being made in the Official Picks Thread.

    Just a reminder of the rules:

    Write Up Rules

    Once the picks are made and rosters are assembled, the write ups commence. In the past, it has usually been a rule of 4/5 shows (weekly shows with a PPV at the end) is the maximum amount of shows a player could post. However, to reflect the dwindling efforts of the players to commit to a huge body of work/time in reading others work, it was changed to a maximum of 4 posts.

    Now comes another change, and let's see how it goes.

    Players are limited to a maximum of 2 posts.

    One is for your company statement, to outline your roster - the major players, feuds etc. This is not mandatory,

    The second post is your match card. Your ultimate fantasy match ups as drafted by you.

    For the benefit of the other players it is expected that you at least post your match card for this portion of the game as this is what will decide one of the portions of the game.

    Due to posting limitations re: images, if you wish to extend your PPV post across two posts this is permitted.


    Let the Write Up Phase commence :D



  • Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 51,338 Mod ✭✭✭✭Necro

    A New World Order:

    After the culmination of last year’s Natural Selection, the landscape in NCW changed once again with the purchase of the company by a consortium headed by the self proclaimed Wrestling God – John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield. Money was no object and he immediately set about signing mega-stars on massive contracts – making the immortal Hulk Hogan the centrepiece of a brand new NCW season for 2021.

    The Battle for Dominance: NWO VS The New Day


    Alongside Hogan came his long-time cohorts Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman – the three united to reform the New World Order. Hogan claimed the top prize in NCW, the Heavyweight Championship whilst the Rising Star Championship was gifted to that impressive ‘up and comer’ – Sean Waltman in a bid to keep challengers at bay from Hogan’s title.

    Cue the arrival of The New Day (yes it is). Big E, Kofi and Xavier would show up to provide constant thorns in the side of the NWO, refusing to back down from the group. Tensions boiled over at various points and with neither side giving an inch, a challenge was laid down for Natural Selection:

    Big E, Kofi and Xavier Woods are in the ring.

    Kofi: “NCW! The New Day is here to free your minds, to rock you body and soul!”

    Xavier: “Oh yes, Kofi – can you feel it? Those… winds of change? There is a new era beginning – and it starts at Natural Selection baby!”

    Big E: “Oh I can feel it boys – the times are changing. The old is being replaced – with The New…
    The New Day, yes it is! But – let me get serious here for a second with y’all. Hulk Hogan! Kevin Nash! Sean Waltman! The New Day are sick of you three hogging the spotlight! Hanging on like leeches to the younger stars coat-tails. And in the case of you – HULK HOGAN – BROTHER – adding your hate and bile to the melting pot!”

    Kofi: “Oh yeah Hogan – we haven’t forgotten. WWE might like to airbrush the past – but The New Day… we never – EVER – forget.”

    Big E: “Oh Kofi you took the words right outta my mouth! You three bozos are long past your sell by date – not just here – but in pro wrestling.”

    Xavier: “And at Natural Selection – we are going to make you a thing of the past. Because at Natural Selection – The New Day goes big – or we go home!”

    Big E: “Xavier you have a way with words you know that man? Hogan, Nash – Waltman. At Natural Selection – The New Day challenges… the New World Order! Winner takes all – Losers leave NCW.”

    Kofi: “It’s very very simple Hulkster. You accept our challenge, we beat you – and everyone in NCW wonders exactly… Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? You were after Natural Selection”

    Big E – “So Hulk Hogan and the New World Order – if you have the guts to put it all on the line… come on down!”

    The reviled NWO make their way to the ring to a huge chorus of boos. Hogan looks furious as he gets into the ring and stands face to face with Big E, who doesn’t break the staredown. Nash is smirking and has a mic.

    Nash: “Look at you three dancing clowns. My word how this industry has collapsed. You have three guys standing here talking all sorts of nonsense about legends of this industry – and as singles stars none of you – not you Kofi Kingston, Mr. Jamaican. Not you – Xavier Woods… just what exactly did you do? And Big E – the muscle man. Dolph Ziggler’s bitch.
    None of you drew a dime. The New Day saved your asses from the breadline.
    And you want to challenge us? If this was the old days…”

    Hogan sticks his hand out for the mic and cuts Nash off. Nash shrugs and hands the mic to Hogan.

    Hogan: “You wanna say all that again to my face tough guy? You want to mock Hulk Hogan to his face, brother?”

    Big E: “Oh I’m ready to do more than that Hogan. I’m ready to pound your face into the mat. I’m ready to bleed for my chance at that belt. I’m ready – to kill Hulkamania… or what’s left of it at least.”

    Hogan: “You think you have this all sewn up don’t you. Three rabid dogs dying for the chance to take on the New World Order. You want to do this? Well let me tell you something – brother. YOU’RE ON!”

    The crowd pops as Kofi and Xavier pump their fists in celebration. Big E, on the other hand, stares Hogan dead in the eye, with Hogan returning the stare.

    Hogan: “Three matches. Best of three, brother. You win two – we’re gone. We win two – you’re gone.

    Sean Waltman here is gonna beat the holy hell out of that yokel Kofi Kingston. He’ll even put his championship on the line, brother.”

    Waltman holds the Rising Star Championship up and the crowd boo him loudly.
    Hogan: “But not in just any match. No. Waltman is going to take you back to basics – in a ladder match!”

    Nash then takes the mic briefly.

    Nash: “And you Woods, you little punk. I’m going to break you in half – personally. When you lie broken and beaten on the mat, courtesy of my jack-knife powerbomb – you’ll scurry back off into your nerd gamer hole that you came out of.”


    Hogan takes the mic back: “And that leaves you, Big E – the Big Easy, going one on one with the immortal Hulk Hogan. IF – IF your buddies don’t bottle it – freaks like you always do. So Big E, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods – what ya gonna…”

    Big E cuts him off and slaps the mic from Hogan’s hand. He raises his own.



    He drops the mic and goes nose to nose with Hogan who is absolutely seething with rage. All six men square off in the ring as the crowd goes wild chanting for the New Day.

    Will it be a New Day for NCW at Natural Selection – or will the New World Order once more reassert their dominance as one of the greatest factions of all time?


    The Iron Price – Who is the GOAT?


    Elsewhere NCW are also making waves, with Becky Lynch, the winner of the first ever women’s main event at WrestleMania joining the roster for 2021.

    Lynch immediately claimed the Women’s Championship, and The Man had truly arrived in NCW. Yet competition would appear in the form of Trish Stratus, a trailblazer in her own right. Seven Women’s Championship reigns.

    Part of the first ever female main event on RAW – the similarities are many – and yet, the differences are startling as well.

    Trish made clear her intentions from the get-go, and that was to take the NCW women’s championship from around Lynch’s waist.

    Never one to back down from a challenge, Lynch would appear on an episode of Tuesday Night Destruction to respond directly:

    “Trish Stratus – I have the height of respect for what you and Lita did for this industry. Trailblazers in your own right, setting standards that have only recently been surpassed. But let me make this clear – I have no respect for YOU. You cannot hang with me and you, and everybody in this building and watching around the world knows that. So Trish – you want to foight me? You’re on – but I’m setting the stipulation. At Natural Selection – the real main event will be Becky Lynch VS Trish Stratus – in an IRONWOMAN MATCH.”

    The stage has now been set for the most epic NCW women’s match of all time, a 60 minute war between two of the greatest female competitors to ever lace up their boots.


    Cabinet Reformed

    The new COO of NCW, John Layfield immediately set about re-establishing his ‘cabinet’ from the days of his WWE Championship reign – with a few little amendments. Former members Doug and Danny Basham returned as ‘Co-Secretaries of Defence’.

    A later addition, expected to be another original member actually materialised as Baron Corbin – who was anointed ‘Chief of Staff’.

    Using his complete control JBL attempted to manoeuvre the NCW Tag Team Championships to within the grasps of the Cabinet.

    However, it would not prove to be so simple. The arrival of the brash Briscoe Brothers to NCW proved to be problematic for JBL and his Cabinet, indeed it was the Briscoes who drew first blood and captured the NCW Tag Team Championships, defeating the Bashams to claim the gold.

    This incensed JBL who set about attempting to remove them from the equation… permanently. Yet the Briscoes would thwart JBL’s efforts at every stage, and indeed laid down a challenge of their own – to face JBL and a partner of his own choosing at Natural Selection.

    JBL would seize on this opportunity and stack the odds in his favour – at Natural Selection the Briscoes will not only defend the championships against JBL and his ‘Chief of Staff’ Baron Corbin – but against the Bashams as well in a Gauntlet match that may determine not just the fate of the titles, but of the direction of NCW itself.



    Quoth the Raven – Nevermore?

    Elsewhere the Honky Tonk Man and his sidekick Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine arrived in NCW, Honky bringing with him his prized possession – well… other than his guitar.

    That, of course – was the Intercontinental Championship and he set about declaring himself as the longest reigning NCW Intercontinental Champion… all without defending against anyone, naturally.

    Meanwhile the sinister Raven began stalking the Honky Tonk Man – quoting passages from the aforementioned poem by Edgar Allen Poe – and indeed Honky Tonk Man began to become increasingly paranoid as Raven showed up in bizarre places, issuing challenges to face Honky Tonk.

    The situation came to a head when Raven managed to steal the Intercontinental Championship from Honky Tonk’s possession, laying waste to Greg Valentine in the process with a vicious Raven Effect onto the steel ramp.

    Raven immediately began proclaiming the Intercontinental Championship as ‘dead’ – and referring to it as the Hardcore Championship as Honky Tonk Man grew increasingly irate and finally snapped – issuing the challenge that Raven desired.

    At Natural Selection we will learn the future of the Intercontinental/Hardcore Championship as Raven and Honky Tonk Man will collide in a No Holds Barred match, with the winner taking possession of the gold for good, and killing another championship's legacy in the process.



    Tons of…Punked?

    Brodus Clay heads into Natural Selection with something to prove after being betrayed by his former partner Albert.

    The two initially joined NCW and brought the Funk back to the company, however after an unsuccessful attempt to win the Tag Team Championships from the Briscoes – Test would appear and assist Albert in laying waste to Clay with a brutal Balder Bomb through a table.

    For a while it would seem the numbers game would prohibit Clay from gaining any sort of revenge but he found an unlikely source of assistance from Hardcore legend, Tommy Dreamer – who himself had suffered at the hands of the reformed Test and Albert, costing him a shot at the Intercontinental Championship before he even got to the ring.

    Albert and Clay will collide in an extremely personal match up whilst Test will have to contend with Dreamer.



    Jimmies Rustled

    Supplementing the NWO, Horace Hogan joined his uncle here in NCW for the upcoming year. He would generally be involved in run-ins, more or less taking the brunt of the beatdowns, but Horace wanted more – he wanted gold.

    He continued to beg his uncle for a chance, asking for a tag team partner to take on the Briscoes for the Tag Team Championships. The Hulkster in the end would acquiesce, and it was expected that Kevin Nash would team with Horace…

    Yet Hulk Hogan would show how little he cared about his nephew when he appeared as Horace was in the ring, ready for the match – he announced that Razor Ramon had been signed to the company and would be Horace Hogan’s partner. The crowd popped for the reuniting of the original NWO as much as they would for Scott Hall appearing – but it would, of course – be all a ruse.

    Rick Bognar would appear on the ramp in Razor Ramon attire and Horace Hogan… and indeed the fans in attendance would be less than impressed.

    For Bognar would have the look – but nothing beats the original. The Briscoes made short work of Horace and Bognar, asserting their dominance over the tag team scene.

    In the weeks afterwards similar results would befall Bognar and Hogan, and frustration would build.

    Indeed backstage they would run into R-Truth, the multi-time 24/7 champion who had signed for NCW. R-Truth would bear the brunt of their frustration after they came across him laughing… apparently at something else, not that it mattered.

    Hogan and Bognar would leave R-Truth laying, Horace adding insult to injury with a brutal boot which slammed Truth’s head off a steel case, sending him to the hospital.

    Bognar and Hogan would boast about their destruction of R-Truth the following week in the ring – but R-Truth would drag himself out of a hospital bed, gown and all and appear to lay down the challenge for Natural Selection. Horace Hogan and Rick Bognar will go up against R-Truth – and Lil Jimmy!

    R-Truth’s brains appear to be scrambled after being brutally assaulted by the duo – will ‘Lil Jimmy’ actually appear or has R-Truth signed himself up to a handicap match?

    Finalised NCW Natural Selection V Card

    New Day take on the NWO in a best of three - 'Losers Leave NCW' Contest:

    NCW World Heavyweight Championship:

    Hulk Hogan (c) VS Big E

    NCW Rising Star Championship Ladder Match:

    Sean Waltman (c) VS Kofi Kingston

    Singles Match:

    Kevin Nash VS Xavier Woods

    NCW Women's Championship - Ironwoman Match:

    Becky Lynch (c) VS Trish Stratus

    NCW Intercontinental and Hardcore Championship Unification Match - No Holds Barred:

    Honky Tonk Man (c) w/Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine VS Raven (c)

    NCW Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match:

    The Briscoe Brothers (c) VS The Basham Brothers, John Bradshaw Layfield & Baron Corbin

    Singles Match:

    Albert VS Brodus Clay

    Singles Match:

    Test VS Tommy Dreamer

    Tag Team Match???

    Horace Hogan & Rick Bognar VS R-Truth & 'Lil Jimmy'

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    All Star Bruisers


    A group by the name of Rectify has dominated the landscape of All Star Bruisers - a group that consists of Nick Aldis (World Champion), Madman Fulton & Ace Austin (Tag Team Champions) , mad dog Luna Vachon and the loudmouth enforcer Eli Drake. Together this group has managed to cause such utter chaos that their rivals have ended up turning on each other (namely Steve Austin and Hangman Page but more on that later). At first the way this group has managed to find themselves in the perfect circumstances to dominate perplexed many and fuelled distrust amongst the rest of the roster, however ultimately our General Manager Sherri Martel was revealed to be the puppeteer and the ultimate Leader of Rectify.

    Embittered by her treatment at the hands of so many during her over 30 year career, Sherri has put this group of despicable human beings together in order to ensure that she holds all the power and never loses it, but the wheels have slowly fallen off her stranglehold on the company.

    Nick Aldis has lost the World Championship to Steve Austin and is now locked in a desperate feud with Brian Pillman Sr having brutally assaulted Pillman's son. Sherri finds herself in the direct line of fire having screwed Thunder Rosa out of the Gladiatrix Championship and also for the serious injury caused to Taya Valkyrie at the hands of Luna Vachon, with a demented Rosemary looking to avenge her friend.

    All this leads to a high stakes inaugural flagship presentation of Bruisermania.


    1. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hangman Page - World Championship Match

    With both men having been the victims of Sherri's manipulations, they face each other for the biggest prize in the company.

    A tournament took place to crown the inaugral World Champion where in the semi finals, Nick Aldis defeated Hangman Page thanks to interference from Eli Drake. As Steve Austin and Aldis faced off in the Final, Page inadvertently cost Austin the Championship when attempting to take revenge on Aldis.

    This took Page and Austin to difficult waters as they attempted to work through their distrust of each other of which Sherri fueled as GM. Constantly at odds with each other they struggled to contain the expanding Rectify, eventually Austin managed to wrangle the Championship from Aldis in an epic Steel Cage match. Page came to Austin's aid as the rest of Rectify attempted to keep the title on Aldis.

    Angry to feel indebted to Hangman Page, Austin challenged Hangman to a match at Bruisermania with the title on the line, to which Hangman accepted. Needless to say however Martel is not going to allow these two men to settle their differences easily.

    2. Nick Aldis vs Brian Pillman Sr with a special guest referee - Loser Leaves Town Match

    This bitter feud began in the Quarter Finals of the Tournament for Heavyweight Title, where Nick Aldis faced off against Brian Pillman junior. Aldis defeated Pillman with little hassle, but feeling enraged that such an opponent was beneath him he brutally assaulted the young Pillman after the match with the help of Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.

    Enter Brian Pillman Sr who caused chaos for Rectify at every turn in his quest to avenge his son, ultimately leading to Pillman Sr joining Hangman Page in ensuring Rectify didn't interfere in the Steel Cage World Championship Match between Nick Aldis and Steve Austin.

    Enraged by Pillman Sr's constant meddling, Sherri Martel ordered a Loser Leaves Town Match between Pillman and Aldis at Bruisermania. A special guest referee is to be chosen by Martel in order to ensure the odds are stacked against Pillman Sr.

    3. Sherri Martel vs Thunder Rosa - Gladiatrix Championship Match

    This feud began when Taya Valkyrie and Thunder Rosa were scheduled to face off for the Title, before the former suffered a serious assault. Seemingly with good intentions and not wanting the Women's Division to suffer, Sherri Martel inserted herself into the Title Match with Thunder Rosa.

    However after interference by Luna Vachon, the night in which Sherri revealed herself to be the true Leader behind Rectify, Thunder Rosa was defeated.

    Furious over Martel's actions sullying her name and the reputation of the division, Thunder Rosa went on a relentless quest to dethrone Martel. She ultimately earned her Title match at Bruisermania by defeating Martel's personal lapdog Eli Drake in an intergender match. Needless to say however Martel is going to try every trick in the book to retain the Title.

    4. Chad Gable with Sunny vs Jason Jordan - Roman Grecco Title Match

    The rare case of a feud not tainted by Rectify, this feud began when Sunny was hired by American Alpha to be their manager.

    However things quickly fell apart in the weeks that followed as Sunny insisted both men compete as singles competitors with Sunny seeming to favour Jordan - both men competed in the Tournament for World Heavyweight Title, with Gable being the first to fall to Steve Austin in the Quarter Finals. Embittered by his loss and by Sunny favouring Jordan, Gable started to distance himself from Jordan.

    After weeks of tense air, both men agreed to compete for the Tag Titles with Sunny at their side, however at the last minute Gable was a no show leading to American Alpha being replaced by the Varsity Blondes in the Tag Team Title Match against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.

    The next week Gable, Jordan and Sunny had a clear the air talk in the ring. Seemingly reconciled, Gable turned on Jordan with a vicious assault while Sunny looked on approvingly - the entire thing was a rouse and Sunny in reality was grooming Gable, not Jordan.

    Sunny then christened Gable with his own Title, the Grecco Roman Championship meant for the most elite of athletes. Weeks passed with Gable and Sunny basking in their delusion until Jordan finally returned, eviscerating Gable on the microphone as a coward and not a real man for hiding behind Sunny. Apoplectic with rage and against the advice of Sunny, Gable accepts Jordan's challenge for the Title at Bruisermania.

    5. Boiler Room Brawl - Luna Vachon vs Rosemary

    As Sherri desperately attempts to keep a vengeful Rosemary out of her business due to the assault on Taya Valkyrie, she orders Luna Vachon to take care of Rosemary so she cannot cause problems for her against Thunder Rosa.

    An unhinged Vachon, after weeks of mind games from Rosemary, tells Rosemary to name her stipulation for their match at Bruisermania - to which Rosemary gleefully announces a Boiler Room Brawl Match.

    6. Tyson Kidd vs Teddy Hart - Grudge Match

    Initially Tyson Kidd, Harry Smith, Teddy Hart and Jack Evans stuck together in All Star Bruisers. However as Hart's jealously mounted towards the success of the Hart Dynasty, something he never quite matched and with a particular issue towards Tyson Kidd who wasn't blood, the two teams ended up on opposing sides when Sherri Martel announced 4 teams would compete for the Tag Team Titles.

    In an epic bout Teddy Hart had the match won but took too long on the Top Rope to land Open Hart Surgery; Tyson Kidd reversed the move into a fishermen neck breaker and won the match. As Jack Evans attempted to comfort Teddy he turned on him with a brutal assault. As Kidd attempted to re-enter the ring to defend Evans, Smith stopped him saying he wouldn't interfere in family business. Kidd walked away furiously as Hart goaded him.

    The next week Hart cost Kidd the Tag Titles against Ace Austin as Smith and Fulton traded blows on the outside. While Smith was furious at Hart he still wouldn't interject himself in the issue between Kidd and Hart, ultimately telling both men that they had to settle their issues once and for all. Which leads to this highly tense match at Bruisermania.

    7. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs Brian Pillman jr and a mystery opponent - Tag Team Title Match

    Having suffered a brutal attack at the hands of Ace Austin, Madman Fulton and Nick Aldis, Pillman Jr finally returns gunning for the Tag Team Champions as his father takes care of Nick Aldis.

    With Sherri Martel causing obstacles at every turn, she says she will grant the Varsity Blondes a title shot if Griff Garrison can defeat Madman Fulton. In a brutal match where Griff is destroyed by Fulton, he somehow pulls off the possible by winning via count out.....but Garrison is utterly destroyed and is not medically cleared for the Tag Team Title Match at Bruisermania, leaving Pillman jr with a headache trying to find a tag team partner.

    Of course, Martel intends on making this as difficult as possible for Pillman.....

    1. Eli Drake vs Mystery Opponent - Winner is Brian Pillman's tag team partner.

    Martel has ordered this match thinking no one will come to Pillman jr's aid.

    Assuming no one will challenge him or Martel's authority, Drake comes to the ring to goad the fans as Bruisermania kicks off....but as Drake demands the result is called Freddie Blassie comes down the aisle. He has something to say to Eli Drake.

    1. Steve Austin
    2. Hangman Page
    3. American Alpha
    4. Sunny
    5. Brian Pillman Sr
    6. Thunder Rosa
    7. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie
    8. Nick Aldis
    9. Hart Dynasty
    10. Moose
    11. Madman Fulton and Ace Austin
    12. Varsity Blondes
    13. Eric Bischoff
    14. Teddy Hart and Jack Evans
    15. Eli Drake
    16. Luna Vachon
    17. Freddie Blassie

  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 22,694 Mod ✭✭✭✭Bounty Hunter

    Welcome to the preview for the biggest event in the BWA calendar year

    Vince McMahon defeated Cody Rhodes last year at Wrestlepalooza to gain complete control of the BWA.

    His first act was to fire the entire Rhodes family (Cody, Dusty & Goldust) from the BWA and bring in his own son Shane McMahon.

    He tasked Shane with finding & drafting him a worthy champion after his hand picked man (John Cena) failed to get the job done at last years big BWA PPV.

    He was very pleased when Shane-O-Mac successfully brought The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels to the brand. McMahon Jr was perturbed however to realize that BWA chairman Bounty Hunter had already signed up a whole new class of fighters whom he believed including Johnny Gargano, Tomasso Ciampa, Keith Lee etc).

    COVID19 hit then and it started to look like we might not have a draft season at all but do you really think a small thing like a global pandemic would stop Vince McMahon... hell no! The BWA was headed to Fight Island!

    It is there on Yas Fight Island that the main storyline of this draft season kicks off and in many ways it is because of the location that we now talk about
    The Battle of The Bosses

    It comes as no surprise that upon the BWAs arrival on fight island a lot of reporters liken the company to the UFC who also stage events here. They also compare the two promotions head honchos. At first McMahon enjoys and even somewhat encourages these comparisons, afterall they are mostly positive about how these promotions have kept going throughout this ongoing global epidemic. then suddenly it turns sour as one reporter in particular brings up a Dana White quote from last year when he was asked about McMahon's PPV bout.
    "I always have said it, and I'll say it again; I respect Vince very much. But Vince is too old to be fighting anybody."

    The last part of that strook a cord with McMahon and his response was a bit less diplomatic as he accused Dana of making excuses and being scared to face Vince himself cited how he had previously challenged him to a bout at Wrestlemania.

    The war of words between the two had started and every week it seemed things escalated between the two. From Dana laughing about how he has won the wrestling observers promoter of the year 8 times more than McMahon and he isn't even in the werestling business, to McMahon claiming that Brock Lesnar continously chose him over White and that White was left with trying to make money off cast offs like CM Punk.

    White had stayed respectful until this point but he was clearly starting to get irritated and the next time he was asked about McMaohon at a UFC press conference he had a pre-prepared list of things that he brought up. First off he referenced Vince's cast off jibe before describing Matt Riddle (who McMahon recently drafted to the BWA because he finds him hilarious) as the stoner dropout of the UFC,Then he pivoted to talk about how McMahon was handed the Brock and Cain Velasquez rivalry on a silver platter and not only did he screw that up, but he couldn't make money from Cain who he calls legitimately one of the baddest men on the planet. Speaking of which he brings up The World's Most Dangerous Man Ken Shamrock and Dan "The Beast" Severn and says that they should have been world champions in pro wrestling but Vince dropped the ball, something he then accused him of intentionally doing right now with Shayna Bayzsler (we will come back to her story later).

    An infuriated Vince fired back and called White a small man and the UFC a small promotion that he had the opportunity to buy back in 2009 (which is true Shane tried to convince him and talks actually took place at the time) but declined to do so. He also once again challenged Dana to a fight and said if he agreed to even show up on BWA Raw to discuss it Vince would donate One million dollars to a childrens charity. White tried to laugh this off saying that since 2009 the UFC had grown into a behemoth but McMahon's WWE, where was that now? Gone! But as much as he thought he had got one over his rival pointing out that McMahon was now on the BWA every week because his own WWE was no more the charity angle would not go away and every week he didn't show up on Raw the more he got questioned over it until it seemed he had no choice, McMahon had backed him into a corner and he had to show up.

    When White did show up on BWA Raw, he was invited down to the ring and had to watch as McMahon showed a video on the titantron outlining how his million dollar donation was going to help tp help kids grow up strong so that unlike Dana they could face the challenges life throws at them. Then he once again challenges White to face him in the ring but this time in the BWA and Dana... refuses again! He thanks for his donation but says that he doesn't want to hurt McMahon and then turns to leave the ring but Vince's son Shane blocks his path.
    Vince wrote:
    "Don't you turn your back on me....*Dana turns back to face him*..."don't ever turn your back on a McMahon"

    As McMahon says this a big smirk comes across his face as WHACK! Shane just kicked Dana between his legs from behind and drops the UFC chief to the mat. writhing around in pain Dana holds his manhood and looks up at Vince who adds on final line before the show goes off the air and ESPN and the rest of the worlds sports media go wild with this story
    "I guess you do have balls afterall"

    One such ESPN interview revealed that Dana had an open ended invite to come back on Raw if he decided to change his mind and "man up"

    Apparently Dana had agreed to do just that as the BWA began promoting another confrontation between the two for the subsequent Raw and built towards it all through the show. Then in the final segment out came Vince.

    By his side were his son Shane, Matt Riddle and Alberto Del Rio. McMahon points at Riddle & Del Rio as people with a background in MMA but who came to his promotions to be stars. Shane uses this as a way to call his dad the greatest promoter (far superior to Dana) of all time before they re-iterate that Vince turned down the chance to buy the UFC and suggest that if he did White would have been out the door a long time ago. They say that Dana knows he is no match for The Genetic jackhammer that is Vince McMahon hence him being too much of a b*tch to fight him when he challenged him before....

    Finally Dana White interrupts them and appears at the top of the ramp. He starts walking to the ring as he addresses McMahon and his grouping. He says that he knows he hurt Vince's ego by saying that he was too old to be in ring fighting but now Vince just isn't going to let it go, he's going to beat this drum so hard nobody will hear anything else and god damn it he (Dana) is being left with very little choice here so..."So let's do it!"

    He says this as he finally reaches ringside and goes to step through the ropes unbeknownst to those in the ring who were all focused on him Josh Barnett, Ken Shamrock & Cain Velasquez enter the ring behind them and grab Shane (Shamrock), Del Rio (Velasquez) and Riddle (Barnett) from behind in chokeholds. Dana then steps right up in front of McMahon who is caught flatfooted seeing what is happening to his backup and says "but if you want me, it's 1 on 1, leave your stooges at home, because I have my own backup! ... Just name the date and place" He drops the Mic and his boys relise their holds.

    All four roll to the outside and walk up the ramp as the crowd and announcers go wild. Just before they exit to the back however McMahon picks up the Mic and screams at him... "Wrestlepalooza!"


    The next time Dana White appears on BWA television he is again flanked by his backup for the official contract signing. It is however not a contract for a typical match McMahon explain as he informs him of the Street Fight stipulation because as McMahon says he does not expect Dana to be able to wrestle like one of his superstars. Dana does not care what kind of match it is and signs the bout agreement but clearly did so a little too quickly as McMahon then explains that the small print on their deal gave McMahon the power to book Dana's UFC contracted fighters on Wrestlepalooza also, a move which McMahon claimed would allow him to prove that he is in fact the better promoter of the two. An example of this he immediately announces being how he is booking the first ever (in a reputable promotion) MMA triple threat match at Wrestlepalooza! It will be Vince's Alberto Del Rio vs Dana's Cain Velasquez and the man who White actually referenced during their verbal back and forths who McMahon announces he just signed for the BWA and a man known as much for his Wrestling as MMA... Dan "The Beast" Severn!

    Match Set: Street Fight - Vince McMahon vs Dana White

    Match Set: Triple Threat MMA match - Alberto Del Rio vs Dan Severn vs Cain Velasquez
    The World's most dangerous men

    Another match that came out of this involved Ken Shamrock. The McMahon's thought it was laughable that Shamrock called himself the World's most dangerous man, that it just shows the arrogance of the MMA community and that he would meet the real World's most dangerous man in the ring that night. Later that night it seemed like it was the McMahon's arrogance shining through as the man the announcer called "The best in the world", Shane McMahon stood in the ring dressed for a match and said he was waiting for Shamrock.

    Right as the match was seemingly about to start however Shamrock is blindsided by the man Shane was actually referring to as the real worlds most dangerous man...Haku!, the two then beat down on Shamrock before they announced that it'll be Ken Shamrock vs Haku (or Meng if you prefer) at Wrestlepalooza! A few weeks later it is Haku actually who kicks things up a notch by stating that he does not want to give Shamrock anywhere he can run / no way to hide to from and so challenge him to what he called his own match, the Lion's Den match.

    Match Set: Lion's Den Match: Haku vs Ken Shamrock

    Some more fallout from the original Raw Dana/Vince confrontation that seemingly had to lead to a match was the appearance of Josh Barnett catching Matt Riddle in a chokehold. Although we later found out that Barnett was there more so for his former trainee Shayna Baszler, the treatment of whom (by the McMahons) drove him crazy than any allegiance to Dana (He's had his issues with White in the past) Vince just could not let his interference slide. Nor could he pass up the simple slam dunk as he called it of putting one former Bloodsport frontman with another and allowing his boy Riddle get revenge on who he saw as the aging Barnett that needed to be put out to pasture.

    So this one was relatively straight forward...


    Match Set: Bloodsport rules (submission of knockout victory only) Josh Barnett vs Matt Riddle

    There was one last MMA related match still to be booked for the PPV and that came about because of what was seen as a moment of disrespect and of course once again included a McMahon. It also takes us all the way back to the start of this exact preview show (this big ass post) but don't worry you don't need to search back, here is the relevant line
    when Shane-O-Mac successfully brought The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels to the brand. McMahon Jr was perturbed however to realize that BWA chairman Bounty Hunter had already signed up a whole new class of fighters whom he believed including Johnny Gargano, Tomasso Ciampa, Keith Lee etc).

    The McMahon's can be vindictive and they decided that Bounty Hunter should be punished so Shane informed him that he would have a match at Wrestlepalooza! The man had never so much as had wrestling training in all his years with the BWA and pleaded with Shane to call off the fight. Shane first started teasing that It would be him that would face the backstage announcer as he kept referring to himself as the best in the world and his punches as the best in MMA and Wrestling but eventually he stopped. Instead Shane assured him that it was okay because he would choose someone who was also just starting out in the promotion to be his opponent, a new signing to the BWA... then announced the arrival of Yuji Nagata!!

    His father Vince found this hilarious, BH vs a hard hitting former IWGP champion but unfortunately for Shane O Mac not everyone shared his sense of humor and one person in particular voice their objection as he was confronted by an MMA legend who knows all about pro wrestling as he was Nagata's Pro Wrestling tag team partner... Kazushi Sakuraba. Sakuraba tells him that if he is going to put an authority figure in a match it should be Shane not BH, goads him a bit by saying except that he wouldn't actually have the balls to face Nagata himself and then finally challenges him saying that much like Dana with his old man he would fight him anytime and anyplace. Then Much to his surprise however Shane accepted! the When he picked, Wrestlepalooza of course, but the where... the BWA Raw underground arena!

    matches Set: Yuji Nagata vs BH ... &... BWA Raw Underground: Shane McMahon vs Sakurabu

    and now to focus purely on the Pro Wrestling
    Ladies First

    In the BWA women's division there were two main stars in 2021. Shayna Baszler who last year defeated the until then undefeated Aja Kong to claim the BWA women's championship and Layla who it seems had no intention of getting in Baszler's way. Instead she was acting as a valet for none other than Shawn Michaels and was a part of the New DX.

    Since last years Wrestlepalooza Baszler has been dominant and as time has gone by it has become evident who was and wasn't a fan of hers. One notable non fan was Vince McMahon, she didn't have the look of a McMahon womens champion, even Shane McMahon who liked her MMA background thought it would be better to bring in someone like Paige VanZant to be the face of the promotion. Vince didn't know who this was but it did give him the idea to bring in challengers from outside the promotion every PPV. From the old school types of Mae Young, The Fabulous Moolah and Rocking Robin to the more umm model type like Eve Torres, Eva Marie & Summer Rae. The first group came a lot closer to defeating Baszler and McMahon was about to go back to that route of recruitment until he was visited by his favorite wrestler on the roster, Shawn Michaels, who had said he had a proposition for Mcmahon that could make him happy (get the belt of Baszler and keep him happy).

    On the next BWA Raw it was announced that at the Royal Rumble it would be Shayna Baszler (c) vs Layla! Even being Shawn Michael's girl that choice surprised many, why would HBK want to subject his lovely lady to the Queen of Spades, a feeling which was amplified (although the people should have known better) when the Raw before the rumble it was announced this would be a No DQ match.

    Come Rumble time however it all became clear, what Baszler didn't see coming and what HBK & Layla had up their sleeve as after a good few minutes of mostly avoidance and riling her opponent up Layla threw up an unusual hand gesture and moments later a blonde lady jumped the guard rail grabbed the womens title and then CRACK smashed it over the back of Baszler's head dropping her straight to the mat. Layla immediately covers her and 1-2-3! She's the new champ! She then starts celebrating with this blonde lady A.K.A her bestie and Laycool partner Michelle McCool who she quickly heads to the back with.

    Baszler is rightly incensed and wants a rematch but Layla does everything she can to avoid giving her one. Shayna essentially starts to hunt both members of Laycool but if anything this tact threatens to get her suspended. Thankfully the one person who could calm her down arrived in the BWA at this point in the form of her former trainer Josh Barnett. He gets her to focus on training while he goes to Vince to discuss a rematch and much to her surprise se gets it! He told her that he had told Vince they would accept any stipulation even a handicap match against both Layla and McCool but to her surprise they don't go mad with the stip and instead it's just announced as a triple threat for Wrestlepalooza. The announcers however suggest that at least that way Laycool could pin each other while if it was a handicap match for instance they would still have to defeat Shayna.

    Match Set: Shayna Baszler vs Layla (c) vs Michelle McCool

    That's our first singles title match so next we turn towards the tag divison and another division that has been dominated by D-Generation X, most notibly The New Age Outlaws. Despite that domination however they have been heavily criticised by their peers for their antics particularily after they cheated to retain their tag titles against Misawa & Kobashi where a turbuckle cover was removed, a low blow delivered sending Misawa head first into said turnbuckle followed by a roll up with a handfull of the tights and feet on the ropes as Kobashi is distracted by Billy Gunn.

    The most vocal critics however come from outside the BWA (where it seems most of the teams have already fallen by the wayside or as the Outlaws suggest are scared of them) such as WECWF's Young Bucks, MNG's "Worlds Greatest Tag Team" and of course the always involved in such discussion Revival. The New Age Outlaws challenge any of them to come to BWA and face them instead of just acting like Keyboard warriors from your B level promotions, they also add "and as the kids say... F*ck the Revival!"

    After a while the tweets stopped coming as nobody answered the challenge and the NAO brandished them as cowards and themselves as the best in the whole draft universe. Then when the Royal Rumble rolled round aand Road Dogg was amonth the first ten people in the ring he realized their call had finally been answered as debuting at no.11 & 12 respectively in the Rumble is Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson (McMahon brings back their old names thinking more people probably know them) aka The Revival. They immediaetly team up to eliminate the roadie and then a few entrants later do the exact same thing to Billy Gunn when he enters.

    They immediately start feuding but instead of getting a title match they end up embroiled in the BWA world title picture as the Outlaws provide HBK with backup in 6 man tags against his opponent. The first of these #FTR came out the victors in but in the 2nd a hardcore tag the NAO get the Win.

    The Revival refer to hardcore wrestling as garbage wrestling and referencing the Rumble and the first tag to demand a title shot saying they have beaten them 2 out of 3 times... that line struck a cord with the Outlaws however who (firstly dispute that the Rumble should count) say that if they want their tag gold they will have to actually live up to that claim and beat them in a 2 out of 3 falls match. The first fall is chosen by the Revival (a straight wrestling match) the second by The NAO (A Hardcore bout) while the third is to be decided by an impartial 3rd party, Mr McMahon and will be announced at the PPV.

    Match Set: 2 out of 3 falls tag team match for the BWA tag titles: The Revival vs The New Age Outlaws (c)
    The Showstopping BWA Main Event

    Let's re-wind back a few months to the debut of the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels

    HBK was lauded as the savior of the promotion much to the annoyance of some given it was a draft winning promotion and didn't exactly need saving, but in Vince McMahon's mind there seemed to be a clear bias towards Michaels not least when he was given an immediate title shot upon arrival at BWA Judgement Day. HBK vs Hiroshi Tanahashi (Last year's BWA champion) is a real dream match but unfortunately it turned into a nightmare for some of the viewers as Michaels decided against using this match to prove himself the best of all time and instead won via dastardly underhanded means... otherwise known as the surprise debut of The New Age Outlaws during the main event and interfering to allow HBK claim the gold.

    A new variation of DX reformed despite the fact that perhaps tongue in cheek Michaels acted as though he had no idea the outlaws were about to arrive in the promotion but played up his savior of the BWA role especially after his opponent left the promotion in the draft (to head to Hello 2D's roster) with Michaels claiming he was planning on taking the title with him (so portraying him as a heel and therefore HBK as a face champion). Most of the roster don't seem to buy it, but one guy who does is Johnny Gargano.

    Ever since Michael's arrival in the BWA Gargano has been in awe of his childhood hero. He has been seen backstage telling his #DIY buddy Tomasso Ciampa numerous times that Michaels was his childhood hero and eventually post Judgement day he worked up the courage to approach him but only after he had defended the showstopper in front of the BWA lockeroom for his actions at the PPV.

    At first HBK seemed to keep Gargano at a distance treating him like the fanboy he was coming across as. This was especially the case when Gargano started pitching a match between the two, saying that it was his dream match Mr Takeover vs Mr Wrestlemania. Despite this Gargano was starting to impress a lot of people and it seemed that almost every week he put in a show stealing performance on the BWA Raw undercard. This even lead to the likes of the outlaws quipping that they saw why HBK was avoiding facing the kid. The Takeover/Mania analogy did make it easier however for HBK to tell the "Kid" as he started referring to him, that he still had a lot to learn. That NXT was developmental and that he clearly wants to be competing in the big leagues, therefore (in what the announcers suggest may have been an attempt to change the narrative) HBK offered to take Gargano under his wing and "train him up".

    After this point Gargano started accompanying HBK to ringside. Occasionally Michael's would actually win matches with his opponent being distracted (inadvertently on Gargano's part) by Johnny but HBK would always find a way to turn it into a teachable moment. His opponent lost focus, to use your entire surroundings to your advantage etc. Gargano had seemed to forget about challenging HBK altogether until his buddy Ciampa pointed this out to him as he himself called out HBK saying he had turned his best friend into DX's lapdog... Michael's response; to point out that there is a HHH shaped hole in his BWA incarnation of DX and that he thinks Johnny Wrestling is good enough to fill it.

    When it came to the Ciampa vs HBK main event for the gold Gargano was obviously torn but having officially joined DX the Raw before he was in Michaels' corner and despite not getting involved physically the commentators are right to point out that a number of times Ciampa takes his eye off the prize by instead focusing on and interacting with him. Against someone of the ilk of HBK however it takes but one slip and he will take advantage and this time after one such distraction Ciampa turns face first into Sweet Chin Music for the 3 count.

    The next night on Raw Ciampa called out Gargano (who comes out with the New Age Outlaws in toe) but as much as it looked like they were going to come to blows Tomasso is able to somewhat uncharacteristically restrain himself. He tells him that he loves him and recalls when they started out in NXT and used to talk about what they wanted from their careers, about their dream matches etc He once again re-iterates that Gargano always wanted to have his arm raised after a victory against his dream opponent Shawn Michael's and not merely stand in the Heartbreak Kid's corner and cheer him on... that image Ciampa says is itself heartbreaking! He then reminds Gargano that he (Ciampa) more than anything wanted to win the big one on the grandest stage of them all, somewhere like Wrestlepalooza and that if he couldn't do that he wanted to be there when Johnny did to raise his hand.... Gargano tries to talk Ciampa who looks distraught around telling him they can still make history in the BWA together but Ciampa turns his back on him saying that as much as he does love him, he can't look at what he has become and leaves.

    Gargano is more and more conflicted but again has HBK & Co in his ear and pushes Ciampa's words to the back of his mind for now. The problem is his wife backs up his former partners words in some ways telling him that if Ciampa could get a shot at HBK's title there is no reason why Gargano cannot fulfill his dream. She reminds him that he has been having 5* matches on a weekly basis and says nobody deserves a shot more than him. Michael's tries his best to convince Gargano that a woman is a distraction Gargano doesn't need right now, as his BWA career is taking off and even says that he is going to go to Vince McMahon and use his sway to get Johnny an IC title shot reminding him that all the greats have used that title as a stepping stone to the main event... mysteriously however before Raw the next week we find out that Candice LaRae (Mrs Gargano) had been traded away to bennyI10's affiliate BWA(ish) promotion. It goes without saying that Gargano is suspicious of what HBK said to Vince and what lead to his wife's departure and the interviewers definitely seem to stir the pot when HBK himself seems to get involved with a female wrestler in the form of Layla, I guess him being the heartbreaker and a sexy boy, he doesn't have to follow his own advice about being distracted . On top of that was that HBK having heard something (which he does not fully explain to Gargano) about McMahon's IC title plans says he didn't get him a shot at that title but instead entered him in the Royal Rumble, something he wouldn't do if he didn't want Gargano to get to the main event.

    We then come to the Rumble itself and right at the start of the night when Johnny Gargano bumped into the boss Vince McMahon backstage and Vinnie Mac tells him that he has a huge announcement regarding the IC title that he intends to let everyone in on the next night on Raw and that seeing as he has no interest in challenging his buddy Shawn he should go for that belt. A confused looking Gargano told him that he does want to go for the world title otherwise he wouldn't have entered himself into the Rumble. Momentarily it is now the boss who looks confused but then quickly as he notices the backstage BWA cameras are on them covers it up saying "oh yeah *wink wink* you got Shawn to ask to give you no.1 so that you could run the gambit, prove your worth by outlasting every single person on the roster before challenging him at Wrestlepalooza, not just so that you'd have a great excuse for why you couldn't face your buddy... I got ya *wink"

    We get a look as if it was all suddenly crystalizing for him from HBK avoiding his challenges, using him to keep his belt even against his best friend, Michael's getting rid of his wife because of what she was saying and more... but it's just the briefest of looks, Gargano barely has time to process it all and perhaps the audience is projecting a little with all this... Nope!

    Later that night during HBK's world title defense against Keith Lee Gargano is stood at ringside and as the commentators note looks very conflicted. Lee is looking seriously impressive and Michael's title could be in jeopardy when Keith Lee goes for his running shoulder block pounce on HBK but the champ is able to step out of the way at the last second and Lee & the referee go crashing to the turnbuckle and onto the mat.

    Michaels called for Gargano to throw him a chair that is in the corner from an earlier spot while the ref is down. The conflicted Gargano steps through the ropes and picks up the foreign object and after a moment of consideration as Michaels shouts at him to act before Lee gets back up. He finally takes action and tosses the chair across the air to HBK. He catches it but BOOOOM! snap decision and Gargano has superkicked the chair out of Michaels hands and into his face!

    Keith Lee is up seconds later and looks very confused as he notices Gargano walking up the ramp and HBK flat out on his back with a chair obscuring half his face. This confusion quickly changes to anger however as the referee too gets to his feet and after surveying the surroundings calls for a DQ finish. HBK retains!

    Later that night Gargano enters the rumble at no.1 and is very impressive throughout but does get some luck such as when The New Age Outlaws enter the rumble and target him only for him to avoid elimination until The Revival debut in the rumble and eliminate them both. We do see HBK going nuts at them backstage after this but there is nothing he can do but watch on like the rest of us.

    Eventually Gargano gets to the final four of himself Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi and then coming out at no.30 Keith Lee! Lee was p!ssed after everything that happened earlier in the night and was clearly targetting Gargano who looked like he was almost out on his feet in the ring. He wasn't the only one though as the two Japanese superstars were in the first 5 people to enter the rumble. Due to their exhaustion perhaps it was more acceptable when Lee shocked many by eliminating both of them when they got in his way going for Gargano. Then Lee set his sights on Gargano and charged him hitting a massive clothesline with him against the ropes... but his anger got the best of him and he overdid it and his momentum sends him over the top rope too... but wait, what is that Gargano's right hand is still on the top rope and much like his former hero often did... he skins the cat

    Johnny Gargano has won the rumble and is going to Wrestlepalooza to face Shawn Michaels!

    In the weeks that followed Gargano and HBK were mostly kept apart except for the odd 6 man tag where the Revival backed up their former NXT Alumnus Gargano against HBK & The New Age Outlaws. The most significant of which saw Gargano get the pinfall over Billy Gunn. Gargano is overjoyed with this, a win over HBK means the world to him obviously. This is the HBK promo that follows it
    You act like you have just won this (touching the world title on his shoulder), you haven't! you haven't even beaten me - You pinned Billy. You need to get this into your head, no matter how many times we wrestle you won't beat me. We could wrestle for an hour and you wouldn't pin me. This isn't NXT, we are not going to be fighting at Takeover... This is the big leagues, this is the BWA and Wrestlepalooza and you're not ready for it, because you're not ready for me!

    They don't just call me The Heartbreak Kid because of what I do to the ladies, it's cos Kid... I'm going to break your heart. This is not your fairytale this is when I once again show the world that I am the very best they have ever seen.

    Gargano tried to cut a promo in response the next week but the announcers question the conviction of his words in comparison to Michaels and if he truely believed he could get the job done against his former idol. Another thing they say is unbelievable but this time in terms of how great it could be is when Gargano picking up on one line of Michaels (the we could wrestle for an hour line) challenges him to their match being an iron-Man match! Tune in to Wrestlepalooza this sunday to find out if the announcers were right about it being unbelievable as HBK accepted the stip!

    Match Set: BWA World Title 60 min Iron Man match - Shawn Michaels (c) vs Johnny Gargano

    Tournie Trouble

    It was previously noted that When HBK went to Vince and wanted to put Gargano in the IC title picture he changed his mind after finding out Vince had a big plan for that title. This big plan came to Vince back when Dana was questioning his ability as a promoter but only know on the post Rumble Raw was he ready to announce it.

    He had seen how many of the other promotions had gotten a lot of buzz last year by going the money in the bank route and he wanted in on that action. So he decided to tweak the IC title tournament from last year and make it so that in the BWA the Intercontinental title would once again be what it was meant to be, a stepping stone to the world title picture.Whoever wins the tournament this year would not only become the IC champ but could opt to relinquish that title for a world title opportunity at any point as long as they hold it.

    As soon as McMahon makes the announcement Keith Lee comes out and demands to be put into the tournament. He says that the night before Johnny Gargano screwed him out of the world title, that he would have beaten HBK and that this new IC title was the way he could get back where he deserves. In fact he announces there and then that after he wins it at Mania he will cash it in the same night against which ever of those two wins the main event and allow the whole world bask in his glory.

    Both Kenta Kobashi and Mitsuharu Misawa also stake their claims for a place in the Tournie, saying that they have been in the BWA longer than anyone but still have never had a World Title shot. They even follow Lee's lead and announce when they would cash in their title for a shot at the World title, at the PPV following Wrestlepalooza which is currently planned to be the first with fans back in attendance and will take place in their home town of Tokyo!

    Mr McMahon agrees to all of their requests for inclusion and says the final spot will be filled by the winner of a battle royal which includes most of the rest of the roster, and the winner... a returning Tomasso Ciampa!

    Ciampa hadn't been seen since he walked out on Johnny Gargano saying he couldn't face looking at what he had become (HBK's lapdog) but when he confirmed his spot in the tournament he reminded everyone of the other thing he told Gargano that night. that his dream was to win a big one on the grandest stage of Wrestlepalooza but also to raise his best friends hand after he won the biggest of them all the same night and he proclaims that at the end of the BWA's biggest PPV this year the last thing the people at home would see is both former team #DIY members arm in arm raising their titles.

    4 worthy IC title contestants, 3 matches that could steal the show on any PPV which one of them is right about what will go down at Wrestlepalooza... tune in this saturday & sunday for the 2 night extravaganza to find out!

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    Brief Overview
    In its first year of existence, the MWF decided to put its care in the safe hands of someone who has got a long established record of being in the business. As a result, it was announced that Jim Ross would become commissioner and head of talent recruitment. Commissioner Ross was intent on bringing in some headline signings to establish the federation.

    MWF World Heavyweight Title Tournament

    Commissioner Ross’ first act was to bring in the Rated R superstar Edge.
    Commissioner Ross was determined to establish the main event scene with some established, ready to go rivalries. He drafted Matt Hardy as his next pick.

    Hardy on being drafted said he did not have to think twice about joining the MWF once he heard Edge was here. Hardy said
    I have got some unfinished business to take care of, when the time is right.
    Over the next couple of shows Hardy continuously cut promos during Edge’s matches, costing him match after match. Edge challenged Hardy to a match at The Maniacs Bash but Hardy no showed, saying that it was not worth his time unless there was something on the line.

    Commissioner Ross said that there will be a tournament to crown MWF’s inaugural heavyweight champion and he is sanctioning an Edge v.s. Hardy no holds barred match.

    Semi-final 1: Edge v.s. Matt Hardy (no holds barred)

    Commissioner Ross’ third pick was the team of Curt Hennig and Scott Hall. Commissioner Ross was intent on establishing Hennig and Hall as the bed rock on which to build his tag team division.

    Hennig and Hall immediately began to dominate the tag division, successfully winning the titles and defending them week after week. At The Maniacs Bash, Hennig and Hall faced off for the titles against The Wild Samoans. At the mid point of the match, Umaga distracted Hennig on the apron, leading to Hall being pinned in the ring.

    After the match Hall turned on Hennig saying he had his sights set on bigger prizes and Hennig wasn’t going to hold him back any longer.
    Commissioner Ross came out saying that both men can face off against one another to see who the bigger star is.

    Semi final 2: Curt Hennig v.s. Scott Hall

    Final: TBC

    The Battle of Samoa

    The Wild Samoans held the MWF Tag Team Titles since defeating Hennig and Hall. They have defended them successfully with the help of Umaga and Matt Anoai.
    Samoa Joe on commentary had been consistently running down the Wild Samoans as a tag team and even more so since they captured the tag titles, saying they would not be champions but for Umaga.

    Samoa Joe said
    it is time to bring the Samoan heritage into the 21st century, beyond that of wild, incoherent men who cannot string two words together.

    The High Chief Peter Maivia came out and spoke on behalf of The Wild Samoans saying Joe should have more respect for the Samoan heritage. Joe said he is the embodiment of a new Samoan and revealed the Samoan Flag. Joe continued to reveal the Samoan flag on commentary duty during every Wild Samoan match.

    This eventually led to Joe challenging The Wild Samoans to a flag match for the tag team titles. The High Chief accepted on behalf of The Wild Samoans and inserted himself as the Special Enforcer for the match.

    Samoan Flag Match for the Tag Team Titles

    The Wild Samoans w/Matt Anaoi and Umaga
    The New Samoans Samoa Joe and mystery partner

    Special Enforcer High Chief Peter Maivia

    The Government

    Donald Trump appeared on the Tron at the start of The Maniac’s Bash, reminding everyone of his quote when leaving the White House.
    ‘I said I will be back and I am back!’

    Trump revealed that he had come to terms with the previous regime and is proud to introduce himself as the new owner of MWF.

    Trump set out his intentions from the off. Trump said he had looked around the roster that Commissioner Ross was putting together, noting the fact it was
    missing some real men, some real Americans.

    Jack Swaggers music hits and Swagger entered onto the ramp, with the American flag in tow.
    Trump also said
    that every government needed law and order and his government was no different.

    Out came ‘The Big Bossman’.

    Trump said there was nothing he wanted more than to rid his federation of the undeserving, saying there was no one more undeserving on the roster than the Mexicools. He announced that at the next pay per view All or Nothing, The Mexicools livelihoods are on the line!

    The Government representatives ‘The Real American’ and ‘The Big Bossman’
    The Mexicools
    (if the Mexicools lose then they are deported)


    The Real Women’s Revolution

    For weeks Chyna, Awesome Kong and Tessa Blanchard have run rough shod over the Women’s Division. Each women has taken it turn, in a show of one up-woman-ship, by beating the roster in record time short squash matches as they have been crying out for greater competition.

    Commissioner Ross says if competition is what they want then competition is what they will get. At The Maniacs Bash, in the main event, it will be Chyna v.s. Tessa Blanchard v.s. Awesome Kong for the Women’s Championship.

    The Maniacs Bash
    After 20 minutes of the three women beating lumps out of one another in one of the most physical matches seen, Chyna seemed to be gaining the upper hand and looked set for victory, until Donald Trump hit the ring. He had a microphone in hand.

    He said
    under no circumstance will women ever be the main event of any Federation he runs, as they cannot hold a candle up to the talent of the men!

    He continued to run down the three women in the ring, when Chyna, Blanchard and Kong decided they had heard enough. They started to make their way up the ramp when Trump shouted
    ‘Woah, woah, woah, calm down ladies’. Let me introduce you to real talent and the remaining members of The Government.

    First up is the man who reminds me of a young Donald Trump. He is ‘The Show Off’ Dolph Ziggler.

    Next up is a man who upon which every great government is founded upon. He is ‘The Tax Man’ IRS.

    Finally, a man who I believe, deserves this honour I am about to bestow upon him. Let me introduce you to the man I have decided to crown the new Intercontinental Champion. He is ‘Fake News’ Wade Barrett.

    Barrett is presented with the Intercontinental Title by Trump and takes the mic.
    ‘I am afraid I have got some fake news for you Commissioner Ross. This Women’s Revolution is nothing but a sham. It is what is wrong with today’s culture, everyone feels they should be treated equally. But guess what, women will never be equal to men in the ring. It does not matter what they say, we men here are just naturally more talented!’

    Commissioner Ross stood up from his commentary position and addressed Barrett.
    ‘Well Fake News. Since you have interrupted our main event which means we don’t have a current Women’s Champion and since you are nothing but a paper champion being handed your title, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is. How about one of these women in the ring as your first challenger?’
    ‘Jim, Jim, Jim, you deluded old man, none of those three are challengers. I could take them all on at the same time and it wouldn’t be fair!’

    ‘That sounds like a challenge!’ said Commisioner Ross as Chyna, Blanchard and Kong made their way up the ramp.

    Trump quickly interjected. ‘Hang on now, this is exactly what I am talking about. If you want a fair fight then let’s have it.’
    Ziggler, IRS and Barrett v.s Kong, Chyna and Blanchard.

    An impromptu match began, but immediately turned into an all out brawl. Kong put Ziggler through a table outside the ring, Barrett smashed Chyna with a Bull Hammer Elbow, as IRS and Blanchard traded blows. Referees and officials flooded the ring, attempting to keep both sides from one another.

    Over the coming weeks, there are intergender matches involving the six wrestlers, all of which ended in DQ’s and brawls. Commissioner Ross was furious as he still could not crown a Women’s Champion and laid down a challenge to Trump.
    ‘Put your title where your mouth is Trump. Your Intercontinental Title v.s my uncrowned Women’s Title’.
    Trump asks Ross what he has got in mind.
    Elimination Chamber.

    Whoever is the last person left, becomes the new InterGender Champion!
    Elimination Chamber Match
    Intergender Title
    ‘The Show Off’ v.s. ‘The Tax Man’ v.s. ‘Fake News’
    Chyna v.s. Tessa Blanchard v.s. Awesome Kong


    MWF All or Nothing Match Card
    Samoan Flag Match for the Tag Team Titles
    The Wild Samoans (c) v.s. Samoa Joe and mystery partner
    High Chief Peter Maivia as The Special Enforcer

    The Government: The Real American and The Big Bossman v.s. The Mexicools
    If The Mexicools lose they are deported

    Elimination Chamber Match for the InterGender Title
    Government members: The Show Off v.s. The Tax Man v.s. Fake News (c) v.s. Chyna v.s. Tessa Blanchard v.s. Kong

    Tournament to crown the inaugural MWF Heavyweight Champion

    Semi final 1: Edge v.s. Matt Hardy (no holds barred)

    Semi final 2: Curt Hennig v.s. Mr. Perfect

    Final: TBC

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,478 ✭✭✭brianregan09



    RCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Kenny Omega vs Jay White w/Don Callis

    This match is the final of the World Title Tournament Omega got to the final by beating Killer Cross despite Don Calis turning on him near the end Kenny survived a beat down from Tanga Roa and Tama Tonga as Don Callis reunited some of the bullet club , Jay White in the other semi final overcame a resolute effort from Dustin Rhodes pretty easily to win through , this one will be a classic


    Triple H vs Cody Rhodes

    falls count anywhere

    There's only one thing on the line here , Legacy can Triple H prove he's got what it takes with no billion dollar princess at his side , and can Cody finally stamp his name as one of the biggest in the business and finally lay the WWE ghost to bed
    Hardcore Celebrity Showdown
    Nick Gage vs Mickey Rourke w/Dustin Rhodes

    Nick Gage is out to batter another Celebrity after his previous with David Arquette and Mickey Rourke is here to prove once again he ain't afraid of anything this one could get really messy

    Career Match loser retires

    Vampiro vs Jeff Jarret

    A grudge going all the way back to WCW , Vampiro blames Jarret for holding him back and using back stage politics , Jarret denies it all but he has no problem putting Vampiro down for good this time, this one will not be pretty and the stipulation maybe a little irrelevant to us fans but to Vampiro it's everything he wanted and more

    Golden Ticket Match (winner gets anytime title shot

    Max Caster vs Tama Tonga vs Anthony Bowens vs Tanga Roa vs Mike Bennet vs Killer Cross vs Rich Swann

    This one is going to be nuts it's a shameless steal from WWE's MITB match all these guys will go to war , there is no physical golden ticket though it's an elimination match , last one standing earns a title shot

    Cage Match

    Bobby Lashley vs Ishi

    Ishi came in and started attacking and battering guys left right and centre he was heading towards a lawsuit, Ishi a bull out of control until he came across the Almighty , Bobby has vowed to put this bull down , and he's going to do it in a steel cage match

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    The crowd erupts as the pyros explode and we go to live to the arena for Natural Selection!! Necro and Billy-Bob are out of their seats, waving to the fans as they chant:

    ‘NCW! NCW! NCW!’

    Necro: Hello all, and welcome to NCW Natural Selection! I’m Necro, and here beside me is my co-host for the evening, Jiminy Billy-Bob! And what a night we have in store for you all!

    Billy-Bob: Yes sirree Necro! The card is stacked from top to bottom with quality matches for your enjoyment! I can’t wait!

    Necro: Neither can I, Jiminy! The tension has been building for months and all culminates tonight at Natural Selection! I have to say I think this year NCW are going to compete with the very best!

    Billy-Bob: Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Necro – there’s a lot of quality feds out there who are producing quality programming this year – it’s all up in the air as to who might just be the most dominant!

    Necro: Well let’s just see what happens, Jiminy!

    The referee is standing in the middle of the ring, holding the Rising Star Championship, it shines reflectively in the light.
    Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman. This first contest is for the NCW Rising Star Championship – and is a LADDDER MATCH!
    Necro: Remember folks, the ramifications of this match have wider implications than just the championship!

    Jiminy Billy-Bob: Yeah Necro, one step closer to The New Day being thrown out of NCW on their heads!

    Waltman comes out with a slight worried look on his face as the referee is attaching the title to the cable. He looks around him for back-up, but he’s on his own on his way down to the ring

    Announcer: Introducing first, representing the New World Order – he is the current NCW Rising Star Champion – Seaannnnnn WAAAAAALLLLTTTTMAAANNNN

    Necro: Waltman finally having to defend the title he never even won is very refreshing, Jiminy. It’s about damn time!

    Jiminy: But Waltman is a ladder match specialist, Necro – sure it’s been a few years but he made this match famous, I don’t care what others say! And he’s in the best shape I’ve seen him in years!

    Waltman vaults the ropes, keeping an eye on the title as it rises above him to approximately twenty feet in the air. He points at the referee and utters a few words as the belt has now stopped its ascension. The crowd boo him unreservedly, however Waltman appears unfazed by this.

    The reaction turns into huge welcoming cheers to embrace the arriving Kingston, who is already dressed for action for this contest. He stops halfway down the ramp as his eyes meet Waltman’s with such an intense stare between the two.

    Announcer: His opponent – representing the New Day – Kofiiiiiii Kingggggggston!!!

    Necro: One question that must be asked with this bout is how much their finishers – Trouble in Paradise – and indeed the X Factor – will be affected.

    Billy-Bob: The X-Factor is an adaptable move. But God help us if Kingston tries to hit Trouble in Paradise from a twenty foot ladder!

    Kingston grabs one of the ladders that lies to the side of the ramp and continues his journey to the ring as Waltman looks around and climbs out of the ring around the side, he looks under the ring and grabs a steel chair from underneath. He paces around, taking the chair in two hands, and is now on the floor avoiding Kingston. Kingston slides the ladder into the ring, but turns around to check on Waltman before sliding into the ring. Kingston picks up the ladder once again and looks at the title, but opts to take the ladder to the corner and rest it against the padding. Waltman has slid back into the ring and stands waiting behind Kingston. He turns around - Waltman runs at him, looking to cream him with a chair shot, Kofi ducks and waits to see clear view of Waltman before giving him drop toe-hold, making him fall face first into the ladder. Waltman holds his jaw and gets to his feet, leaning against the ladder now. Kofi paces towards the opponent corner, and stands ready, like an angry bull ready to strike, running at Waltman who rolls out of the way and Kofi meets the ladder chest first as the cross body misses!

    Kofi staggers to his feet, holding his chest in agony. Waltman waits for him to move out of the corner a bit before leaping into the air and nailing Kofi in the head with a heel kick, driving him back onto the ladder again. Kofi bounces off the ladder and Waltman follows up with a hard clothesline over the top rope, sending Kofi down to the floor as the fans wince in reaction. Waltman then sets the ladder up and makes his ascent up towards the title, he has a confident look in him, knowing the title will remain his. He looks down at Kofi, smirking, this is short lived though as Kofi has somehow gotten back into the ring and shoves the ladder – Waltman jumps off and lands on his feet just in time!

    Waltman regains control with another swift kick to Kingston’s hurt mid-section and looks angry. Waltman sets the ladder up again and slams Kingston’s head into one of the middle rungs, before starting to climb again. He starts to reach the top when Kofi recovers a little and shoots up the ladder to meet his opponent, eyes focused and hits Waltman with a right to stop his climb. He hits another on Waltman and goes to slam his head against the top of the ladder, but is blocked and Waltman grabs Kofi and leaps off the ladder with him with a swinging neckbreaker!

    Both hit the canvas with a great impact, making the ladder shake. Jiminy Billy Bob is hiding his face in fear! Waltman takes a moment before rolling to his knees as Kofi sluggishly rolls to the outside of the ring, leaning against the ring edge, holding his neck and back after the fall. Waltman paces around to get the feeling back in his leg as he spots Kofi kneeling on the outside, he goes outside to keep up the offence, only to find his adversary was playing possum and hits him with a chair shot to take him down! BOOM! Waltman is flattened!
    Kofi stands up straight, holding his back and taking some deep breaths before grabbing a second ladder, sliding it into the ring with the one already in the ring. He sets this ladder up next to the other one, he starts to ascend one now, eyes completely focused on the title belt. Waltman rolls into the ring, holding a fire extinguisher now, Kofi is almost within touching distance of the belt.

    He looks down briefly to see Waltman standing below with the extinguisher. Out of a cloud of white smoke, Kofi falls to the mat, trying to wave the smoke out of his eyes. His motions are limited due to the fall as Waltman now starts to ascend the ladders, with the extinguisher in tow. Waltman’s ascent is slower this time but he feels ready to defend himself as he continues to climb up the ladder. Kofi is still down on the mat as Waltman looks down before reaching up to grab the title, his hand is touching the gold, only for it to fall further and further out of reach, with Waltman landing throat first on the ropes!

    Kofi pulls himself up to a vertical base again, having shoved the ladders over with his feet in a domino like fashion! He slaps the back of Waltman’s head before grabbing the freer of the two ladders, as the other lays under the ropes. He folds the ladder and places it on the mat, pointing at it, receiving huge cheers from the fans. He waits for Waltman to stagger away from the ropes and towards the centre of the ring… TROUBLE IN PARADISE!

    Waltman goes crashing down onto the ladder, back first – he screams in pain as the crowd look in awe.

    Billy-Bob: That’s surely not allowed is it?

    Necro: I’m afraid so, no disqualifications here. These two will stop at nothing until one of them is champion!

    Kofi then rolls to the outside and searches under the ring, pulling out a table as the crowd chant his name. Waltman is lying prone on the mat as he slides back into the ring with the table and sets it up. Kofi clubs Waltman a few times and lays him on the table before setting one of the ladders up and climbing it slowly.

    Necro: He’s looking to put Waltman out of commission here, permanently!

    The crowd starts to boo loudly as Kofi is still climbing the ladder – Kevin Nash is running down to ringside! Nash enters the ring and hits Kofi with a clubbing blow to his back, causing him to drop from the ladder. Waltman rolls off the table as Nash boots Kingston in the stomach and throws up the Wolfpac sign to more crowd fury!

    Necro: No, this is not right! Nash shouldn’t even be here!

    Billy-Bob: It’s all legal, Necro – you just said so yourself!

    Nash is about to lift Kingston for the jack-knife when the crowd pops loudly again – Xavier Woods is sprinting to the ring! He leaps across the ropes and Nash tosses Kofi to the side to meet Woods – the two exchange blows in the ring. Nash blasts Woods with a hard knee to the gut, staggering him back – Nash again signals for a powerbomb with Xavier doubled over – Woods pops up and rattles the ladder of the side off Nash’s head! Nash staggers backwards and Woods runs at him with a clothesline – taking both men over the ropes and onto the floor!

    Necro: Woods out to even the odds once again – all four men are down!

    Billy-Bob: Not for long though – look, Waltman is up!

    Waltman is indeed staggering to his feet and surveys the carnage. He shakes his head and sets the ladder in the centre again, starting to climb up. His fingers brush the title – Kofi is back to his feet! Kofi climbs the other side of the ladder this time and hits Waltman with a shot to the gut, doubling him over at the top of the ladder. Both men now are inches away from the title as Kofi reaches the top opposite Waltman. They both have one hand on the title – Waltman tries to hit Kingston – who blocks it! Kofi counters with a right hand! Waltman stumbles a bit at the top as Kofi goes to hit him again – this time Waltman counters and Kofi staggers! Waltman is now on the very top of the ladder, he slams Kingstons head against the steel and signals for the X Factor....

    Kofi counters into a sunset flip powerbomb from the top of the ladder – through the table!!! Both men are down and out!!!

    Necro: Oh my God! They’re both broken in half!

    Billy-Bob: They’ll be picking pieces of Kingston and Waltman up from the ring all night – holy moley!

    The crowd are chanting Holy Sh1t as Waltman lies broken amidst the wreckage of the table and Kingston lies prone on the mat. Nash is on the outside and has rattled Woods with a chair shot – he then boots him in the stomach and lifts Woods – JACK-KNIFE POWERBOMB through the announce table!

    The table explodes into pieces as Woods crashes through it and lies still.

    Necro: Ah come on! How the heck is Woods going to compete tonight – this was the NWO’s plan all along!

    Billy-Bob: Divide and conquer, Necro. It’s brilliant!

    Nash then gets back in the ring and tries to revive Waltman. Kingston is somehow trying to pull himself up using the ropes – Nash picks up the chair again and cracks him across the back with it, sending him to the mat again.

    The crowd roars again as this time Big E sprints from the back and straight into the ring – Nash swings the chair at him – Big E ducks!

    He hits the ropes and comes back at speed as Nash turns around – smashing into him with a huge shoulder tackle sending Nash sprawling to the mat! Big E then stalks Nash, signalling for the Big Ending as he clambers back to his feet – he picks up Nash – and gets a face full of fire extinguisher for his troubles!

    Big E drops Nash and claws at his eyes in agony – Hogan enters the ring and hits him with a Big Boot!

    Necro: Aww come on! Hogan using the cheap tactics again!

    Billy-Bob: The price you pay for going to war with the New World Order, Necro!

    Hogan hits the ropes and nails Big E with the Leg Drop.

    Nash kicks him out of the ring as Hogan hauls a semi-conscious Waltman back to his feet. Hogan directs traffic as Nash is setting Waltman on his shoulders and assisting him climbing the ladder… Kofi is back on his feet – briefly though – Hogan clubs him in the temple with the fire extinguisher sending him slumping down in a heap on the mat again.

    Waltman now has both hands on the title as Hogan hits a second Leg Drop on Big E, this time to the back of his head as he tries to crawl into the ring.

    Waltman pulls down the title to retain! The New World Order have won Round 1!

    The announcer declares Waltman as the winner as the NWO music plays again and Hogan and Nash hold Waltman up between them and celebrate.

    Big E and Kofi are lying motionless in the ring with Woods still prone in the wreckage of the announce table.

    Billy-Bob: That’s the big one folks, the NWO are ahead by 1 now – one more win and it’s all over!

    Necro: I think it’s done anyways Billy-Bob. How can Xavier Woods compete later tonight after being obliterated by Nash here? This is a dark day for NCW.

    Hogan now has yellow spraypaint out and proceeds to paint a streak down the back of Kofi Kingston, and then Big E. To Big E’s back he also adds – 1 – 0, NWO 4 Life.


    The three men celebrate some more before helping Waltman to the back, clutching his title for dear life.

    Necro: That’s disgusting – Hogan and his god damn spray paint! But for the interference Kofi had this match sewn up, and they know it!

    Billy-Bob: Just goes to show you can talk all the crap you want about the NWO, but if you can’t back it up in the ring and properly account for their interference tactics – there’s no point in playing the game, Necro. The New Day are done, finished – Hogan won’t even have to defend his title – that’s gonna be a first at Natural Selection!


    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first – from Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Tessssst!

    Test comes out on stage, screaming and yelling in motivated fashion. He surveys the crowd and flips them off as they boo him before making his way down the aisle.

    Necro: Test has had many a big win since his erm.. re-debut in NCW a few months back. However he's been unable to translate it to a string of success quite yet. This match however could turn things around!

    Jiminy: Plus a win over a former ECW World Champion would not hurt either.
    Announcer: And his opponent – an ECW Legend in his own right – Tommmmyyyy Dreeeeeammmer!

    Tommy Dreamer appears on stage and poses for the crowd with his fist raised in the air. The crowd starts up an ‘ECW’ chant as he makes his way to the ring, pointing at Test.

    Necro: Dreamer is looking for redemption here tonight after Test put him on the shelf for a little while last month. It’s part of the over-arcing feud between Test, Albert – Dreamer and Clay.

    Jiminy: Dreamer should have stayed gone, Necro – Test is going to put him down again tonight!

    The two contestants circle the ring and pat their chests, as if to motivate themselves. They waste no time locking up and try to push one another to a corner or the ropes. Dreamer Armdrags Test to the canvas but Test quickly gets back to his feet. They lock up again and this time it's Test Armdragging Dreamer to the canvas. He holds Dreamer down with an Armbar however he does not stay down. He rolls over and gets out of the hold and gets back to his feet. He quickly takes down Test with a Headlock Takedown and tries to hold him down but Test forces his way out with power. Test looks to end it quickly with a Big Boot - Dreamer ducks and rolls him up 1.......... 2.......... - But Test powers up and out.

    He turns Dreamer around and tries to pull him down for a Backslide but Dreamer fights back and pulls him over. Test flips over and lands on his feet in front of Dreamer. He tries a Clothesline but Dreamer avoids it and knocks Test down with an Enzuigiri

    Dreamer sees Test getting to his feet and trips the big man from behind. He applies a front headlock. He tries to hold Test down but he is too strong and he powers up and out before grabbing the ropes. Dreamer however is the quicker to his feet and wraps his arm behind Tests neck and drags him down with a Russian Leg Sweep. Dreamer floats over for a cover. 1......... 2..........-But Test kicks out as the referee indicates the shoulder went up.

    Dreamer decides to go to the ring apron and goes up the turnbuckle, measuring him but Test gets back to his feet. Dreamer leaps from the second rope attempting an Ax-Handle but Test gets out of the way. He bounces off the ropes and hits back with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Test starts stomping on him over and over with Dreamer trying to cover up.

    He grabs a foot and pushes away to make his way back to his feet and grabs Test, hitting him with an STO. Not wasting time, he hooks the leg for a cover. 1.......... 2........-But Test kicks out again.

    Dreamer hauls up Test again and whips him towards the corner – Test reverses and sends Dreamer slumping to the mat in a seated position with a hard clothesline in the corner. Dreamer gets back on one knee as Test measures him for the Big Boot again - but Dreamer again ducks and Armdrags his way out of it as Test ends up rolling to the outside due to the momentum.

    Test holds himself up with the barricade at ringside as Dreamer recomposes himself in the ring, holding his shoulder and neck. Test slowly gets back into the ring as Dreamer awaits. They measure each other again with another Collar & Elbow Tie-up. Test whips Dreamer chest first against the corner and hits him with a knee to the back. Dreamer bounces off, wincing in pain and as he turns around, Test tosses him overhead with a Northern Lights Suplex. He bridges and pins Dreamer’s shoulders to the mat. 1......... 2..........- It’s not enough.

    Test lifts Dreamer to his feet, but the hardcore legend comes to life, and starts throwing straight right haymakers. Test fires back with shots of his own, and we’ve got a slugfest! Dreamer looks to be getting the better of the exchange, and start pushing Test back. The ECW legend attempts a short arm lariat, but Test ducks underneath, and drills Dreamer with a Big Boot!!

    He drops for the cover

    1 – 2…… Dreamer kicks out!

    Frustrated now, he picks up the smaller man, and attempts to set him for a fallaway slam – Dreamer floats over, boots Test in the stomach and hits a massive DDT! Both men are down!

    Dreamer staggers back to his feet and calls for the end, and hoists Test onto his shoulders, looking for the Dreamer Driver, but Test reverses! Test shoves Dreamer into the turnbuckles chest first, before ramming Dreamer shoulder first through the middle ropes and into the steel post!

    Dreamer staggers back out, holding his shoulder in agony – Test has him measured and runs for the Big Boot again – Dreamer ducks again – tries to grab Test for the Dreamer Driver but his shoulder gives out! Test boots Dreamer in the stomach – sets him – pumplehandle slam!! Dreamer is down – Test goes for the cover

    1 – 2 – 3!!! Test takes this one!

    Announcer: Here is your winner – TEST!

    Necro: A tough contest but Dreamer’s injured shoulder played a factor in the finish. No retribution but this was a tough contest.

    Jiminy: It's back to the showers for Dreamer, always second best. Maybe next time Tommy.

    Test throws his arms up in celebration as the crowd boos him loudly. He’s still measuring Dreamer who is trying to get back to his feet again, still holding his shoulder – Test runs at him – Big Boot to Tommy Dreamer!!

    Test leaves him laying and celebrates again as the crowd chant ‘You Suck’ towards him.

    Necro: Oh come on, there was no need for that after a tough match – what a jerk!

    Jiminy: Just showing Dreamer who the real man is in this match, Necro. I approve!

    Why I booked it this way: I felt that Test would gain more out of a win here. He looks strong in victory and with a number of singles titles in the company he could easily move into challenging for one of them next. The feud is far from done however, especially with Test's after match actions so it would keep both men busy for a while at least.


    We go backstage where our interviewer is in the New Day locker room.

    Donny Parton: I’m backstage here with Big E and Xavier Woods after their first loss to the New World Order tonight. Guys, how are you feeling knowing you have to win both of the next two matches now?

    Big E: We’re pretty banged up right now, Donny. No point lying about it. Kofi has been taken to the hospital with a possible concussion after that disgusting animal Hogan brained him with a fire extinguisher.

    Woods (wincing): It’s not good at all Donny, my ribs are pretty bad after Nash put me through that table. The doctor doesn’t want me going out there – it’s true. But the New Day have been down and seemingly out before – we all remember Kofi-Mania. So I’m gonna put on my big boy pants and go down to that ring – and beat the holy hell out of Kevin Nash.

    Big E: Oh yes – it’s gonna happen. New World Order – you think you have it all sewn up. But that was only part 1 of a trilogy – and the finale ends with me taking down Hulk Hogan and ridding NCW of the NWO – because Hulk Hogan, you talk about the power of Hulkamania… well tonight – when it seems that all is lost – YOU WILL FEEL THE POWAAAA OF THE NEW DAY! OH YES!


    Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following gauntlet match is for the NCW Tag Team Championships!

    The crowd pops at the hype announcement.

    Announcer: Introducing first, the Cabinet! Led by John Layfield, backed up by his Chief of Staff – King Corbin, along with the Co-Secretaries of Defence… Doug and Danny – the Basham Brothers!

    Necro: Distasteful, diabolical, and downright evil. Those are just a few words to describe this group, trying to mould NCW in their own favour. Now, they have made it a point of theirs to take the Tag Team Championships from the fan favourites, The Briscoe Brothers. It is ignorant jealousy if you ask me.

    Jiminy: Jealousy or righteous anger? Why should The Cabinet just sit around while those filthy Briscoes parade around as the tag team champions. They are not only a mockery to our profession, but liars to the very titles they hold. Should they get special treatment just because the fans like them? No. In fact, as far as I am concerned, I don’t even consider The Briscoes the tag team champions right now. The Cabinet just let them hold them until tonight, when they will be removed from their possession – permanently.

    Necro: Well, I don’t agree with you, since arriving here in NCW The Briscoes are undefeated in tag team competition. If that isn’t deserving of some form of respect – I really don’t know what is, Jiminy!

    We see the entire Cabinet on the ring apron as The Bashams press down on the ropes to let Layfield enter. He sports a smug look that is directed towards the crowd. Corbin beckons for a microphone, which he gets from a ringside official and hands to JBL. Their music begins to die down as he begins to speak.

    Layfield: This charade is up.

    The crowd boos.

    Layfield: It was only a few years ago that I was main-eventing Pay Per Views as the WWE Champion, my cabinet proudly supporting me. There were no games in those matches. It was a battle amongst high-caliber competitors, especially myself – the Wrestling GOD. However, I have now found myself dealing with running a company – and ridding it of the rat infestation that still cling on.

    The crowd boos some more.

    Layfield: The Briscoes are the very embodiment of those rats. Tonight, the Cabinet will squeeze every inch of life out of those pathetic imbeciles who parade as champions. And my Cabinet – will get to taste some of the gold on offer in this company, for the very first time.

    He pauses as the crowd have started up a ‘You Suck’ chant. He shrugs it off as Corbin shouts at them to pay some respect.

    Layfield: The Briscoes – your time in this company is up – now get down here and take your medicine before scurrying off to parts unknown like you have done for the most part of your irrelevant, pathetic careers.

    The crowd comes unglued as The Briscoes come to the stage with the championships on their shoulders and mics in their hands.

    Mark Briscoe: You rannnnnng?

    The crowd laughs.

    Jay Briscoe: Check it, John baby. I learned something over this past week. That is – how to get under your skin!

    Mark Briscoe: It’s not really about how we look, is it John. Or how we wrestle – because our style is not a million miles from yours now, is it. No No – it’s the fact you can’t control us like your pet poodles there that really, really irks you – isn’t it?


    The camera shows Layfield furious in the ring as the crowd boos him.

    Layfield: I am sick and tired of your nonsense – get down here and we can show you exactly what the Cabinet does to people who cross them.

    The camera shows The Briscoes on the entrance ramp. They look at each other, nod and head for the ring!!

    * Ding Ding Ding *

    Doug Basham quickly tries to get a Hammerlock but struggles to turn Jay Briscoe’s arm who just looks on perplexed. He walks around the ring dragging him as he just keeps trying to pull. Basham shakes off this embarrassment, leaps over him and Headscissors him to the ground. Doug then tags in Danny as he runs over and hits a hard clothesline as Jay tries to get back to his feet



    It doesn't even get two as Briscoe gets out and is quick to overpower Danny with a knee shot to the gut. He whips Basham who slides under Briscoe on the way back. Jay sees Danny coming back – and plants him to the mat with a massive one armed spinebuster! He looks over at his brother Mark as the crowd are chanting loudly

    ”We Love Briscoes! We Love Briscoes! We Love Briscoes!”

    The crowd chants as Briscoe quickly goes back on the attack. Danny tries to fight back but gets caught in an Exploder Suplex. Jay drags Basham to his corner where he tags in Mark. He raises Danny up before locking him in a tight Bear Hug. He squeezes tightly for a bit before launching Danny with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Mark grabs him again and tags Jay back in. Mark sets Danny on his shoulders whilst Jay climbs the turnbuckle and the crowd pop loudly…. Doomsday Device!!

    Corbin is up on the apron immediately as Jay tries to go for the cover – JBL drags him out of the ring and levels him with a Big Boot! He tosses Briscoe back in the ring as Corbin jumps down and Mark is livid in the corner – Danny drapes an arm across Jay for the cover…



    Thr-- But Jay kicks out!

    This time it is JBL who looks livid on the outside as Danny crawls to the corner to tag in Doug, with Jay Briscoe prone on the mat.

    Briscoe tries to get back to his corner but Doug Basham pulls him back to the centre of the ring. He hauls Briscoe up to his feet and hits a snapmare, Jay lands facing his own corner and Doug Basham mocks Mark as he has a reverse chin lock applied… for a short time anyways – Jay reverses and manages to roll through, popping up with Basham on his shoulders – Mark slaps his back for the tag and comes over the top rope driving Doug into the mat with a massive bulldog!! Danny tries to get involved but once again gets planted by Jay and his one handed spinebuster – Corbin again gets up on the apron!

    JBL rolls into the ring behind the referee and levels Jay with a Clothesline from Hell – Mark immediately jumps him and the two men brawl as Corbin shoves past the referee and nails Mark from behind – he shoves him into the ropes and levels him with Deep Six as the referee calls for the bell!

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen – the winners of the first match as a result of a…

    Layfield roughly grabs the mic from the announcer.

    Layfield: No! No! This is MY company, I make the rules – Referee – restart this match as a No Disqualification Gauntlet Match – NOW! Do it or you’re fired!

    The crowd boos loudly as the referee shakes his head sadly and reverses the decision.

    Necro: This is ridiculous! John Layfield is obsessed with destroying the Briscoes – is there no depth he will not sink to?

    Jiminy: They knew what they were getting into when they signed up, Necro – they can only have themselves to blame!

    Danny Basham crawls over and drapes his arm over Jay as the referee drops for the cover



    Thre – JAY KICKS OUT!!

    JBL and Corbin look on in shock on the outside as Danny looks at them with disbelief on his face. He hauls himself to his feet and drags Jay up, sets him for Brain Damage (spinning sit-out powerbomb) – Jay counters with a DDT! Mark is back on the apron as Jay is slowly coming to his sense and crawling towards the corner – Doug comes across the ropes with a vicious elbow to the back of Jay’s head!

    This time Doug hauls Jay up and holds him as Danny hits the ropes – Mark nails him with a kick to the back of the head to put him down again – Doug is momentarily distracted and Jay rolls him up in a small package



    Three!!! It’s done, The Bashams are out of here!

    Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen your winner of the first fall and STILL NCW Tag Team Champions - The Briscoe Brothers!!

    Corbin is in the ring immediately and along with Danny Basham they are stomping on Jay Briscoe – Mark comes across the ropes and takes down Corbin as JBL takes his time on the outside, surveying the carnage.

    Necro: Sadly, whilst the Briscoes get a win here, the match is far from over.

    Jiminy: That will only anger the Cabinet further, such a cheap way to win!

    Both Bashams clobber Mark Briscoe down to the mat as Jay somehow tries to get back up – Corbin stops him short and leaves him laying with End of Days as JBL now gets in the ring. The Bashams drag Mark to his feet and hold him in place as he angrily eyes up JBL, who smirks and bounces off the ropes – CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!

    He kicks Mark Briscoe from the ring as the Bashams exit to the outside as well and Corbin takes his place on the ring apron. Jay is lying motionless on the mat at the hands of the Cabinet as JBL orders the referee to start the match.
    The bell rings and JBL stalks Jay Briscoe as he once again gamely tries to get back to a vertical base. Mark is motionless on the ring apron, having managed to climb back there but is clearly out of it presently.

    JBL looks poised to deliver another Clothesline from Hell but is distracted by jawing with a fan in the front row. It gives Briscoe enough time to level a kick at JBL’s knees as he runs towards him - that staggers him for a moment. JBL retaliates with a fierce stomp to the head. He picks Briscoe up and smashes his face into the turnbuckle before tagging in Corbin. He backs up and whips Briscoe into the ropes; on the rebound, Briscoe expects him to look for Deep Six again – instead, Corbin whips Jay’s feet out from under him, sending him to all fours. Corbin follows up with a sick kick to the gut that flips Briscoe onto his back. He gloats for a moment, yelling something at the crowd that draws their displeasure. He then drops to his knees and wrenches in a vicious headlock. After a long minute or so Briscoe is able to fight out to a vertical base and breaks the hold with right hands.

    Corbin shoves Briscoe into the ropes; on the rebound, Briscoe dodges Corbin now attempting Deep Six, and catches him with a big left hook. Corbin gets annoyed and responds with a monster clothesline that erases Briscoe trying to gain any momentum. Corbin drops down and hangs onto Jay’s arm while tagging in JBL, who drops an elbow while Briscoe is pinned down.

    JBL lifts Jay to a sitting position and drops a knee into his back, then grabs hold of his arms and lays back, tagging Corbin in as he does so. Corbin again kicks Briscoe hard in the gut and returns to a vicious headlock. It takes longer than before but again Briscoe manages to break out with right hands and hits the ropes with Corbin doubled over. Briscoe charges on the rebound but Corbin elevates him, looking for a back suplex...but Jay refuses to let Corbin get him down! He forces Corbin to take a big step toward a neutral corner...and turns it into a huge tornado DDT!

    Both men are down and Mark is now on his feet and practically screaming for a tag! Jay lunges...and makes the tag!

    Necro: And the tables may be turning here as Briscoe finally brings his partner into the match!

    Jiminy: I wouldn't count on it. They've already effectively eliminated one partner - what stops them from taking out the other? And that’s not even mentioning the Bashams on the outside!

    Mark is in and he's hot, Corbin is up and all he gets are punches for his trouble. Mark hits him with a big spin kick, followed by a chop to the head that sends Corbin to his knees! Mark yells and the fans yell with him and follows with a big time buzzsaw kick!

    Corbin staggers wildly to his feet and Briscoe kicks his legs out from under him, sends Corbin hanging his head on his knees. Briscoe backs up as Corbin is on his knees and hits the ropes, coming back off and nailing him with a dropkick right to the face!. He looks like he's going for a pin but JBL charges in, getting only a leaping throat thrust for his troubles!

    Mark Briscoe is going wild here as the fans pop loudly and hits JBL again, causing him to fall out of the ring. Corbin tries to take advantage with an attack from behind, but Briscoe quickly counters with a high kick that sends Corbin over the ropes to the ring apron. He takes a moment to steady himself and The Bashams now charge him from behind, but once again Briscoe ducks – one throat thrust sends Danny Basham spinning out of the ring through the middle ropes – Doug turns around again and Mark hits him in the face with a big kick that sends him staggering.

    He then grabs the ropes and brings them down, leaving Doug confused for a moment before he sees Jay flying over the ropes to crash into him!

    The crowd is on their feet with that one as both Jay and Doug Basham are down on the outside of the ring. Corbin comes in again and charges once more but Briscoe again sidesteps, holds the rope down and sends Corbin careening into Danny Basham who is on the apron – their heads collide with a sickening thud which sends Corbin to the mat in a heap and Danny Basham slumps motionless onto the floor.

    Corbin has slumped into his own corner now as JBL blind tags in, leaving Corbin on the mat.

    He charges at Mark again – looking for a high knee - Briscoe counters with a high kick, causing JBL to stumble backwards – Mark slides under JBL as Jay is suddenly on the apron – Mark hoists the NCW owner on his shoulders as Jay leaps again –


    Mark drops for the cover, as Jay rolls to his feet clutching his ribs



    THREE!!! The Briscoes have done it!

    Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners and STILL NCW Tag Team Champions, Jay and Mark – The Briscoe Brothers!!!

    Mark pops up yelling with pride and Jay embraces him, looking a little worse for the wear but he leans on Mark's shoulder for support. The referee hands them their tag team titles.


    JBL is still rolling around on the mat while Corbin is out cold in the corner as another referee tends to the motionless Danny Basham on the outside, his brother looking on with a concerned look on his face. The champions beam as they extend their belts to the crowd and walk out slowly, soaking in the adulation of the fans.

    Necro: A fast paced and hard fought gauntlet match but in the end, The Briscoes take down the entire Cabinet to retain!

    Billy Bob: An outrage – A Wrestling GOD losing to these dirty bearded mooks? How did this happen? There will be hell to pay over this yet!

    Why I booked it this way: I wanted to give a real tough challenge to the tag team champions, I just felt that them retaining was better here. The Bashams are not in their league and JBL and Corbin are just a thrown together tag team so it makes more sense to keep the belts on the established tag team imo. There's a number of options going forward, not least a likely rematch with either the Bashams and/or JBL and Corbin.


    Donny Parton: We are backstage with the NCW Women’s Number One Contender – Trish Stratus, ahead of her Iron-Woman Match with Becky Lynch tonight! Trish, are you all set for what is possibly the biggest women’s match – not just in the history of NCW, but possibly of all time?

    Trish Stratus: Can I just say, a shout out to my boy Test this evening after a big win – such dominance! As for tonight – yeah, it’s pretty big Donny. There’s a lot of pressure… but it’s all on Becky Lynch. She’s positioned herself here as the best – she has no respect for me, remember? Thinks I’m beneath her in terms of in-ring talent, yes – she did say that, laughable as it is. So tonight Becky needs to back up those words with her actions in the ring – and the trouble for her is, she can’t. Becky Lynch thinks that Trish Stratus is beneath her, so the result should be a dominant victory – and the pressure is all on her to produce this. I’m going to go down to that ring, show Becky Lynch exactly why I am a seven time Women’s Champion – and take that NCW Women’s Championship.


    Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first – Albert!!

    Albert makes his way down to the ring to loud boos from the crowd.

    Necro: Following the stunning betrayal of Brodus Clay by Albert a month ago, this is an intensely personal contest.

    Ring Announcer: And his opponent – the Funkasaurus – Brodus Clay!

    As it starts Brodus comes to the stage in typical fare, flanked by two Funkadactyls, Brodus has a torch in hand. On each side of the ramp is a cannon which Brodus lights with the torch in his hand. After a few seconds they both explode and shower the first few rows with rainbow colored confetti.

    Jiminy: That's going to take forever to clean.

    Necro: Ah lighten up Jiminy!

    As the announcers argue, Brodus hands off the torch and walks down the ramp, staring a hole through Albert. He high-fives a few fans on the way but doesn't take his eyes off the man in the ring. He stands at ringside to pysch himself up for a bit before sliding into the ring and taking Albert out at the knees so he can rain down lefts and rights to his head and chest as he screams at him while the timekeeper quickly rings the bell to officially start the match.

    Albert uses his strength and pushes Clay off to quickly get to his feet. He grabs Clay by his head and pulls him in close before trying to lift Clay up for a quick Balder Bomb. Clay counters with a vicious headbutt that sends Albert staggering backwards towards the ropes – Clay charges and clotheslines Albert – sending both men over the ropes and onto the floor below!!

    Necro: This is going to be a hard-hitting, brutal contest as evidenced already!

    Both men get to their feet slowly, Clay tries to whip Albert into the steps but he counters with a hard knee to the gut. Albert shoves Clay backwards, ramming his back into the ring apron before knocking him down to the floor again with two vicious clubbing blows.

    Albert then picks up Clay and slams him down onto the steel ramp, the crowd gasps as Clay holds his back in agony. Clay staggers to his feet as Albert measures him – still in a lot of discomfort and holding his back – Albert charges for a bicycle kick but Clay dodges and sends Albert careening into the barrier – His extended leg sees him land groin first on the steel! Albert roars in agony as the crowd collectively hold their breath – Clay then clotheslines Albert off the guard rail and into the crowd!

    The referee has now left the ring, having stopped his count to avoid the match ending in a double count out – and implores Clay to get back in the ring. Clay shoves him off and climbs over the barrier himself – He dives onto Albert with a big splash – driving the wind out of him and he lets out an audible moan of pain on the concrete floor!

    The crowd are chanting for Brodus now as he hauls Albert up and goes to toss Albert back across the guard rails but before he can do anything Albert hits him in the stomach with a chair he has pulled from under one of the fans. With Clay doubled over he takes the chair and brings it down as hard as he can, smiling as Clay roars in pain. Albert grabs him by the head and shoves him backwards across the guard rail to the steel ramp behind, where he lands with a nasty thud of meat on steel.

    Necro: What – this isn’t a no disqualification match? Albert just used a chair – twice!

    Jiminy: And Clay shoved the ref – turnabout is fair play Necro!

    Albert climbs across the barricade himself now, chair still in hand and is about to hit Clay for a third time – the referee intervenes and pulls the chair out of his hands. An argument ensues where the referee tells Albert he will disqualify him whilst Albert rages at him. Clay gets to his feet slowly and tries to rush Albert from behind – he sidesteps and Clay nails the ref, who is sent careening onto the mat and lies motionless, the chair flying from his hand!

    Albert catches Clay as he turns around – Balder Bomb on the steel ramp! Clay rolls around in agony on the ramp as Albert gets back to his feet. He drags Clay down to ringside and manages to throw him into the ring. Clay tries to stagger to his feet but Albert is in and lays him out again with a vicious Bicycle Kick. He drops for the cover…

    The ref is still out!

    Jiminy: This is crazy, the match is over – Clay is out!

    Necro: And so is the referee, Jiminy – there’s no one to count the pinfall!

    A second referee comes sprinting down to ringside and starts to count
    Clay kicks out!

    Albert pounds the mat in frustration and argues with the referee that he had the match won – the referee shakes his head. Albert grabs the referee by his shirt and pins him into the corner, still arguing with him – now in a rage. He finally lets go and the ref ducks out of the corner as Albert turns back to face Clay – who crashes into him in the corner! Clay then hauls Albert out and drives him into the mat with a huge bulldog! Clay gets to his feet, still holding his back in pain but with a determined look on his face.

    He dances over Albert in typical fashion before hitting the ropes and coming back with a huge elbow drop! He makes the cover

    Albert just kicks out!

    Brodus is on his feet in a flash as he drags Albert up as well – Brodus picks him up to deliver a slam – Albert fights out and shoves him off – Clay hits the ropes and Albert tries for another Bicycle Kick – Clay ducks and grabs him and hits the slam!

    Clay then hits the ropes again and hits a diving splash onto Albert, hooks the leg




    Brodus Clay has done it!!

    The crowd pops as Clay’s music plays. Albert rolls out of the ring and trudges to the back as Clay dances in the ring to cheers from the crowd.


    Why I booked it this way: Clay had to get some form of revenge here and after a hard hitting match it was the logical way to go. The feud of course won't end here and again will keep both guys tied up for another little bit before Clay moves on to challenge for one of the midcard belts.


    Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan are standing by backstage with Donny Parton.

    Donny: Kevin, next up you go into battle to do your part for the NWO against Xavier Woods – with a win already under your belts courtesy of Sean Waltman, this match could see the New Day eliminated before Hulk Hogan has to defend his title..

    Nash: WILL see the New Day eliminated, Donny. Let’s get this straight, Woods can’t hang with me on his best day – and today is not his best – not even close after I pulverised him earlier tonight.

    Donny: And what of the title match if Kevin Nash does prevail, Hulk Hogan? Will you put your title on the line against Big E anyways?

    Hogan: Well you know something Big D – Hulk Hogan doesn’t do charity cases. The New Day knew the rules when they tangled with the NWO – when Big Kev here crushes Woods like the insect he is – Hulk Hogan is taking the night off, brother.

    Nash: Damn straight Hulkster – Big E can pack his bags and get the hell out – in any case, The New Day are fond of pancakes, right? Well Xavier Woods – prepare to be made a pancake by Big Daddy Cool – when I’m finished with you the whole world will understand the meaning of a squash.


    Nash and Hogan walk off as the crowd boos loudly.


    Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first.........

    Announcer: representing the NWO – Kevin Nash!!!

    Fans boo loudly as the NWO music plays. The familiar strobe lighting hits the arena as it turns black and white as Hogan and Nash come to the stage, Hogan strumming his title belt like a guitar in typical fashion.

    They walk down the ramp, completely unfazed by the booing and indeed enjoying themselves. Nash ascends the stairs, and steps over the top rope as Hogan stays on the outside.

    Necro: Here is a former World Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Nash – a man who has made a career out of crushing his competition.

    Billy Bob: I have no doubt that this contest will be a good one! But let’s be clear here – Xavier Woods is banged up already! He was the underdog here even before Nash put him through our announce table earlier tonight – now he has absolutely no chance!!

    Ring Announcer: Introducing his opponent.....

    *It’s a New Day, YES IT IS!*

    Ring Announcer: Representing the New Day…. Xavier Woods!!!

    The crowd erupts as Big E comes to the stage with Xavier walking gingerly behind him. Woods stops for a moment and stares at Nash in the ring, he starts walking with purpose down the ramp, not taking his eyes off of him as Big E follows. He stops before the steel steps, still staring at Nash with an icy gaze. He slowly climbs the stairs then steps through the ropes. Nash smirks as Woods winces stepping through the ropes but backs off to the corner as the referee admonishes him for getting too close.

    Necro: Xavier Woods is all business here at Natural Selection, look at the look on his face guys. He is ready to fight here.
    It started back a few months ago, The New Day stood in the ring and called out the NWO. They answered, but it’s been clear for ages that Nash absolutely does not rate Woods as in his league whatsoever

    Billy Bob: You know it Necro - Nash has no respect for his opponent tonight, we just heard him talk about squash matches and Woods in the same sentence!

    Nash and Woods step to the center of the ring. Nash is doing all the talking, laughing in his face and threatening to put him out of commission forever. Woods quickly spins around while grabbing Nash’s arm and in the same movement drops to his knee to add leverage in a blindingly fast Judo throw! Nash slams on to his back and stays there, his wind completely knocked out of his lungs. He stares up at Woods in disbelief. The fans react as Woods lightly bounces on his toes, still clutching his ribs but with a look of devilish intentions in his eyes. Nash gets to his feet as Hogan shouts at him from ringside. He nods as he approaches Woods with his fists raised this time. Woods slaps both of his hands away, kicks him in the stomach then slaps him full force across the face!

    Nash rubs the side of his jaw and curses at Woods. He looks at the ref and complains about being disrespected. Nash takes a swing at Woods that he dodges easily, he swings again with the same result, then again and again Woods quickly dodges up, down and right, he replies with a kick to his leg, stomach then face in rapid succession then spinning around for a foot sweep! Nash falls face first into the ropes catching his neck on the second rope before rolling out of the ring to catch his breath. The crowd pops wildly for Woods as Nash regroups outside with Hogan, Big E pounds the mat to get the crowd even more amped up!

    Necro: It looks like Woods is using his speed advantage early on in this contest, he has to keep this pace going as it looks like Nash can’t even get out of the gates here to start this match!

    Nash rolls back in the ring and slaps the canvas. Nash rushes Woods and they quickly lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, Nash shoves him back off the ropes then aims for a big boot but he ducks and rolls under him! Nash is surprised at the counter and runs at him, but he catches a forearm shot to the face, then a knee to the chest followed by a flying knee strike that catches Nash in the jaw! He stumbles back against the ropes – Woods charges him and sends him over the top rope to the floor with a vicious clothesline!

    Woods quickly drops down and rolls out of the ring to pursue him. He grabs him by the head and slams it off of the ring apron, Nash now reeling on the outside. The ref starts his count in the ring, telling Woods to bring the action back inside. Woods ignores the ref and sets Nash for a neckbreaker – Nash shoves Woods off using his superior strength but stumbles back against the guard rail.

    Woods rolls in the ring, then back out to restart the count. He slaps his knee then runs fast at Nash towards the barricade! Nash sees this coming and ducks and uses Woods’ momentum to propel him into the crowd with a massive back body drop!! Woods lands hard amidst the fans in the first few rows!


    Necro: Oh my goodness! Did you see the height he got there!!!

    Billy Bob: I heard the smashing of metal in there so it sounded like he hit some chairs on his way to the floor in that mass of humanity! The ribs were already damaged – stick a fork in Woods – he is done! The ref coming out to stop the match now

    Necro: Look out! Nash just pushed him out of the way, he’s hunting for Woods in that crowd. Security is there trying to move people back…

    Nash finds Woods under some chairs and spilled drinks, he grabs him by the hair and walks him through the line of crowds security have cleared to the barricade, he launches him back over the barricade to the padded mats. Woods is rolling around on the floor clutching his ribs in agony now, Big E comes over to check on him as Nash steps over the barricade again and shouts at the ref to get Big E back.

    Big E is backed up by the ref who then drops down to check on Woods – Nash has an evil glint in his eyes as he roars at the referee

    Nash: I’ll decide when he’s done!

    Nash stomps Woods right in the ribs causing him to cry out in pain. He hauls him back to his feet and then boots him in the stomach, Woods cries out again – Nash is looking for another powerbomb!

    Big E gets up in Nash’s face now this time and Nash just mocks him as the referee holds him back – Hogan comes around the other side and stomps on Woods a number of times, each time targeting the bad ribs. Big E finally backs off in a rage and Hogan is nowhere to be seen as Nash picks up Woods and tosses him roughly back into the ring.

    Nash re-enters and steps straight onto Woods’ chest, putting his full weight onto the injured ribs, Woods screams in pain as the referee shouts at Nash to stop. Nash shrugs him off with a smirk, hits the ropes and nails a big elbow drop straight to the ribs, he stays down for a cover keeping his forearm pressed over Woods’ face – the ref dives down for a cover



    Nash rolls off Woods with a sadistic smile on his face. He sits by the turnbuckle and wags his finger at the ref. Not yet, he mouths.

    Woods manages to make it to his knees, Nash measures him then runs and punts him stomach, causing Woods to flip onto his back and roll about in agony.

    He raises his fists to a major chorus of boos from the capacity crowd. He stomps Woods again then hauls him up by his hair, he knees Woods in the stomach – once, twice, three times! The crowd are booing furiously as Nash tosses Woods to the mat like a rag doll and smirks at Big E on the outside and Hogan slaps the mat to the beat of ‘New Day Rocks’ – mocking Woods and Big E.

    Nash again hits the ropes and drops another elbow then hooks the leg

    1....2.... Woods kicks out!

    Nash shakes his head and hauls Woods up again - Woods swings wildly at Nash but he dodges, hits the ropes and absolutely plants Woods with a big boot. He then holds one arm in the air again before signalling for the end.

    Dragging Woods back up, he sets him for the jack-knife and raises him…. Woods somehow counters into a swinging tornado DDT which plants Nash!

    Both men are down!!

    Woods slowly drapes his arm across Nash

    1.... Nash kicks out.

    Nash starts to get back to his feet as Woods hauls himself up using the ropes. Nash has a look of fury in his eyes again and charges Woods – Woods sees him coming and absolutely cleans his clock with a step up enziguiri! Nash goes down again and Woods again falls into a cover

    1 – 2 – Nash kicks out!

    Woods rolls over and still clutches his ribs in pain, trying to get back to his feet as the crowd are in unison chanting ‘New Day Rocks’ with Big E providing huge support. Woods is about to go to the top rope but notices Nash starting to stir – he runs over and hits another DDT, driving Nash’s head into the canvas again! Woods then ascends the top rope and is about to launch at Nash when Hogan gets up on the apron and starts arguing with the ref.

    The momentary distraction is all Nash needs and he shoves the ropes which cause Woods to crotch himself on the top turnbuckle.

    Nash staggers over to Woods and nails him with a right hand whilst dragging him back to the mat. He boots him in the stomach and signals for the jack-knife – and gets nailed in the face with..... a pancake?

    Big E is on the apron now, pulling pancakes out of his tights and throwing them at an absolutely incredulous Nash – the referee looks on and has no idea what to do – however Hogan comes around and pulls Big E’s legs from under him, causing him to land hard on the apron.

    Big E pops to his feet in a rage and points at Hogan who is backing up – Big E stalks Hogan who backs around to the other side of the ring before Big E chases him!! Hogan rolls into the ring as Big E is in hot pursuit – Big E enters the ring as Nash throws Woods to one side and hits a big boot on Big E!

    Big E goes down and Hogan stops running and starts stomping on Big E as Nash looks on smirking – Woods catches him in a roll up




    Necro: He did it – Woods beat Nash – Oh my word!! The New Day and the NWO are now tied at one win each!

    Billy-Bob: That was a fast count, Necro – it had to be surely!! I can’t believe this it has to be the biggest upset in NCW history!

    The crowd are in the raptures of celebration as Nash looks up in shock at Hogan who is frozen in the ring. Woods is on the second ropes with a look half of joy and half of shock on his own face – the celebrations and joy turn to boos however very quickly as Nash attacks Woods from behind.

    Necro: Oh come on, what is the need for this?

    Nash and Hogan stomp all over Woods and Big E as an enraged Nash shoves the referee out of his way. He picks up Woods and delivers a vicious jack-knife powerbomb to the mat as Hogan hits another leg drop – his third of the night – to Big E. Hogan is on the mat now screaming at Big E

    ‘This is as close as you will ever get brother. Your punk ass is done, I am going to eviscerate you!’

    Hogan then directs traffic and Nash throws a motionless Woods out to the floor as Hogan rips up the protector mats and gestures to Nash.

    Necro: No! Stop it you animals! This is not right, this is an absolute mugging!

    Billy-Bob: We are now seeing just exactly how deranged and obsessed with keeping his NCW Championship that Hulk Hogan is. This is beyond anything I ever expected.

    Nash boots an already motionless Woods in the stomach and signals for the jack-knife one more time as the crowd throw garbage at the two NWO members. Nash then hoists Woods up and delivers a vicious jack-knife powerbomb directly onto the concrete floor!

    Necro: This is sick! SICK! Nash you sick bastard, you could have ended that young man’s career!

    Billy-Bob: I can’t believe what I’ve just witnessed. Xavier Woods needs medical attention, the NWO are truly disgusting – there’s no need for this at all.

    Necro: Downright animals – is there nothing they won’t do to ensure they win? Xavier Woods back could be broken!

    Nash and Hogan stand over the motionless Woods as the EMTs rush to the ring. Hogan has a twisted smile on his face as Big E is starting to come to in the ring and realises what has happened.

    They head for the back as Big E checks on Woods alongside the EMTs with a look of absolute rage on his face.

    ****End Part 1******

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    **** Natural Selection PART 2******

    Backstage, Woods is being loaded into an ambulance with Big E checking on him. As he helps close the doors of the ambulance – Big E is jumped by Nash, Hogan and Waltman!

    Necro: What is this now? Is there no low that the NWO will not sink to?

    Big E gets slammed head first into the ambulance before Nash whips him into some stage equipment nearby. Waltman then stomps on him as Hogan unstraps the NCW Championship belt from his waist.

    Hogan: ‘Let’s lay the smackdown on his crippled ass – you want me Big E brother? You’re on – if you make it that far dude.’

    Nash and Waltman drag Big E up as Hogan steadies himself – and blasts Big E with the Championship belt! Big E slumps to the floor and the three of them again begin stomping on him and laughing as officials and referees arrive on the scene and try to pull them back.

    Hogan finally relents and they back off leaving Big E in a pool of his own blood, busted wide open from the shot with the title belt.

    Hogan: See you later Big E brother – you wanted the NWO – we are gonna destroy all three of you – if you make it to the ring brother – you’re going straight to the hospital same way as your buddies!

    Hogan then spits on Big E and the three NWO members walk off laughing as Big E lies on the floor.


    Back in the arena – Necro and Billy Bob look on speechless

    Necro: This is just too much, Billy Bob. I know what you’re going to say – this is what happens when people cross the NWO but there has to be a line!

    Billy Bob: There never has been and never was with the NWO – there is nothing they will not do, no low they will not stoop to in order to stay on top. Hogan is like a man possessed!

    Ring Announcer: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first – Horace Hogan – and the REAL Razor Ramon – Rickkkk Boggggnnnnaaaarrrr!

    The crowd boo the two lackeys as they come to the ring flipping off the fans.

    Necro: The real Razor Ramon… what?

    Billy Bob: Necro sometimes you just have to go with it. Rick Bognar calling himself the Real Razor Ramon makes much more sense than his opponent’s choice of tag team partner, for instance.

    Ring Announcer: And the opponents, firstly – R-Truth!

    R-Truth has a microphone as Horace and Bognar are smirking in the ring and beckoning him to get in.

    R-Truth: Woah, woah! I’ll do the introductions here Jeff!

    Necro: His name isn’t Jeff..

    Billy Bob: See?

    R-Truth: Because you see, little Jimmy is REAL! Lil Jimmy is here tonight, and he’s gonna stomp all over Hulk Hogan and Razor Ramon!

    Hogan and Bognar look on, a little confused now.

    R-Truth: But enough of me, let’s bring him out!

    Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine comes to the stage, dressed in full attire and ready to go – Horace Hogan and Bognar look like they’ve seen a ghost!

    Necro: Lil Jimmy? What?

    Greg Valentine grabs the mic off R-Truth and looks at him with a frown
    Valentine: For the last time Truth – I’m NOT Lil Jimmy… I’m BIG Greggy! And tonight – we’re gonna kick fake Hogan and fake Razor’s asses all the way around this arena!

    R-Truth (leaning into the mic): My Bad!


    Valentine shakes his head, drops the mic and the two of them sprint to the ring as Hogan and Bognar roll out of it, clearly perturbed by having to face the two men.

    Necro: They thought they had it all sewn up, an easy match at Natural Selection against R-Truth and an invisible partner – but now this is a totally different proposition!

    Valentine and Truth now beckon Bognar and Hogan to get in the ring as they look warily at their opponents. Valentine takes his position on the apron and Bognar slides into the ring.

    The referee rings the bell and Bognar rushes R-Truth, hoping to get the drop on him – Truth ducks down and does the splits, before popping up and taking Bognar out with a spinning calf kick to the face!

    The crowd pops as Bognar rolls away from Truth and tags in Hogan who also rushes in – Truth sees him coming and takes him down with a shoulder tackle sending Hogan rolling under the ropes.

    Bognar drops down to check on his partner as the crowd suddenly starts to boo loudly – The Honky Tonk Man is coming down to the ring!

    Necro: What the heck is he doing here? Doesn’t he have a match later?

    Honky Tonk is arguing with Greg Valentine on the apron

    Honky: What are you doing? My match is later – get backstage and wait for me!

    Greg: No way, Big Greggy is here to help his buddy!

    Honky: What are you on about man? What about Rhythm and Blues man?

    Bognar seizes on the distraction and enters the ring, attacking Truth from behind and sending him flying into the corner where he collides with Valentine – the referee calls a tag!

    Bognar holds up his hands and shakes his head – backing away as Valentine gets in the ring. Valentine grabs Bognar and hits two hard elbow shots, dropping Bognar to the mat. Valentine backs up and is getting ready to hit a running elbow drop – Horace Hogan tries to stop him – R-Truth comes bursting out his corner and obliterates Hogan with the Lie Detector!

    Valentine then hits the ropes, and lands the running elbow drop! Bognar and Hogan are down in the centre of the ring! Valentine looks at Truth, and nods – both men lock in synchronised Figure Fours on Hogan and Bognar!!

    It only takes a couple of seconds – both men tap out!!!

    Ring Announcer: The winners of this match….

    Honky Tonk Man is in the ring as Valentine and Truth still have the Figure Fours locked in – Honky Tonk Man has his guitar in hand… WHAM!


    He smashes it into bits across Greg Valentine’s head! Valentine lies motionless on the mat as Honky quickly exits the ring.

    Necro: What? What was the need for that? What an absolute jerk!

    Billy Bob: Valentine was supposed to have Honky’s back Necro, not be off cavorting as… Big Greggy…

    R-Truth looks on in shock as he checks on his motionless friend as Honky storms to the back.

    Why I booked it this way: Just a bit of fun really, with some comedy characters. I thought adding Greg Valentine into the mix as Big Greggy makes sense too and works with R-Truth's shtick of getting things wrong all the time. Bognar and Hogan would likely be used as jobbers for comedy spots going forward whilst R-Truth and Big Greggy become a more formulated team.


    Backstage Donny is with Becky Lynch who is ready for her IronWoman Match.

    Donny: Becky, we are now just moments away from the biggest Women’s match in the History of NCW – an IronWoman match between two of the greatest to ever lace their boots. Your thoughts?

    Becky: Well it’s like this Donny – Trish Stratus thinks she is on the same level as me – The Man, Becky Lynch. There’s absolutely no denying that Trish is a legend – main eventing Raw. Done it. Main Eventing a Women’s Pay Per View? Yep – done that too. Main Eventing Wrestlemania…. Oh – wait. That was me. See everything Trish has done, I’ve surpassed in spades. Hell in A Cell, Ladder Matches, and of course main eventing the biggest spectacle in all of professional wrestling. Now we’re both bringing NCW into a new era – where women steal the show and go out there, putting our bodies and lives on the line for 60 minutes in the first ever IronWoman match in NCW history. And this is where it gets dangerous for you Trish, because in a straight up one on one match you stand some sort of a chance – but you’re dealing with a shark here and when you get tired, Becky Lynch smells blood in the water. I will tear your own arm off and beat you over the head with it!

    So Trish talks about pressure? Trish, darlin – pressure is a night in Coppers trying to fend off the drunken Garda and teachers – an IronWoman match is nothing to The Man! Trish – to be The Man you gotta beat The Man – are you man enough to do that over 60 minutes? Let’s find out.

    Becky walks off.


    The crowd is silent in anticipation, waiting for the next match of the card and preparing themselves as most people in the crowd are sitting back down with their drinks refilled and bags of food to enjoy all of the action.

    Necro: Strap yourselves in guys; we are in for one of the longest matches in NCW history as we anxiously await the introductions.

    Billy Bob: I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl right now, Necro!

    The ring announcer can be seen entering the ring at this time and takes a deep breath.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a 60-Minute Iron Woman Match for the NCW Women’s Championship! Whoever has the most victories in their favor by the end of the 60-Minute time limit will be declared the NCW Women’s Champion!

    Trish comes out with typical enthusiasm as the crowd pops loudly for one of the legends of women’s wrestling.

    Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger – she is a 7 time former WWE Women’s Champion… TRIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH STRRRRRRRRAAAAAATTTTTUUUSSSSSS!!!!

    Billy Bob: Trish Stratus has the element of surprise here – Becky Lynch is too cocky in my view.

    Necro: I gotta believe that Trish is at her peak here tonight. She made the decision to lay down this challenge knowing full well Becky would pick a difficult stipulation – this is going to be a war!

    Trish enters the ring and acknowledges the cheers again as she goes to her corner and limbers up.

    The arena erupts as a large screen appears on the entrance. A silhouette of a woman is shown walking closer and closer on it. Finally, the pyros shoot straight up from the end of the ramp to the entrance way. One big one shoots out at the end as Lynch walks through the hole in the middle of the screen with the NCW Championship fastened around her waist.

    Announcer: And the opponent, she is the NCW Women’s Champion, and part of the first women’s main event at WrestleMania… BECCCCKKKKKYYYYYY LYYYYNNNNCCCCHHHHHHH!!!

    Necro: Let’s put personal feelings aside for a brief moment and just recognize the fact that Becky has put consistency back into the NCW Women’s Championship. She has returned the prestige of the title and abolished the hot-potato stigma that followed it since it’s very inception!
    Not only that, but she has met every challenge head on. Her resume of title defenses is quite impressive – and the stipulations are never straight forward – Becky Lynch constantly challenges herself on every conceivable level.

    Billy Bob: Don’t get me wrong, I tip my hat to Lynch for what she has done. She has been cut throat to say the least, but tonight she is too confident, too arrogant – she is underestimating Trish and her abilities and it may prove fatal to her chances of retaining the championship.

    Lynch is now in the ring. We see her peering across at Trish in the opposite corner. Finally, her music dies down and she goes to unstrap the Title. She does it slowly, but then finally holds it out in front of her. She hands it over to the ref, who takes it and walks to the center of the ring. He grabs it by the sides and looks down at the belt as he smiles. He then looks at both women before lifting the NCW Women’s Championship into the air. There is a respective cheer for the weight of the match as the belt glimmers in the spotlight. The ref then lowers the belt and hands it off to an official at ringside.

    The ref gets attention from both of the women and then points up at the titantron; we see a clock with a timer on it.


    Both Trish and Lynch nod as the ref takes a deep breath. With that, he signals for the bell and the World Title match is underway. The clock starts ticking down on the titantron. Trish looks back at it, but then quickly looks back at Lynch. She shakes her wrists as she steps out of her corner. Lynch steps out of hers. There appears to be no fear between either of them as they step into the middle of the ring. Becky and Trish go nose-to-nose as they exchange words. We hear Becky say, ‘it’ll never happen’ This causes Trish to smile and look away, but she returns with a punch to the jaw of Lynch!

    Necro: The first punch has been thrown!

    Lynch clenches her jaw as she steps backwards, but she has little time to nurse the wound as Trish fires back with another. This time, Lynch stumbles backwards. Trish steps up with a third blow, and now Lynch is pissed! She locks and loads her own right hand and delivers a punch to the face of Trish. Trish steps back from the blow, but Lynch is quick to follow-up with another! And another! Now Lynch has Trish stumbling backwards, and eventually all the way back into the turnbuckle she started from. Becky sends another punch, but then changes her method of attack to a stiff knife-edge chop to the chest of Stratus. We hear a ‘woo’ from the crowd! Trish grabs her chest in pain, but Becky lifts her head back up and delivers another chop to another ‘WOO’ from the crowd.

    Becky has a little momentum now as she steps in for another chop, but she is met by a stiff forearm from an angry Trish. Becky grabs her forehead as she stumbles away from her opponent and into the center of the ring. Trish shakes away the recoil from the forearm and proceeds to drop down and roll out of the ring.


    Necro: Trish seems very frustrated with how things have started off.

    Lynch recovers from the forearm as she spies Trish on the outside near the announcer’s table. She quickly goes to slide out of the ring and confronts her opponent. Lynch appears to have caught Trish off guard, with her back turned, but as she goes to grab her head, Stratus reverses it and grabs the head of Becky and sends it into the top of the announcer’s table.

    Billy Bob: Hey! Careful!

    Trish smirks as the crowd cheer. We see that the ref is inside the ring as he makes a slow count. He is currently at 3. Trish grabs the back of the dazed Lynch’s head once again and slams it against the table-top once more. Becky staggers backwards from the impact. Trish is done playing games as she pulls off the table cover and throws it to the ground.

    The ref quits his count-out for a moment to yell at Trish, who ignores it and turns around to check on Becky,but is met by a pair of lunging legs into her shoulder! Becky connects with a dropkick! Trish stumbles to her side and falls to the ground from the impact. However, the damage isn’t enough to keep her down for long as she climbs back up to her feet and begins walking away from Lynch. Becky gets to her feet at about the same time and follows after her. However, much to her surprise, Trish hops over the barricade and into the audience. She looks back at Becky, who looks up at the ref. The ref shouts out for Trish to get back into the ring.

    Becky looks back at Trish just in time to see her grab a drink from one of the fans at ringside and proceed to throw it in Lynch’s face!! With that, Lynch runs at Trish and dives over the barricade for a spear! They both crash into a set of empty chairs as fans move out of the way. The crowd pops at the spot!

    Billy Bob: What is this?! This isn’t a falls count anywhere match!

    The ref shouts at both Trish and Becky again. However, both women are still laying outside of the barricade.

    Necro: Is the first fall really going to be a count-out?

    The ref is now up to 9. Finally, we see some life from the two women, but it is only in the form of crawls. Trish is now slowly climbing up the arena steps, and Becky is trying to get to her feet. The ref calls for 10 and with authority he calls for the bell!!

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, both women have been counted out. The count for the match is currently at 1-1.


    Becky finally catches up to Trish on the steps and grabs her by the leg. Trish proceeds to turn around and pushes Becky away via a boot to the chest. This causes Lynch to fall down a few steps, but receives no serious damage. Meanwhile, the ref has reignited his count by yelling out ‘1’. Trish is now standing as she climbs the steps up to an open aisle. Shortly after, Becky climbs to the same level. Lynch runs after her but Trish turns around and reaches for an unexpected sidewalk slam! Becky’s back hits the concrete aisle floor hard. Trish hops back up to her feet and proceeds to stomp the face of Lynch. Lynch tries to guard her face, but this only prompts Trish to drop a hard knee directly to the side of her head! We return to the ring and hear the referee count ‘8’!

    Necro: I don’t think these ladies care about the amount of falls as long as both of them are sharing them. However, it is a strange strategy by Trish to lead Becky into the audience!

    We return to the action and see Trish smothering Becky’s face with the bottom of her boot. Becky grunts as she tries to push the boot off. ’10!!’ The ref finishes off another slow count again!

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, both women have been counted out. The count for the match is currently at 2-2.

    Billy Bob: There’s another one!

    We return to Trish and Becky, as Trish hauls her back to her feet. Trish then proceeds to grab the mid-section of Becky and ram her back into a concrete wall nearby! The crowd gasps as we see the ref in the ring trying to see what is going on. He almost has to watch the titantron just to see what is happening. He begins another count-out!

    We see Trish pull Becky off of the wall and ram her up against it once again! Lynch cringes from the pain. She grits her teeth, but decides enough is enough. She begins furiously beating the back of Trish, who is still in ramming position. Trish eats the blows and pulls out from pinning Becky against the wall. Trish backs away still in a bent-over position. Becky takes the opportunity to step up and nail an enziguri kick to the side of Trish’s head. She crumbles down onto the ground as Becky just leans back against the concrete wall that she was rammed against moments ago.

    She catches her breath for a moment before going over to Trish, who is now on all fours. She picks her up by her hair and grabs the dazed Stratus by her head and pulls the tights as she lifts Trish off of her feet and falling back into a suplex onto the concrete floor! The audience gasps, but they are silenced by a shouting ‘TEN!’

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, both women have been counted out. The count for the match is currently at 3-3.

    Necro: Good god, Becky just suplexed Trish back first onto the bare concrete!

    Billy Bob: Both women are down, but you gotta know that Trish felt that one!
    Necro: Also, the count is at 3-3! We may break 100!

    The ref looks highly annoyed in the ring as he begins another slow 10 count. We see Trish and Becky up in the crowd. Trish is holding her back in pain as Becky slowly rises back up to her feet. She walks over to Trish and bends down to pick her up by her hair again. However, she quickly gets her feet swept out from underneath her as Trish chop blocks the back of her ankles and sends her crashing down hard onto the concrete!

    Billy Bob: Great chop block by Trish – I told you Becky was overconfident!

    Trish gingerly gets up to make an escape as she walks down the aisle. She uses the concrete wall for support along the way. The unexpected attack from Trish hurt Becky, but not enough to keep her down for a long period of time. We see her get back up to her feet and give chase to the stumbling Stratus, who is a good twenty feet away from the champion. Finally, we see Trish turn a corner into what appears to be an exit/entrance to the arena hallway. With that, she is hidden from the camera view. We hear a shouting ‘Ten’ again!

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, both women have been counted out. The count for the match is currently at 4-4.

    Becky follows towards the same exit/entrance, and turns the corner. She disappears for a brief moment, but that is all it takes to hear a familiar sound of metal hitting bone! Suddenly, we see Becky fall backwards and back into view as she is sprawled out on the concrete floor! We cut to the ref in the ring, who is watching on the titantron.

    He looks confused and highly curious as to what is happening. Becky then begins to be dragged back around the corner and hidden from the camera once again. However, the camera man decides to follow around the corner this time. He steps through a black curtain and into the arena hallway. The crowd goes into a complete booing frenzy upon seeing the sight they see. Trish, Test and Albert are furiously stomping on the grounded Becky!!!

    Trish looks up and notices that the cameraman has come through the curtain and proceeds to push him back through so that the camera cannot view what is going on. The referee saw it though! He signals something towards the announcers booth as he hops out of the ring and jumps over the barricade!

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Trish Stratus has received a disqualification. The count for the match is currently at 5-4 in favor of Becky Lynch!

    Necro: Thank god that the ref won’t stand for this! Two monsters of men stomping on a woman along with Trish – this isn’t right!

    Billy Bob: This is biased judgement!

    The crowd pops as the ref sprints up the arena steps and makes his way down the same aisle that Becky and Trish ventured down moments ago. He finally reaches the exit/entrance area and finds that a group of security guards are already trying to break it apart, but are having little luck. The camera watches all of this unfold.

    The ref runs up and shoves Albert away from Becky and onto the ground. A group of security guards latch onto him and subdue him for the time being. The ref then turns but is pinned against the wall by Test –

    Tommy Dreamer comes sprinting out of nowhere and tackles Test to the ground! Albert fights through security to try and help his partner but is knocked down by Brodus Clay! The four men brawl out of sight as Becky is still down and out from the effects of the assault.

    The ref then proceeds to get into the face of Trish and questions why she would do this. Trish shrugs it off and makes her way back to ringside. Meanwhile, Becky is being helped to her feet by security, but the ref waves them away and tells Becky to get back to the ring by herself. Becky stumbles back through the curtain as she follows after Trish. The ref tags along behind both women.

    Necro: It appears that the ref may actually get these two women to get into the ring and have an actual match after all! But that is absolutely heinous by Test and Albert – thank God Tommy Dreamer and Brodus Clay came to her aid!


    Trish finally reaches the barricade and hops over it. She proceeds to get into the ring. After a good half of a minute, Becky also falls over the barricade. The ref follows quickly behind her. Becky gingerly rolls in underneath the bottom rope and tries to get back to her feet, but it is clear that she is suffering from the beating she took from the collective of Trish, Albert and Test.

    Trish is there to greet her as she stumbles to her feet and is smashed with the Chick Kick!

    Lynch collapses to the mat as Trish crawls over to her and hooks a leg for a cover. The ref slides in to make the count,


    Billy Bob: It paid off! She got a three count out of the deal!

    Necro: Yeah, but I don’t think she was expecting the DQ, or even knows she got it.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Trish Stratus has scored a pinfall. The count for the match is currently at 5-5!

    Trish gets to her feet and begins questioning why the count is tied. She turns to the ref, who is quick to remind her of her little stunt that earned her the disqualification. Trish now looks pissed and quickly goes for another cover. The ref makes the count,

    Kick Out!

    Becky gets a shoulder up this time and Trish looks over at the ref as if he made a slow count. The ref shakes his head. Trish proceeds to stand and reaches down to grab a handful of Lynch’s red hair, but no! Becky lifts up her legs out of nowhere and puts a lock on the arm – and traps Trish in the Dis-Arm-Her! She tries to roll through and sinch it but is still weakened from the assault and Trish pushes her off and scoots away and into one of the corners!

    Necro: That was scary fast! Trish was a few seconds away from being locked in a submission from Becky! The last thing she needs is for a move like that, Becky could break her arm!

    Trish grabs her arm in pain as she curses under her breath. Both women slowly make their way to their feet. Almost half of the match has gone by, but it has been a grueling half-hour for both women. Trish favors her arm as Becky holds onto her neck. The two women walk towards each other in the center. Trish goes for an upper grapple, but Becky does some fancy footwork with the combination of pulling Stratus down by her head and into a rolling motion. She pulls a quick roll up out of nowhere! The ref is even caught off guard, and it causes him to be slow on the count!

    (Trish wiggles violently as Becky keeps the roll-up in perfect form)

    Billy Bob: What! WHAT!

    Necro: Wow!

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Becky Lynch has scored a pinfall. The count for the match is currently at 6-5 in favor of Becky Lynch!

    Becky rolls away from the pin attempt as Trish finds some nearby ropes to pull herself up with. She looks absolutely furious as Becky smirks, albeit an exhausted smirk across the other side of the ring!


    Becky has now also pulled herself up to her feet by way of the ropes. Both women stand slouched against ropes on opposite sides of the ring. The crowd begins cheering for the performance so far. Becky tries to fix her matted hair out of her eyes as Trish holds her arm gingerly. The ref checks on both women, but they just stare at him aimlessly. Finally, Trish bounces off the ropes she is leaning on and makes her way towards Becky, who does the same in response. This is exactly what Trish wants as she ducks under the onrushing Becky, Matrix style – then pops back up and hits a hard kick to the gut of Lynch as she returns. Trish grabs Lynch by the hair and sticks her head under her arm, she leaps up and kicks off the ropes….


    Billy Bob: Out of nowhere – Trish has laid out Becky!

    Trish shoves Lynch onto her back and hooks the leg

    Kick Out!

    The crowd gasps at the close count and Trish can’t figure out what she has to do to put the champion down! She goes for another cover,

    Kick Out!

    Becky escapes a pinfall once again! Trish screams in frustration as she stares up at the titantron.


    She decides to climb onto Becky mounts her in prime position to deliver a series of punches. Becky holds up her forearms to block them, but can only do that for so long! Boom, boom, boom. Trish is like a woman possessed and is just absolutely hammering on the champion! After a fury of fists, Trish sends one final blow to the forehead of the champion. Becky is busted up and bleeding from the forehead!

    Necro: Ladies and gentlemen this is another first in a woman’s match in NCW – Becky Lynch has been busted wide open!

    Billy Bob: That is nasty! But surely Lynch just has no fight left now!

    Trish un-mounts Becky and rises to her feet. The ref takes a moment to check on Lynch as Trish wipes blood from her knuckles onto her outfit. Trish has a deranged smile on her face all of a sudden and watches as Becky reaches out for a nearby bottom rope. She hugs it as if it will protect her. Trish walks back over to Becky and picks her up through the ropes due to her now being on the outside apron. She pulls the champion’s head over the top rope in preparation for another suplex, but as she lifts it up Becky kicks and flails her legs, which stalls the maneuver!

    Lynch lands back down on her feet on the outside apron, and Trish stumbles backwards as she favors her back. There seems to be some strain caused by the failed suplex attempt.

    Becky quickly steps through the ropes and runs up to a bent over Trish. She wraps her up and quickly sets her –

    BEK-PLEX TO TRISH!! The crowd pops as Becky floats over for a cover

    Kick Out!

    Becky sits up shocked as Trish slowly rolls away while holding her back. The champion rubs a hand up her face and through her hair, then looks directly at the hand which is now crimson with blood. Becky gets to her feet in a rage and walks over to the wailing Trish who is still holding her back. She proceeds to pick her up into a kneeling position, but Trish grabs Becky and drops her with a hard spinebuster onto the mat!

    Surprisingly, Trish doesn’t go for the cover, but instead she rolls out of the ring and underneath the bottom rope. She then proceeds to make her way over to the announcer’s booth. She walks straight over to where the title belt is and grabs it. An official tries to stop her, but Trish screams at them causing them to back off. She then proceeds to slide back into the ring with the belt!

    Necro: Trish is already down by one; surely she won’t sacrifice another loss just for a belt shot to the head?

    Trish holds the title and is standing over Becky, begging her to get back up. The ref quickly admonishes her and points at the title, telling her to put it down. Trish can be heard shouting NO! It has to be done!. The ref shakes his head and tries to pull the title from Trish’s grasp – she holds onto it and a tug of war ensues over the belt!

    Billy Bob: Look at this! He is being biased again!

    Necro: He is just trying to make sure that Trish doesn’t knock out Becky with the damn belt!

    One more final tug by the ref causes the unthinkable to happen. The ref loses his grip and Trish accidentally nails him straight in the head with the belt! He goes down and out like a light!

    Necro: The ref is out cold!

    Trish is in a bit of shock – it was clearly an accident! She seems to feel remorse for a small split second, but then remembers what she intended to do. It appears that Becky has now made it to her knees in a dazed stupor as she stares at the ref knocked out cold. Then, with blinking eyes and a bloodied face, she looks up at Trish Stratus. Stratus holds out the Women’s Title right in front of Becky’s face. At first, she is confused, but then Trish smirks and shouts – BETTER THAN ME? NO WAY – I’M SMARTER THAN YOU!

    Trish then blasts Lynch with the NCW Women’s Championship and leaves her laying! Trish tosses the belt out of the ring and drags Lynch back to her feet, setting her again as a second referee sprints to ringside



    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Trish Stratus has scored a pinfall. The count for the match is currently at 6-6.

    Billy Bob: It’s all tied up! Yes! Trish is now minutes away from victory!

    Necro: It is anyone’s game to win!

    Trish is off Becky and remains in a sitting position as she looks up at the clock on the titantron.


    Trish looks next to her and sees the bloodied Becky breathing heavily. She lets out a breath of air as she climbs back to her feet; favoring her back. It appears now that the original ref has been pulled out of the ring by officials. The new referee is still in the ring. Trish very slowly positions herself at the head of Becky. Then, with much pain, she bends over and grabs the bloodied hair of the champion.

    She slowly pulls her up as Lynch grabs onto Trish’s forearms for support. Trish then proceeds to duck a shoulder and pick Becky up for another spinebuster - However, in the process Becky wriggles out and floats over to land behind Stratus! Trish turns around as quick as she can, but this allows Becky to grab her arm and Irish-whip her to the closest turnbuckle. Trish slams her back hard against it, and Becky follows up by coming in with a springboard roundhouse! Trish is now slumped against the turnbuckle and in a daze!

    Becky wipes blood from her face as she slowly hoists Trish up onto the top ropes. She climbs up with her and now both women are on the top turnbuckle! Becky hooks up Trish and gets set –


    The crowd go insane!

    Necro: Both women have to be broken in half! Oh my god!

    Billy Bob: I don’t believe it! Where is Becky finding this from?

    About a foot separates both women as they both lie rather lifelessly. The referee checks on both of them, but he gets no response. He begins to count them both knocked out,


    No movement from either.

    Jiminy: Get up Trish!


    The crowd is fired up!


    Still no movement!


    Necro: This could be another 1-1 scenario!


    There may be some movement from Becky!


    Necro: This will be close!


    We see Becky’s eyes come into focus suddenly and blink fast as she realizes what is happening.


    Becky quickly lifts up a shoulder and is able to drape an arm over Trish for the cover,



    No, wait! Trish got a shoulder up! Becky would be completely shocked if she were not completely worn out. Both women are back to square one as they lay a foot apart from each other.

    Necro: What a close call! I thought Becky had it sealed! We only have a few minutes left!


    Becky slowly raises her head so that she can look up at the titantron. She sees the amount of time and then lays back down as her head still drips blood. She lets out a deep breath and grits her teeth as she slowly begins the long journey of making her way back to her feet.

    The process is long and hard, but she finally stumbles her way into a standing position. Trish still lays pretty lifeless on her back.


    Becky slowly makes her way towards Trish’s arm

    Billy Bob: Get up!

    Becky looks out at the fans, who are on their feet and absolutely screaming her name at this point. She nods and grits her teeth and grabs Trish’s arm – before locking it in!!


    Billy Bob: No!!!

    Necro: The pressure is on!

    Becky sits back on the hold as Trish’s eyes suddenly shoot open. Trish screams out in pain and looks out, but she only sees the roaring crowd. Her view is opposite of the time on the clock!


    Necro: Trish has to hold out for two minutes or else she is done! There is not a rope in sight!

    The referee gets in the face of Trish but she refuses to tap as she screams and claws at the mat. Becky now shouts – no, almost roars as she applies more pressure!


    Necro: Trish has to give in or Becky will snap her arm clean in two – shades of Inoki VS Thesz this finish!

    Billy Bob: Quiet Necro! Trish will prevail!!

    Trish tries to slap herself in the face with her free arm to substitute her pain, but it is far too great! Every audience member is on their feet as Lynch keeps the hold steady and yells that she will break the arm!


    Trish grits her teeth in immense pain! Suddenly her eyes widen and she realises what will happen next if she doesn’t - with a crimson mask and an approving crowd behind her, Becky Lynch hears the most glorious sound:


    The bell rings in signal of the submission being successful!

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Becky Lynch has scored a submission. The count for the match is currently at 7-6 in favour of the champion!

    Necro: Trish tapped! There is only one minute left!

    With the sound of the tap, Becky lets go of the hold and falls forward and onto her stomach. Trish is also on her stomach and holding her arm in absolute agony, trying to remain conscious.

    Billy Bob: Both women are completely spent! I think we are done here!


    The referee checks on both women and begins a count, until he sees Becky crawling for the ropes.


    Becky grabs them and pulls herself slowly up to her feet.










    We see Trish laying on the ground as she hears the crowd count. She closes her eyes right after the two.



    Necro: It’s over! What a match!

    Billy Bob: Becky Lynch retains! Poor Trish I think her arm is broken!

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by a score of 7 to 6, and STILLLLLLL NCW Women’s Champion – Becky Lynch!!!!!

    Becky holds herself up with the top rope as the referee brings over her belt. Her music blares through the PA system as the crowd cheers her on.

    Necro: What a spectacular match, and this on its own has been an absolute show stealer!

    Billy Bob: To each his own, I guess.

    Necro: Oh come now, this was one of the best matches that I have ever witnessed in my career as an announcer! Certainly the greatest women’s match in NCW history – what an absolute war!!

    Becky somehow is on the second turnbuckle and holding her championship aloft, blood streaking down her face. She gives the championship a kiss as the camera pans to Trish who is sitting in the corner nursing her arm with a dejected look on her face.


    Why I booked it this way: Becky was getting the win here as I think she's just an all round better talent than Trish, as good as Stratus is. Becky taking it in the last few minutes gives Trish the ammo she needs in her mid-match heel turn to go after and eventually take the championship as she re-aligns herself with Test and Albert to protect her.


    Donny Parton is backstage with The Honky Tonk Man who is ready for his match – which is up next!

    Donny: Honky Tonk Man, earlier tonight your… alliance with Greg Valentine seems to have come to an end after you smashed your guitar across his head – I suppose what we really want to know is, why now?

    Honky: It’s very simple there Donny, Valentine works for me! And if you cross the boss, you get taken out. Just like that hippy wannabe rocker Raven and his Hardcore delusion man – tonight that’s coming to an end. That’s a Honky Tonk guarantee!

    Honky Tonk Man has another guitar strapped around himself now and walks off towards the stage area.


    Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall.....

    There is a loud reaction as the Raven caws echo around the arena. They understand both what it means and what is coming up. When Raven makes his way out onto the stage as the caws reach their crescendo and his music kicks in, he stands at the top of the ramp arms outstretched, as he soaks in the crowd reaction, which is already at fever pitch due to the previous match. Raven unstraps the Hardcore Championship from his waist and holds it up to even more thunderous cheers. He makes his way down the ramp, looking completely focused for the task ahead.

    Honky Tonk Man’s familiar music blasts out of the PA system and the reaction turns from loud cheers to boos instantly. Honky Tonk is wearing basically the same outfit as before, but in the spotlights at the top of the stage his sequins glisten like diamonds. He pauses before pointing with an accusing finger at Raven and gesturing to the championship. He takes his time heading down the ramp, soaking in the atmosphere as Raven awaits him in the ring. Eventually Honky Tonk enters the ring, hands the referee his guitar and the two men stand across from each other – they would be nose to nose but for the referee getting in between them

    Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the No Holds Barred match! And it is to UNIFY the Intercontinental Championship and Hardcore Championship! In the corner to my left – he is the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in NCW History – The Honky Tonk Man!!

    Boos rain down on Honky but he seems to be bathing in it and enjoying the moment.

    Announcer: And to my right, from parts unknown – he is the NCW Hardcore Champion….. RAVVVVVEEEENNNNN!

    Necro: This match has been brewing since early January and now it is set to explode on the biggest stage in NCW.

    Jiminy: These guys absolutely HATE each other – this could be an absolute war!

    The crowd roar with delight and as the referee backs off, Raven is immediately on the prowl, waiting for the bell to ring. When it does, Raven looks to dive in but Honky fires off a kick to the gut. Raven is unperturbed and tackles Honky down to the mat with all his might. Raven punches at him fiercely and Honky can only cover up. They roll into the ropes, Raven gets caught up and Honky rolls to the outside and onto his feet. Honky backs away from the ring, shocked but he gets dropped as Raven comes flying over the ropes!! Both men crash into the barrier on the outside, but Raven rolls to his feet as the capacity crowd roar in appreciation.

    Necro: Raven is like a man possessed!

    Jiminy: Unsurprisingly this has started at 100 miles an hour!

    Honky tries to crawl away but Raven is after him quickly. He drags him up and whips him into the ring steps and the impact echoes loudly. Honky arches his back in agony but Raven is relentless and grabs him again, only to whip him into the barriers! Raven drags him back towards the ring where he lays Honky Tonk just inside the ring and drapes his head across the middle rope. Raven gets onto the apron and begins to choke Honky out. Honky kicks, screams and flails helplessly at the hands of Raven’s wrath. He stops, only to pummel him some more with a kick to the head. He then climbs to the top rope and drops an elbow on Honky’s head!

    Jiminy: This has been mental! Raven is just nonstop!

    Necro: Honky Tonk Man has really struggled to get a foothold in this match, it’s been all Raven thus far!

    Jiminy: I know…This is not fair!

    Raven moves as if to cover but he gives up on that, choosing to exit the ring once more and grab a chair that he slides into the ring. He then pulls a small bag from underneath the ring and moves that into the corner. As he lifts the apron again, he sees something that catches his eye and pulls out a barbed wire chair! The crowd react with both awe and anticipation. Raven brings the chair over to Honky Tonk Man and wields it over him as he scrambles around. It is clear that Honky is very concerned for his wellbeing. Raven lifts the chair but Honky snaps forward and nails a powerful low blow that folds Raven in half!

    Necro: Talk about an equaliser – Honky with a vicious low blow!

    Honky kicks the barbed wire chair away and it falls out of the ring. He drags himself up and aims straight punches at Raven, jiving whilst he does so as Raven still reels from that low shot. Honky backs off to the ropes where he hits a running knee smash to the face. He picks Raven up, clinches him and hits a series of lifting knee strikes to the face. Raven falls to the mat. Honky limps away as the strikes to the knee seem to have hurt a little. He rips off some of his ring gear and removes his knee pads – revealing a pair of metal plates underneath that he throws out of the ring!

    Necro: No wonder Raven has been devastated by this offence by Honky Tonk! He may as well have had brass knuckles on his knees!

    Jiminy: Are you surprised that someone as smart as Honky Tonk Man has utilised such a unique tactic

    Necro: Not really, he is obsessed with the Intercontinental title and getting it back.

    Raven crawls back to Honky, who slaps him round the back of the head to drive him onto the mat again. Raven gets back up, a dazed look on his face and is slapped in the face again for good measure. The former ECW Champ refuses to back down though, but Honky whips him into the corner where he hits a stiff looking dropkick coming out of it! Honky goes for the first cover of the match but Raven kicks out at two!

    Honky drags Raven to the ropes and pushes him off. He looks for another dropkick but Raven this time holds the ropes and then goes after Honky. He boots him in the gut, and signals for the Raven Effect but Honky fights out and catches an STO for his troubles instead. Raven shakes off the cobwebs a little but doesn’t go for a cover at this time. Instead he brings over the chair he introduced earlier and moves it to the middle of the ring. He sets Honky up for the Raven Effect – directly on the chair this time - but Honky back drops out of it with a modified Northern Lights suplex!

    Honky makes the cover, 1.....2.......Raven kicks out but that was a much longer two count for Honky.

    Honky gets up, dragging Raven with him before pushing him away roughly and Raven falls outside of the ring. Honky exits the ring and starts pulling at the ring steps, separating the top from base. Raven is brought close to them by his opponent who lifts him up with ease and then drops him stomach first across them!

    Honky backs away with a half satisfied look on his face. He reaches into his trunks and pulls out a set of brass knuckles. That draws inevitable booing but Honky then reaches into his boots and reveals a set of shining silver handcuffs and this gets an even louder reaction.

    Necro: Oh no! Come on, this is too much!

    Jiminy: This is No Holds Barred; it is only going to get worse, Necro!

    Honky pauses as he stops to look at the knucks some more. He lowers his hand to his side and they fall to the floor. Honky walks away from the knucks and goes around the ring to the other side. He picks up the previously discarded barbed wire chair. This draws a significantly more negative reaction. Honky looks at the chair with a wicked smirk on his face as he walks back around to Raven.

    Honky drops the chair and then he drags Raven back across the ring steps. Raven is almost motionless and so he has no problem moving him around, he barely winces. Honky then picks up the barbed wire and with great care, he raises it above it his head. Honky swings the chair, aiming to smash Raven’s skull against the steps – but he moves just in time!

    The jolt of steel on steel causes Honky to drop the chair and he starts shaking his arms about to get feeling back into them. Raven is nearly up to his feet but Honky quickly pounces on him, attacking with stomps and kicks and within seconds Raven has been tied up in the ropes thanks to Honky and the handcuffs that he picked back up.

    The ominous situation only gets worse when Honky rediscovers the barbed wire chair. The disgusting yet peaceful look on his face reappears. Honky goes to raise the chair again but suddenly falls to the floor.

    Greg Valentine has come from the crowd and nailed Honky Tonk Man in the back with a chair!

    The crowd roars with appreciation but Valentine is not quite done. He picks up the keys and releases Raven from the restrictive bracelets. He goes to leave but before he does, he picks up the barbed wire chair and the brass knuckles and drops them at Raven’s feet!

    Jiminy - What the hell!!

    Necro: Greg Valentine has just changed the entire complexion of this match!

    Jiminy: Greg Valentine is an ungrateful so and so – after all that Honky Tonk Man did for him!

    As Valentine walks up the ramp, the crowd comes back to life in inspired fashion and cheers his name to the rafters. Raven comes back to life slowly, somewhat inspired by Valentine’s sudden appearance and actions, and brought on further by the remarkable crowd noise. Raven’s fingers slowly grasp the barbed wire chair and it becomes clear that he is becoming fuelled. Honky is crawling on the floor, holding his back in agony but is getting up slowly, Raven lunges forward with a right hand, and smacks Honky in the forehead with the knucks!!!

    Raven looks down with a sneer at Honky as he is sprawled out on the floor. He fetches the barbed wire chair and stands over him as he is barely on his hands and knees. Raven doesn’t hesitate and smashes the chair over Honky’s back!!! The barbs tear at his sequinned outfit and indeed the skin below and small spots of blood appears as Raven recklessly pulls the chair away before driving the edge of the chair on the back of his neck! Honky’s attempts at crawling away have been foiled. Raven’s eyes are wide with rage!

    Necro: That shot to the head will have rung Honky Tonk Man’s bell like never before!
    I don’t see how he can stop Raven doing what he wants now!

    Jiminy: I think you are crazy for discounting Honky Tonk Man so easily. This is not over! And besides, Greg Valentine helped Raven!

    Raven shoves Honky back into the ring with no care at all. He goes for a cover that seems academic, 1....2.....Honky gets a weak shoulder up.

    The crowd can’t quite believe it but Raven has next to no reaction. He pulls Honky up and instead of whipping him to the ropes or hitting a move to end the match, he begins to pummel Honky with headbutts!! Blood flows steadily now from Honky’s forehead and nose as he starts to wear a crimson mask.
    Raven turns to pick up the bag that he discarded earlier but as he turns Honky suddenly tackles him to the floor. Before he knows it, Raven has been shoved shoulder first into the corner post and that is followed up by a crude belly to back suplex that folds him up.

    Honky goes for a cover, 1....2.....Raven kicks out.

    With a crimson mask forming rapidly, Honky is unimpressed. He picks up Raven’s dropped sack and opens it. When he does, an evil glare transforms into a devious smile.

    He puts the sack back on the mat and goes to collect the barbed wire chair. He places this next to Raven in the middle of the ring.

    He picks Raven up again, locks in a front headlock and goes for it….


    Honky goes for the cover

    Necro: How, HOW did he kick out of that?

    Jiminy: Raven is stupid, I mean, he just doesn’t know when to give up to the better man and save himself from more punishment!

    Honky Tonk slaps the mat and kicks Raven more in frustration than intent. He pauses and then grabs him again. This time he sets up for a Piledriver but stops himself. He drops Raven roughly onto the mat and empties the bag onto the mat by the corner.

    The crowd reaction is amazing as they observe thousands of shards of glass dropped onto the canvas. The crowd tries to get behind Raven here, chanting his name to try and rouse him from his slumber – you can see his back is badly torn by the barbed wire chair.

    Honky drags Raven’s limp body to the corner and over the glass. He begins to climb the turnbuckle and has to drag Raven up with him. Honky Tonk struggles with the extra weight, as he pulls, Raven begins to fight it. Honky meets his weak punches with powerful strikes and a vicious elbow that enable him to be moved into position for a piledriver in this dangerous position.

    Honky tries to lift him up and almost succeeds but Raven manages to take out his legs – Honky crotches himself on the turnbuckle!

    Honky is now in a precarious position, Raven drags him off the turnbuckle with his feet still resting there and signals for it –


    Necro: Another Natural Selection Holy Sh1t Moment – Oh My Godddddd!

    Jiminy: This isn’t a wrestling match – it’s a parking lot brawl… no it’s even worse than that!

    Raven rolls around on the mat, clearly the impact also took a lot out of him – his back looks like a pincushion from all the glass. Honky Tonk is lying face down amongst most of the shards, you can see a few small ones stuck to the sides of his face, he looks completely out of it. Raven somehow drags Honky out of the corner and manages to roll Honky over to drape an arm across him


    Jiminy: How? Why? Just let it be over, please!

    Both men try to stand using the ropes to assist them. Honky’s face is covered with small bits of glass and is streaked with blood. Raven staggers over towards Honky who counters with a kick to the gut. He lashes out again, this time catching him with a sharp knee to Raven’s face.

    The impact stuns him, long enough for Honky to turn, run off the rope and hit another high knee to the face. Raven stumbles away, as he comes back Honky tries to hit Shake, Rattle and Roll again - but Raven blocks it and tries to turn it into a Raven Effect - Honky slips out of it and quickly launches his boot straight between Raven’s legs!

    Raven falls to his knees and Honky backs off to his corner briefly. He returns with his guitar, and holds it high above his head before swinging – BOOM!

    The guitar smashes into pieces across Raven’s head – Raven collapses and lies still on the mat. Honky considers going for a cover, but shakes his head – he slaps the barbed wire chair down in the centre of the ring, hauls Raven up

    Raven is convulsing a bit from the vicious piledriver, but Honky doesn’t even seem to notice as he manages to drape his arm across him for the cover

    It’s finally over – Honky Tonk Man is the Intercontinental Champion!

    Necro: It took a low blow, a shot with a guitar and a piledriver onto a barbed wire chair – but Honky Tonk Man has prevailed in this brutal match.

    Jiminy: I’m over the moon Necro – Honky Tonk Man was expected to take a beating in this match as he isn’t familiar with the Hardcore style – I mean, he did take a beating but he delivered an even more brutal one to Raven! The Hardcore Title is dead, it’s retired!


    The EMTs are down to load Raven onto a stretcher. Honky Tonk is helped to the back as the crowd boo him loudly. The ring is being cleared of all foreign objects as we head to the commentary team before the main event.
    Why I booked it this way: Honky going over fairly strong keeps a nasty heel as champion. Immediately he would go straight into a feud with Greg Valentine after the antics at Natural Selection which would lead to a grudge match at a later PPV. Raven probably moves on into the Rising Star Championship scene, or possibly teams with Tommy Dreamer to deal with Test and Albert.


    Necro: Are you ready to call the last match for Natural Selection Jiminy?

    Jiminy: It is not just the last match for Natural Selection, but the last match in NCW for either Hulk Hogan or Big E Langston.

    Necro: It is ridiculous when you sit here and ponder it. All the abuse, the brutality by the NWO – it matters for nothing and comes down to this one on one match for the NCW Heavyweight Championship.

    Jiminy: Hulk Hogan and the NWO are not in multiple Halls of Fame for no reason Necro – The New Day are a fantastic faction, but it’s clear and evident they come from a different era. They simply have not accounted for the tactics employed by the NWO tonight – and that is going to be the deciding factor.

    Necro: I'm glad you are so confident about Hogan winning - because I have no clue who is going to win this contest. Big E has him matched for power. He has a speed advantage. He’s younger and most importantly he’s hungrier. Hogan is running scared, and that is evident by his actions… I’m not so sure he can hold back the tide. And that’s the magic about NCW – both of the competitors in the main event could easily take the victory!

    Jiminy: Enough with the lovey dovey commentary! Let's get this match started.

    Necro: Well, you heard 'em. Let's take it to the ring, our announcer is ready with the introductions!

    Announcer: The following contest is The Main Event of the evening and it is for the NCW Heavyweight Championship! It is also WINNER TAKE ALL – the loser and their respective faction will leave NCW forever!


    The crowd comes unglued as Big E comes to the stage, looking a little worse for wear after the night’s events – but with a determined and focused look on his face. He is alone, his team-mates having been brutalised previously and sent to the hospital by his opponent and his faction mates earlier tonight. Gone is the earlier enthusiasm and Big E marches straight to the ring and slides in. He shakes the ropes with some nervous energy as the crowd is chanting ‘New Day Rocks’ over and over again.

    Necro: Ladies and gentlemen, It's hard for me to not get emotional here, Big E has had every single obstacle thrown in his way on his quest to face Hulk Hogan but he stands in the ring now, minutes away from facing his nemesis.

    Jiminy: He looks in great shape, all things considered Necro. The loss of his team-mates is bound to be playing on his mind – and you can be DAMN sure Hogan will have his buddies at ringside!

    The entire atmosphere in the arena changes in the blink of an eye as the NWO music blares and the whole building is bathed in the black and white strobe lighting. Hogan takes his time but eventually strums his title out to the top of the ramp, flanked by Nash and Waltman, the latter who is hobbling still from his match earlier that night. The three of them look down at the ring where Big E is staring a hole through the NCW Champion.

    Hogan, Nash and Waltman slowly make their way to the ring as Big E is standing, unmoved in the centre of the ring – never taking his eyes from Hogan. Finally Hulk steps through the ropes, Big E immediately steps towards him but the referee backs him off as Hogan barks orders at the ref to get him back. Nash stands on the apron still, smirking at Big E as he is backed up a few steps, cracking his neck and pounding his fist into his open palm.

    Announcer: Ladies and Gent…

    Necro: What does this guy want?

    Jiminy: Have some respect for the COO Necro!

    JBL’s limo drives out to ringside and blocks the entrance ramp as he gets out to a chorus of boos. He has a mic in hand and starts to speak.

    JBL: Hold on just a moment! There have been a number of nefarious interferences here tonight, directly affecting match outcomes…

    The crowd pops a little bit as Hogan, Nash and Waltman turn in shock!

    JBL: As a result – I have appointed myself the Special Guest Referee for this match! My limo parked across the entrance ramp will also serve as a deterrent to ANYONE in the back who would think it a good idea to interfere here tonight.
    Take a hike Harry, your services are no longer required.

    He enters the ring and looks at Hogan, Nash and Waltman. Then he looks over at Big E as the crowd start chanting for JBL.

    Necro: Of all the people in the back, I did NOT see this man as the person to come down to even the odds!

    Jiminy: I don’t understand it?

    Hogan steps up to face JBL – who is removing his jacket – to show an NWO shirt!!

    Hogan and Layfield shake hands in the ring as the crowd erupts in boos.
    Big E shakes his head in disgust. Nash and Waltman ‘2 Sweet’ each other on the outside as JBL gestures to the ring announcer.

    Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing first the challenger – representing the New Day – BIG EEEEEEEEEE!

    Big E steps up towards Hogan, raising his arms in the air. JBL forcibly shoves him back! Big E seethes as Hogan relaxes against one of the turnbuckles, a smug look on his face.

    Necro: I should have known. Not only have the NWO eliminated two thirds of the New Day, but they’ve gone and bought off the COO of the company who has now inserted himself as the special guest referee!

    Jiminy: I mean, if it wasn’t such high stakes it would be brilliant. It still is – there is nothing the NWO won’t do to remain on top!

    Announcer: And now introducing the champion – he is undefeated since joining NCW – the reigning, defending, undisputed NCW Heavyweight Champion of the World – the leader of the NWO – HUUUUULLLLLLKKKKKK HOOOOOOOGGGGGGAAAAANNNNNN!

    Hogan raises his title before handing it to JBL.

    JBL holds the belt in front of B

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    Welcome to this special show, which will feature a recap of recent events as we preview the much anticipated upcoming GWA Eruption pay-per-view.


    Since new owner Stu Hart took charge, the GWA has been a thriving promotion.

    With a small but talented roster, highlighted by the legendary Lou Thesz as a dominant World Heavyweight Champion, the GWA became one of the leading promotions in the world.

    Despite the presence of many family members on the roster, including his son Bret, GWA owner Stu Hart could never be accused of showing favouritism towards his family – in fact, the opposite was true – The Harts had to work even harder for their opportunities.


    However, like many businesses, the covid-19 pandemic hit the GWA finances.


    With no fans in attendance, revenues fell dramatically, and the situation became so dire that the GWA needed outside investment to survive.

    Luckily for Stu Hart, his trusted right-hand man, and former tag team partner, Lord James Blears, had made connections during a stint in Hollywood and was able to arrange an investment by an unknown “mystery silent partner”.

    Ownership of the GWA was now split 50/50 between Stu Hart and this “mystery silent partner”. This arrangement allowed the GWA to survive, and (initially at least) allowed Stu to retain full control of booking decisions. Lord James Blears would act as a representative for the mystery silent partner in the GWA.

    At first this new arrangement worked well, the investment was used to retain existing staff, and entice new recruits also.

    Exciting new names, such as Batista, The Big Show, Sasha Banks, The Miz and Maryse were all brought on board. However, it was clear that these signings were made without the approval of Stu Hart.

    Even more infuriatingly for Hart, these new signings refused to be booked in matches. They simply hung out in an all-expenses paid corporate box each week, watching the action from afar, laughing and joking, while sipping champagne and eating fine foods. Any attempt to interview them and find out their intentions was refused.

    Stu Hart was becoming increasingly worried about the intentions of his new co-owner. As the pandemic eased, fans had now returned to the arenas and business had improved. Hart wanted to buy his company back, but all offers were refused - Lord James Blears assured Hart that his mystery co-owner had the GWA’s best interests at heart, and that all would soon be revealed.


    The Hollywood Connection, as this group of new signings became known, finally made their presence felt in the ring on a January episode of GWA TV, which featured the semi-finals of a tournament to determine the Number 1 contender for Lou Thesz’ GWA World Heavyweight championship.


    Upon arrival in the GWA, Lou Thesz quickly became the GWA World Heavyweight Champion, and he has held the title ever since. Although perhaps not adored by the fans, Thesz is greatly respected and seen as ‘final boss’ type Champion. His matches are always marquee affairs. A dominant champion, Thesz has defeated all comers, most recently Bret Hart.

    The Hitman pushed Thesz to the limit, further than any other opponent has, but the champion prevailed… just. The Hitman would love another crack at Thesz… can he earn his shot in this #1 contenders tournament, where he has progressed to the semi-finals?

    1st semi-final: Michael ‘P.S’ Hayes vs. Aiden English
    The former Fabulous Freebird, Michael Hayes has been flying solo in the GWA. After a successful tag team career, he is determined to make his mark in the singles ranks and has progressed to the semi-finals of this tournament. In all honesty, this was expected to be a straightforward victory for Hayes.

    His opponent Aiden English has been a perennial lower card attraction, known more for his singing talents than his wrestling prowess. A lucky draw saw English reach the semi-finals by defeating fellow lower-card regular Barry Darsow in a barely-watched quarter-final.

    Michael Hayes would control most of this match-up, and looked to be cruising to his expected victory, until Hollywood Connection members, The Miz and Maryse came to ringside. While Maryse distracted the referee, The Miz would attack Hayes from behind and hit him with the Skull Crushing Finale, before dragging English on top of Hayes.

    The referee turned around and counted the 1-2-3. Our winner… and remarkably, one step away from a shot at Lou Thesz….


    2nd semi-final: Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart vs. Darby Allin
    Bret Hart has never held the GWA World title. He has been close on many occasions but has so far always come up short, including recently against Lou Thesz. Will he get another shot at our upcoming Eruption pay-per-view?

    Darby Allin has had to fight tooth and nail for every opportunity that has come his way in the GWA. His unique character combined with a never-say-die attitude and reckless style, has made him one of the most popular wrestlers in the GWA.

    In this match, between the two most popular wrestlers in the GWA, supporters would be 50/50, perhaps even slightly in Darby’s favour.

    Bret Hart would dominate most of the bout, but Darby Allin displayed all his grit and determination to survive. Following a ref bump, Darby would hit the Coffin Drop from the top rope to a prone Hitman outside on the floor.

    As both men (and the referee) lay recovering, ‘The Animal’ Batista would come to ringside. Batista would drive Darby Allin into the ring steps, then drive him through a table with a Batista bomb.

    Next, Big Dave would turn his focus to ‘The Hitman’ and lay him out with a Batista Bomb onto an exposed concrete floor.

    The referee would recover in time to begin his 10 count…..

    1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10!

    A Double count-out thanks to Batista.

    We have been denied a conclusive finish to this great match. Both men gave it their all. Who would have won?

    As Allin and Hart recover at ringside, Batista poses on the entrance ramp, accompanied by an elaborate fireworks display – who organised that?


    It is only now that it dawns on everyone that as a result of the double count-out, this means that Aiden English will have no opponent in the final.

    By default, Aiden English is our new Number 1 contender!

    Aiden English will face the GWA World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz in the main event of our Eruption pay-per-view!

    While this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Aiden English, it’s clear that the interference of The Hollywood Connection has made a mockery of the #1 contenders tournament.

    Thesz will destroy English, in a main event that no one will pay to see.

    Later that same night, Natalya would defend the GWA Women’s Championship against Maryse of The Hollywood Connection.

    As you might expect, Natalya would dominate this match-up, and just as she appeared to be on her way to victory, Maryse’s Hollywood Connection allies Sasha Banks and The Miz would come to ringside.

    While The Miz distracted the referee, Sasha Banks would grab the GWA women’s title belt and use it to layout Natalya with a vicious shot to the head, before dragging Maryse on top of the fallen Natalya.

    The referee would turn around and count the 1-2-3, meaning that Maryse and the Hollywood Connection had stolen the GWA Women’s Championship.


    As Sasha Banks helps the new champion Maryse to her feet, the other members of The Hollywood Connection come to ringside and congratulate each other on a successful night’s work.

    They have interfered in three huge matches tonight to make a mockery of the GWA World Heavyweight title tournament, and now steal the GWA Women’s World title.

    Just what are the Hollywood Connection up to?

    Social media speculation was rampant as to what was behind these attacks by The Hollywood Connection.

    Things kicked up a notch when it was revealed that the “mystery silent partner” would finally reveal themselves on the next episode of GWA TV.

    The show opened with The Hollywood Connection in the ring, as Lord James Blears came out and proudly introduced the “mystery silent partner”.

    It was none other than......

    David Arquette!?!

    After embracing all the Hollywood Connection members, and thanking Blears for conning Stu Hart, Arquette launched into a scathing promo.
    "You know, wrestling ruined my life. I loved wrestling, but all I’ve received for the last 20 years from you wrestling fans is abuse and hate.

    I get blamed for the demise of WCW.

    My marriage broke up because of you so-called fans.

    The acting jobs dried up.

    Wrestling fans SUCK

    And now, here is Stu Hart with his hand out looking for me to invest in his company. Wrestling needs David Arquette?

    Well let me tell you something, David Arquette does not need wrestling.

    I’m going to burn this company down from the inside and use the TV slot to for my new reality TV show."

    Arquette revealed that the recent signings all had one thing in common – they had been brought in to do his bidding. The Hollywood Connection was here to destroy the GWA.

    Arquette did not want just 50% of the GWA, he wanted the whole company. And when he gets full control he will let the GWA rot and use the TV slot for his own reality TV show.

    The tirade continued...
    "Over the years I’ve met many stars in Hollywood who came from a wrestling background.

    And they all say the same thing – wrestling fans are the dirt worst.

    If a wrestler dares make a name for themselves in another line of work, do you wrestling fans congratulate them and say well done?


    All they get are the “YOU SOLD OUT” chants.

    Just ask Batista, he gets begged every day to “come back” then as soon as he returns, he gets abuse for taking “someone’s spot”.

    Wrestling fans SUCK.

    The Miz has been the hardest worker in this business for 15 years… did he ever get any credit from you fans?


    Wrestling fans SUCK.

    So sorry Stu Hart. This is nothing personal.

    We are here to destroy the GWA as one big F**K YOU to all the wrestling fans out there."

    Arquette lays down a challenge for the Eruption pay-per-view – a three match series between members of The Hollywood Connection and Stu Hart’s hand-picked representatives of Team GWA, with 100% ownership of the GWA at stake.

    If The Hollywood Connection comes out on top, Arquette will leave the GWA to die, and his reality TV show will take it’s TV slot.

    If Team GWA emerges victorious, then Stu Hart will regain 100% ownership of the GWA.

    As we have seen, Maryse had won the GWA women’s title in controversial fashion, with a huge helping hand from Sasha Banks.

    But Maryse would not hold the title for long.

    In an All-Hollywood Connection title match, Maryse would basically lay down and hand the title to Sasha Banks in a farce of a title defence, reminiscent of the notorious ‘Fingerpoke of Doom’ match-up.

    The new Women’s Champion….


    In the following weeks, Sasha Banks would disrespect the Women’s title even further. The new champion would declare the Women’s title worthless and no more than a fashion accessory.

    She would deface the historic women’s title belt, (or in her words “bling up the old relic”), while dodging any title defence that came her way.


    In the eyes of everyone, Banks was not a worthy champion, having won the belt in controversial fashion, and then refusing to defend it in the ring.

    During an in-ring promo from Sasha Banks, in which she again declared the title belt worthless and the GWA women’s division beneath her, colour commentator, and recently retired former champion Beth Phoenix had seen and heard enough.

    The former champion was irate at seeing the title she held many times with such distinction, now being treated as a joke. She would leave her position in the broadcast booth and confront ‘The Boss’ in the ring.

    With the crowd roaring their approval, Beth would hit the Glam Slam on the champion and grab the mic, declaring,
    "I’m back, b*tch"
    The match would be set – at Eruption Sasha Banks will defend the GWA Women’s title against Beth Phoenix, and this match will also be the first of three Hollywood Connection versus Team GWA matches.


    Meanwhile, Michael Hayes would seek revenge against The Miz for costing him a potential World title opportunity with his interference in Hayes’ semi-final.

    Could Hayes versus Miz be match number 2 in the Hollywood Connection versus Team GWA series?

    Hayes would attack The Miz backstage, but before Hayes can inflict any damage, The Big Show emerges and the Show Miz duo lay waste to Hayes.

    The pattern continues week after week, with Hayes getting beat up due to the numbers game.

    In the biggest insult, Show Miz are again attacking Hayes in the ring when they are joined by David Arquette. Arquette heads to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash on Hayes.

    This would turn out to be the final straw for Hayes.

    The next week, David Arquette is in the ring, and calls out The Miz and The Big Show for a special announcement.

    A table is set up in the centre of the ring, with a blanket covering three items.

    Arquette continued:
    "We worked so well as a trio last week in demolishing Hayes, that it gave me an idea.

    Miz, Big Show, I am proud to announce, for the first time ever, the GWA will have a Trio’s Championship.

    And, I am even prouder to announce that the first ever GWA Trio’s Champions are….

    The Miz, The Big Show and me, David Arquette!"

    As the trio hug and congratulate each other on their so-called “historic achievement”, Michael Hayes comes out onto the entrance ramp.

    He says that he has tried to go it alone here in the GWA, but sometimes a Freebird needs a Buddy and some Bam Bam.

    The crowd lift the roof of the arena as Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts emerge and stand alongside Hayes.

    Hayes vows that the Hollywood Connection have started a war that they are not capable of finishing.

    The Fabulous Freebirds hit the ring and a brawl ensues before the Hollywood Connection retreat to the back.

    Badstreet USA plays as the crowd erupts once again.

    The match is set for Eruption. The Fabulous Freebirds will challenge team of The Miz, The Big Show and David Arquette, in match 2 of the Hollywood Connection versus Team GWA series. This match will also be for the newly minted GWA World Trio’s title.


    After Batista had interfered in his match with Bret Hart, causing the double-count and costing both men their shot at Lou Thesz, Darby Allin would head to the ring the following week and call out Batista.

    As the crowd roared their approval, Darby would vow revenge on Batista for costing him his shot at Lou Thesz and the GWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Darby declared that he wanted to represent Team GWA at Eruption, and face Batista in the final match of the series against the Hollywood Connection.

    However, Bret Hart would emerge and demand that he be the one to face Batista at Eruption.

    A stand-off ensued between the two men, just who would face Batista at Eruption?

    Stu Hart had a decision to make.

    The next week, Stu Hart would make the big announcement.

    It had been a tough decision, as Darby Allin is one of the greatest young wrestlers in the world today, but with the future of the GWA on the line, Stu needed to go with the proven veteran, his son, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

    The decision split fans down the middle, with many feeling Darby had been passed over once again, but at the same time, the whole world was looking forward to a Bret Hart versus Batista dream match.
    Bret Hart would come out and vow to protect his father’s company and have his own revenge on Batista at the same time.

    Bret would lament that there is no honour or respect in wrestling anymore, and that he would beat respect into Batista.

    In the following weeks, Batista would up the ante. He felt that Bret Hart was a symbol of all that is wrong with wrestling – a wrestling-lifer who takes it too seriously.

    So, Batista decided to destroy a symbol of all that was wrong with wrestling. He took a road trip (in a stretch limousine) to Calgary, home of the Harts, and demolished a Bret Hart statue which was a well-known and popular local attraction, and something Bret Hart was intensely proud of.

    Batista laughed at the notion that he had no honour. He said he would be honoured to bring the curtain down on the GWA, and honoured to beat the living hell out of Bret Hart at Eruption.

    Batista would assure ‘The Hitman’ that he would get him plenty work as ‘an extra’ in Hollywood once the GWA went to the wall.

    An irate Hitman tried to get his hands on Batista every week, but time and again, the Hollywood Connection were on hand to do Batista’s dirty work while he laughed at ‘The Hitman’ from his corporate box.

    In the end, it was decided that their match at Eruption would take place inside a Steel Cage, in order to keep the Hollywood Connection out.

    Bret Hart vowed to make Batista pay at Eruption, but have Batista’s mind games taken the normally cool and collected Hart out of his comfort zone?

    A Steel Cage would seem to favour ‘The Animal’ more.

    We will find out at Eruption, as these two legends go head-to-head in the potentially decisive final match of the Hollywood Connection versus Team GWA series.


    With the spot opposite Batista now set, this left Darby Allin without an opponent at Eruption.

    Stu Hart explained that at this late stage there was no spot left on the main card for Darby. Stu apologised to Darby and explained that he had been too busy dealing with David Arquette and the Hollywood Connection, and that Darby’s future had "fallen through the cracks".

    Stu promised that things would improve for Darby after Eruption, once the future of the GWA was secured. Stu said that all was not lost, that he had found an opponent for Darby Allin at Eruption.

    Darby Allin would face Barry Darsow, on the Eruption pre-show.

    Stuck on the pre-show, in a match with no build, a frustrated Darby Allin said that he has dealt with a lifetime of being knocked down and being overlooked, but he vowed to make the best of a bad situation, and that his match with Darsow would steal the show at Eruption, and once again, show Stu Hart and the GWA fans that he deserved better.


    Elsewhere, an appearance by Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart on ‘The Waiting Room with Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. would kick start two storylines leading to the Eruption PPV.


    Britt would ask the Anvil for his thoughts on The Hart Foundation being ranked #6 on the PWI’s top 50 tag teams of all time list – he must be very proud?

    Before the The Anvil could even answer, Britt cut him off and answered for him.
    "Of course, the whole world knows that Bret Hart carried that tag team.

    I’m not sure that you deserve any recognition to be honest Jim. You don’t mind if I call you Jim, do you Jim?

    I mean look at your career paths since the team disbanded – Bret has been a World Champion all over the world, except in the GWA of course.

    As for you, what have you done?


    I think it’s fair to say that you were riding The Hitman’s coat tails."

    It was clear that there was an element of truth in Britt’s words and they have hit a nerve.

    The Anvil vowed that he would look to prove himself in the coming weeks.

    After The Anvil had left The Waiting Room set, Baker would remark that his daughter Natalya was just as devoid of talent as her father.

    The following week Natalya would confront Baker and demand an apology. At first Britt apologised profusely and said that her comments last week were out-of-order. But it was all a ruse.

    As soon as Natalya turned her back, The Doctor would attack her with a vicious assault. Post attack, as Natalya lay on the ground, Britt would grab the mic and launch into a tirade.

    First, Britt laughed that Natalya had lost the women’s title to a non-wrestler, in Maryse, a model.
    "And now your grandfather Stu has chosen Beth Phoenix to represent the GWA, instead of you.

    Not that I blame him of course, you let that women’s title slip into the hands of the Hollywood Connection, I can’t blame Stu for not trusting you.

    You’ve always been a failure Natalya, just like your old man, coasting by on the Hart name, getting opportunity after opportunity while more talented people like me sit in the back waiting our turn."

    A match would later be set for Eruption, Natalya would have her chance to make Britt Baker eat her words.

    Meanwhile, in order to show her love for the Hart family, Natalya announced that she was proud to once again add the ‘Neidhart’ name to her ring name, having dropped it during her WWE run.


    Funaki is backstage interviewing the GWA World Tag Team Champions, Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon – The Can-Am Express.

    Funaki laughs that the champs are not even ranked on the PWI poll of the 50 greatest tag teams of all time.

    Doug Furnas calls the PWI list a joke, and says that it is an outrage that they are not Number 1. He claims that they are THE greatest tag team in the world today. They are the GWA tag team champions, but they get no respect.

    Turning his attention to Funaki, Furnas adds that instead of respect, they get a joke, former wrestler asking them stupid questions.

    Phil Lafon claims that the duo are loved and respected in Japan. But western fans don’t appreciate talent.
    "It’s an outrage that when GWA fans think of Japanese wrestling, they think of the likes of YOU, Funaki.

    A joke. It’s an embarrassment that you represent Japanese wrestling on these shores."

    With that, Furnas and LaFon would attack Funaki, sending him through a backstage table, all the time shouting about respect.

    Funaki would look to gain some revenge, but needed a tag-team partner to even the odds.

    Luckily for Funaki, Jim Neidhart had a point to prove following the cutting words of Britt Baker.

    The Anvil wanted to prove that he could achieve success without Bret Hart at his side, and saw this opportunity to team with Funaki and go after the tag-team titles.

    The unlikely duo of Funaki and The Anvil would team up to face the tag team champions at Eruption.

    Could a shock be on the cards, or would The Can-Am Express get the respect they crave?


    Having won the number 1 contenders tournament, Aiden English had “earned” the biggest opportunity of his career.

    Could this lower card wrestler defy the odds, and shock the world by defeating Lou Thesz and become the GWA World Heavyweight Champion?

    The odds lengthened when English struggled to beat Barry Darsow in a tune-up match.

    At a contract signing for the match, which would headline Eruption, Thesz said that while he respected English, let there be no doubt that would beat English in record time at Eruption.

    It was hard to disagree with the champion.

    The whole world could see he is levels above Aiden English.

    Will Eruption end in a damp squib with a squash match for the GWA World Heavyweight title?


    GWA Eruption
    (live on pay-per-view)

    GWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Lou Thesz (C) - vs - Aiden English

    Steel Cage Match
    Batista - vs - Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

    GWA World Trio’s Championship
    The Miz, The Big Show & David Arquette (C) - vs - The Fabulous Freebirds

    GWA Women’s World Championship
    Sasha Banks (C) - vs - Beth Phoenix

    GWA World Tag Team Championship
    Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon (C) - vs - Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart & Funaki

    Grudge Match
    Natalya Neidhart - vs - Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

    Bonus pre-show Match
    Darby Allin - vs - Barry Darsow
    (live on YouTube)

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    (graphic courtesy of Deadlie)

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen to your preview show for this year's wrestling extravaganza, Grapplemania. We want all our viewers to know that Grapplemania is coming to you this week on the Boards PW network (call your operator for price details). To give a rundown on everything that is happening, here is your host for tonight, our general manager...Jesse 'The Body' Ventura!


    Ventura: Welcome one and all to my new show, The Wrestling World According to Jesse. I come to you live from my silo in the Baja peninsula where I have several bottles of potable water and a whole bunch of guns.

    I'm sure like me you have a lot of questions: will global warming continue to be a danger to us, are we likely to see another economic crash, and was the coronavirus sent here by an extraterrestrial race to test us (yes). But as well as all that, you want to know what's in store on our PPV this year. Well, let me break it down for you...
    Grapplemania 2021

    World Heavyweight Title


    Ventura: I may not like the way Ricky Steamboat always plays by the rules and does the right thing, but I have to concede it gets results.

    Putting aside the disappointment of missing out on the IC Title last year, Steamboat worked harder than ever before, and won the vacant World Championship by winning a hard-fought match against a man I know well, Superstar Billy Graham.

    Steamboat is such a goody two shoes that he has revived the drug treatment rehab facility that he ran back in 2017, when he faced Kurt Angle at Grapplemania. Steamboat has since tried to help those on the roster with problems, such as Billy Graham, Charlie Haas, Kerry Von Erich, and the man he will face for the title at this year's Grapplemania...Jeff Hardy.

    The number one contender for the World Championship


    Ventura: In a battle royal to determine the number one contender for Steamboat's World Championship, Jeff Hardy - who had entered at number one - would find himself left with the daunting task of facing the final entrant, Brock Lesnar.

    The fresh Lesnar seemed to have it in the bag, but 'Iron' Mike Tyson had other ideas. Tyson had been calling for a box office bout with Brock for weeks, but his taunts were met with silence. Tyson decided to take the matter into his own hands, emerging from the crowd and grabbing a hold of Brock's arm as security tried to restrain him. Sensing his chance, Hardy from behind toppled Lesnar over the ropes and in doing so became the new number one contender. A melee on the outside would break out as security tried to separate Tyson and the enraged Lesnar.

    Now Jeff Hardy will have to face the man who has been helping him face his own personal demons the last few months. A man he says he considers a friend, his inspiration and mentor: Ricky Steamboat.

    Tag Team Championship


    Ventura: On last year's Grapplemania, the undefeated Steiner Bros. beat the APA in a bout that was billed as the most physical one ever in the company.

    But now, an even bigger challenge has emerged. The Road Warriors, often seen as the best tag team in Monday Night Grappling history, have returned and earned the right to face Scott and Rick in a match that promises to be an all out war.

    Who will cement themselves as the most legendary team?

    The Women's Championship


    Ventura: Monday Night Grappling has been without a Women's Champion for several years but, unlike my movie and political career, the title has been revived - and the two women that have earned the right to become the new champion are Toni Storm and Mickie James.

    The fan favourite Storm has spoken before that facing James would be a personal honour, but James has expressed resentment at being spoken of like she is washed up, and that her best days are behind her. She intends to show the young Storm that she has plenty of fight left in her.

    Which woman will take home the gold?

    A partnership comes to a close


    Ventura: These four proud Americans were once great friends, but in their battle for the tag team titles, the friendship of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin and Kerry and Kevin Von Erich descended into one of the promotion's most bitter feuds.

    With rumours in the media of an illegal substance being found in the car of the four men by police when driving to a show, neither side would initially blame the other. I got no time for drugs. As I said to my teenage nephew once, "I ain't got time for Weed!' As General Manger, I issued both sides with a suspension, ruling them out of competing for the championship belts. Both teams subsequently labelled accusations that the other was to blame, and fights became a regular occurrence at every show. Attempts by Ricky Steamboat to broker a truce failed.

    I have therefore decided to put an end to this at Grapplemania. Whichever team loses must break up for good, and will be barred from ever having a tag title shot ever again.

    Intercontinental Championship


    Ventura: Once a fan favourite for his Matches with Big Daddy Brexit in years gone by, Finlay turned on the fans and became increasingly ruthless as he clung on to his beloved IC Title in the face of one of his greatest challengers.

    The tough as nails Katsuyori Shibata arrived in Monday Night Grappling and became the number one contender for Finlay's belt, declaring it would be an honour to face a legend like Finlay; but the Irishman rebuffed him, and even tried to suggest Shibata should not have been medically cleared by doctors following the injury that forced him to retire years ago. Shibata has proved he is fit to compete and will have his friend and partner Hirooki Goto in his corner. The final company signing, Molly Holly, arrived too late to be in the women's title picture, but she has jumped at the chance to be in the corner of the man who helped train her.

    Which of these men will be Intercontinental Champion when the night is over?

    The United States Championship


    Ventura: I warned him. I warned him time and time again. But Billy wouldn't leave it alone.

    Blaming me for not giving him an automatic rematch with Steamboat for the World Title, Superstar Billy Graham went on a winning run in the company and acquired the United States Championship, defeating Eddie Gilbert. That didn't stop the Superstar running his mouth on me every chance he's had. I could take it no more and so I have challenged him to a match at Grapplemania, with the title on the line! As honoured as I am to be General Manager, as a patriot and former Navy Seal I have to win the belt away from the big mouth!

    It will be The Body vs The Superstar on the grandest stage of all. I modelled much of my career on Billy Graham, but at Grapplemania I will defeat him and take his championship. I will then resign from my position as General Manager.
    Ventura: Well, that about wraps things up and...

    A voice breaks in: 'NOT SO FAST.'

    (The camera shows Paul Heyman, live via Zoom, and as the camera pans down we see his knee in a brace)

    Paul Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is...Paul...Heyman...and I am the one, behind the one, in Monday Night Grappling's pick number one: The Beast. The Conqueror. Brrrrrooooocccckkkkkkk...Leeeeeesssssnaarrrrrrrrr.

    Jesse, if you do end up winning the US Title and have to leave your GM role I would like to throw my hat in the ring to replace you, sir. For while you have done a so-so job at explaining the bulk of the card, you have only barely touched upon the biggest, most spectacular, most jaw-dropping main even in the history of combat sports: 'Iron' Mike Tyson vs 'The Beast' Brock Lesnar in what will be a 5 round, mixed martial arts contest.

    While the boxing and MMA commissions have expressed concern about this bout, it is one the fans want to see. And it is a fight they will get. There will be a referee but his job will be to either count a pin, acknowledge a submission, or confirm a knockout. Weapons are forbidden - but these men are themselves weapons. This will truly be a fight for the ages.

    Now let us remind ourselves how this feud began, and why my knee is in a brace...
    Week 1

    We are reminded of Tyson's promo upon signing with the company:

    "I’m the best ever. I’m the most brutal, vicious, and most ruthless champion there’s ever been. There’s no one can stop me! Lesnar is a conqueror? No. I’m Alexander. He’s no Alexander. I’m the best ever. There’s never been anybody as ruthless. I’m Sonny Liston. I’m Jack Dempsey. There’s no one like me. I’m from their cloth. There’s no one that can match me. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable. And I’m just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat his children! Praise be to Allah!”

    Week 2

    We see Lesnar standing in the ring. As Heyman prepares to speak, 'we want Tyson' chants break out. Lesnar doesn't react at first but then begins to smirk.

    Heyman: The man who you chant for has a history of biting off things he shouldn't, but anyone foolish enough to challenge Brock Lesnar is truly biting off more than he can chew. So Mike Tyson...I know you're at home in Nevada tonight. Remember, this: Monday Night Grappling belongs to Brock Lesnar. So stay safe at home because otherwise you'll find yourself in Suplex City, bitch!

    Week 3

    Tyson is on the show this week, flanked by his entourage, with Lesnar the one at home. Tyson calls out Paul Heyman and says he just wants to talk.

    Heyman emerges sheepishly, but Mike tells him it's okay. Heyman, though, is afraid to enter the ring.

    Tyson: Just come to the ring, Paul. I got my entourage with me. You're safe, I promise. You're not the one I'm after. Just come to the ring apron at least. I want to tell you something important.

    Heyman, after milking it for a while, eventually reaches the ring apron.

    Tyson: I just wanted to tell you this -

    Tyson then clocks Heyman with a right that sends him sprawling to the floor, twisting his leg on the way down.

    Tyson: Don't you ever call me a bitch again, mutha****a! Hey, Lesnar! Hey Conqueror! I just knocked out your boy, Brock! What are you going to do about it? Your children won't have a daddy when I'm done with you, you p*ssy!

    Week 4

    This is the night referenced above where the number one contender spot for the World Title was to be decided.

    Tyson was supposed to be banned for his actions the week previously, but he emerged from the crowd and cost Brock his shot at Grapplemania, sparking a wild melee. 'Tyson and Lesnar!' 'Tyson and Lesnar!' screamed the announcer as the dozens of security barely kept them apart.

    Go-home show

    This was billed as the night where Brock would answer Tyson's challenge. At the end of the night Brock came out alone, since Heyman was still injured:

    Lesnar: Tyson, you know this already because I've instructed my lawyers to send you out the contract. But I'm going to make it official: the match is on.

    You cost me my title shot, you injured my best friend, but the comments you made about my kids, that's what signed your death warrant.

    You've never faced someone like me, Mike. Because there is no one like me. At Grapplemania, you ain't heading to Suplex City. That's where I send guys when it's just business. But this? This is personal. You're going somewhere you're never coming back from. You're going to hell. And when you get there, you'll be glad. Because Satan ain't got sh*t on Brock F*cking Lesnar.

    Brock slams the mic down as the commentators ponder if this feud may just have gone way, way too far.

    Full card for Grapplemania 2021:

    Main Event - 5 round MMA Contest
    'Iron' Mike Tyson vs 'The Beast' Brock Lesnar

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat (c) vs Jeff Hardy

    World Tag Team Championships
    The Steiner Brothers (c) vs The Road Warriors

    Vacant Women's Championship
    Toni Storm vs Mickie James

    Losing tag team must disband permanently
    World's Greatest Tag Team vs The Von Erichs

    Intercontinental Championship
    Finlay (c) w/Molly Holly vs Katsuyori Shibata w/ Hirooki Goto

    United States Championship (if Ventura wins he must resign as GM)
    'Superstar' Billy Graham vs Jesse 'The Body' Ventura we'll have an appearance from the debuting Strike Force.

    We sign off with our official song for this year:

    Thanks for reading.

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    Pauliemania IV Build-up Show


    Welcome live to Radio City Music Hall for our preview show for our preview show for Pauliemania IV which will take place on Sunday March 7th live on Pay Per View.

    Our announcer Tony Chimel welcomes owner Paulie and General Manager, John Laurinitis to the stage where a number of title belts sit on the tables behind them.


    Paulie: “After a 2 years hiatus, we’re back baby. Last year, we hit rock bottom financially and a flipping flu ruined our company. Over the last few months, I’ve secured funding from one of the nicest guys in business, Denis O’Brien. Wow, what a top guy, honest guy, great integrity. He’s given us the dosh to go after any superstar we want, hire any stadium we want and put on any match we want. My first order of business was to hire a general manager to run this ship, I got the number 1 guy in the business. Mr People Power himself, John Lauinitis.”

    Johnny: “Thanks for the kind words Paulie, Over the past few weeks we’ve signed some of the hottest free agents in Pro Wrestling and put on some unbelievable shows to that has lead to some mouth watering matches been made for Pauliemania IV.”

    Paulie: “Why don’t you talk us through them Johnny”

    Johnny: “Okay we’ve six matches which will see the following wrestlers go one on one, Randy Orton will square off against Diamond Dallas Page.”

    Paulie: “Wow, RKO vs Diamond Cutter, that’s gonna be good one.”

    Johnny: “Next we have Mark Henry v Yokozuna.”

    Paulie: “The World’s Strongest Man v The Immovable Object, certainly can’t for that one.”

    Johnny: “Next we have an old-style British brawl, Nigel McGuinness v Drew McIntyre.”

    Paulie: “That will be a hell of a fight.”

    Johnny: “The other 3 matches are Chris Jericho v D’Lo Brown, Booker T faces Otis and Ron Simmons takes on Damien Sandow.”

    Paulie: “Some interesting pairings there Johnny, but while these guys know who they’re facing they don’t know what exactly is on the line.”

    Paulie and Johnny walk over to the vacant PCW World Championship belt.

    Johnny: “I’m delighted to announce that the winner of the six singles matches will go to the Main Event of Pauliemania IV and step inside the Elimination Chamber where the winner the take home the most coveted prize in the business.”


    Paulie: “That’s why I paid the big bucks for you Johnny and not only that, we’ve created a new championship for the guys who come up short in them matches, It’s called the PCW Global Championship which will hang high above the ring in a Ladder Match.”


    Johnny: It’s really exciting, now we have to talk about the ladies on the roster, we’ve signed arguably 5 of the best women ever in this business and they’re going to face off at Pauliemania IV in a Gauntlet Match so we have Jacqueline, OBD, Bianca Belair, Asuka and Charlotte Flair facing off for the vacant PCW Women’s World Championship.”

    Paulie: “This is shaping up to be one of the all-time great shows and we still have one last championship match to announce.”

    Johnny: “That’s correct. It’s a once in a lifetime match where the Street Profits will face the returning, Harlem Heat for the vacant PCW Tag Team Championships.”

    Paulie: “Booker T is going to work 3 times in one night but he’s in the best shape of this life and we can’t wait to see him back in action. Now onto our final announcement. We’ll be holding Pauliemania IV live from a sold out Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland.”

    A video package now airs showing the previous weeks before the PPV.



    We see old footage of DDP using the Diamond Cutter finisher before the video cuts to Randy Orton hitting the RKO on numerous opponents over the years. Things got heated on DDPs appearance on a podcast where he claims Orton never sought his permission to use the move, Orton responded on Twitter saying he didn’t need anyone’s blessing and doesn’t care about having anyone’s respect. The two came face to face on a recent edition of Dynamite, where Orton claimed he didn’t need the RKO to beat Page leading to both agreeing that their finishers would be banned. Orton hit DDP as he went to leave the ring and lines up the Punt but DDP rolls out of the ring before he connects. Orton smirks as DDP walks back up the ramp.



    Mark Henry cuts a promo on Dynamite, saying I’m the World’s Strongest Man nobody has the guts to face me at Pauliemania. Yokozuna music hits, Mark Henry is stunned, Yokozuna steps in the ring, both men lock up but Yokozuna gets the better of the exchange leave Mark Henry flat on his backside. Yokozuna points to the Pauliemania sign then stares back at Henry. Mark nods his head and the match is later made official by GM, John Laurinitis.



    D’LO Brown makes a triumphant return to the ring and picks up victories against Damian Sandow and Tucker on editions of Dynamite. He cuts a promo says he feels as good as ever and that he’s ready for a big match at Pauliemania. He’s attacked from behind by Jericho. Y2J comes out the following week to explain his actions, He states he never forgets D’LO defeating him in one of first matches and laughing backstage with the guys. D’LO’s music hits, he says he was no problem giving Jericho a rematch at Pauliemania. Jericho accepts and the bout is confirmed.



    Drew McIntyre arrives in PCW after being the top dog in WWE for over a year. He brags about been the first ever British born World Champion. Nigel McGuinness interrupts him, Nigel says only because you were chosen to be in the that position was the reason for being the first British born champion and that he and many before weren’t afforded the same opportunity. He challenges Drew to a match at Pauliemania, McIntyre just laughs. McGuinness hits a Cross Chop on Drew before delivering a Powerslam. As McGuinness is walking back up the ramp, McIntrye grabs a mic and shouts, I ACCEPT.



    This bout came about after Damien Sandow mocked Ron Simmons for even still being an active wrestler at his age, Simmons countered stating that he has achieved loads more than Sandow could ever dream about accomplishing and that he still got what it takes. Sandow furiously assaults Simmons from behind leaving him to be taken to a local medical facility. We’re shown clips of Ron’s family pleading with him to retire and leave it be. However, Simmons ignores their pleas and returns to Carnage the week before Pauliemania, leading to an all-out brawl between him and Sandow that has to be broke up by officials. Johnny Ace confirms that this match will be No Holds Barred.



    Otis comes up short in big matches all throughout his career leading Booker T to call him out on his podcast saying he is more interested in goofing around than be taken seriously as a competitor. This leads to Otis disappearing from our screens for a couple of weeks. Tucker calls out Booker for his harsh words. Booker comes out and says he likes Otis but felt he needed to say something before Otis wasted his talent. Otis music hits, he says he thought about the words Booker said and he agrees. Tucker blasts Booker from behind and is doubled teamed by both Otis and Tucker. Stevie Ray makes the save. The following week Otis challenges Booker to a 1 on 1 match at Pauliemania which Booker accepts. That night on Carnage, Harlem Heat reunite to face Otis and Tucker. As the match draws to a close, The Street Profits head to ringside, the crowd goes electric. Otis and Tucker steal the win while Harlem Heat are distracted. Street Profits stand in the ring looking face to face with Harlem Heat, look to the Pauliemania sign and nod to each other. Ace confirms afterwards the teams will face one another for the tag titles.



    Johnny announces this match on an episode of Carnage 2 weeks before Pauliemania. The 5 ladies have spent the past number of weeks trying to prove who the best is. Charlotte says she has the pedigree, Asuka says she is the best currently, Belair says she’s the future, Jacqueline says she’s the dangerous one while ODB says she’s the wildcard. The women draws lots in the ring for the gauntlet match to determine their order of entry. None are forthcoming with what they drew, all 5 womens share a glance with the vacant belt before leaving the ring.

    Pauliemania IV will air soon

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    BCW Year in Review/ Ultimate Chaos VIII Preview
    A year has passed since the finale of Ultimate Chaos VII, what a difference a year makes. Drake Maverick has been hired as the General Manager of BCW and Bobby Heenan, the self proclaimed best manager in the business, has been spotted scouting talent.


    Last year’s headline PPV ended with Ric Flair retaining his BCW Heavyweight Championship by beating Adam Cole. While Flair ended the PPV retaining his title, he was also staring down at the future challenge of the dominant WALTER! The Austrian Giant had already dismantled the Dynamite King, as well as Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, he had now set his sights on finishing the Four Horsemen once and for all by ending the reign of Ric Flair. The landscape of BCW would soon change dramatically....

    3 months from last year, WALTER became champion. He dethroned Ric Flair to solidify his name in history as BCW Heavyweight Champion. Still undefeated and never pinned, WALTER took on all comers and he made quick work of each challenge.

    Then, 3 months on from his title win…...a new challenger appears!

    The ever positive John Cena joined BCW and sets his sights on the Heavyweight Championship. He tells the welcoming crowd that he is officially challenging WALTER, noting he’s defeated bigger men than the Austrian Champion and that he’s got the people of America behind him.

    WALTER responds by accepting the challenge of the “great American hero”, but tells Cena that this isn't about America versus Austria …… it’s about Cena facing a challenge he can’t possibly overcome. WALTER says he respects Cena and that he admires his never say die attitude. He says he respects Cena for his accomplishments but despite his insistence in creating an us vs them mentality with the American fans, he warns Cena that he is like no challenge he has faced before and he will break Cena.

    Cena v WALTER.

    The big match goes down in Boston, close to Cena’s hometown. Cena making an all-American entrance, waving Old Glory around to hometown welcome. But as soon as the bell rings, reality hits Cena in the form of a massive elbow from the reigning Champion. WALTER follows up with a big running boot to the mush of Cena. John is flattened and his nose has open. Cena and the crowd are stunned, as blood pours profusely from the nostrils of the challenger. Cena struggles to a vertical base only to be scooped off his feet by WALTER. The Austrian then finishes Cena, with shades of Bane vs Batman, WALTER drives Cena spine first across his knee.

    Commentator : He broke Cena in two, I can’t believe what I'm seeing!!!

    WALTER pins Cena in under 4 minutes and the crowd are stunning. Cena is motionless as he receives medical attention before being stretched from the blood soaked ring. WALTER is respectful in victory, speaking of his admiration of Cena, but claims Cena’s time is up and his time is now.

    Cena is diagnosed with 2 broken vertebrae which keep him out for a reported 5 months. time, but remains defiant that he will be back to conquer WALTER. Time passes and WALTER remains dominant, beating all comers decisively. 3 months later is the annual Chaos Rumble and to the surprise of the fans in attendance, Cena returns 2 months ahead of schedule. He appears to be back to his best and outlasts everyone else to miraculously win the match and become number one contender.

    Its not long before Cena and WALTER come face to face and the build up is all about Cenas confidence in taking down WALTER. Many wrestling journalists predict that even if Cena can improve upon his performance last time out, that he will fall short of beating the seemingly invincible Austrian. Cena appears fired up and confident that he will do “anything and everything” to find a way to beat WALTER and become BCW Heavyweight Champion. When asked by a reporter about his chances after last time, Cena responses "NEVER GIVE UP!."

    But the story takes an unexpected twist as BCW cameras capture Bobby Heenan entering WALTERS dressing room and rumours begin to fly….has WALTER joined forces with The Brain? Heenan has been scouting talent and now with footage of him entering the dressing room of the champion, speculation was rife that Heenan had found his man.

    Cena is unimpressed and calls out WALTER. He tells the champion that he expected more from him and he believes he has sold out by acquiring the services of a known crook. Cena vents his disgust and he says that Heenan or no Heenan, WALTER is going down.

    WALTER denies that he is in cahoots with Heenan and says he does not need him. He will beat Cena once more and doesn't need any help.

    The rumour intensifies when Heenan speaks on the eve of the rematch, announcing that he has come to terms with the “biggest star” in BCW.

    Cena comments that he believes WALTER has joined Heenan and vents his anger at his Heenans involvement. But again he says he will ignore this sideshow and focus at beating WALTER.

    Cena v WALTER II

    The match goes down at Ernst-Happel-Stadion in Austria in front of a record setting 70,000 plus fans, who are obviously Pro WALTER. This match is much more evenly matched than their first encounter. Cena employs some tactics that would usually be unlike him, such as attacking WALTER before the bell, refusing to break holds after a 5 count and cheating when the ref isn't aware. It's clear Cena has an edgier attitude and appears to be doing “anything and everything” to win, just like he proclaimed.

    After a brutal back and forth match, the finish comes when Cena finally hits his finisher. However, he gets a very tight two count and is in so much disbelief that he pushes the ref to the outside. Cena picks WALTER up again but the champion and challenger both connect with dueling clotheslines knocking down hard. With Cena, WALTER and the referee down, …...Bobby Heenan appears.
    Commentator : It's Bobby Heenan……. BUT WHO’S SIDE IS HE ON!

    Heenan rolls into the ring and begins helping a dazed WALTER to his feet!

    Commentator : He’s with WALTER….I knew it all along! That sneaky Austrian.

    Cena slowly climbs to his feet and sees Heenan assisting WALTER. But suddenly, Heenan tosses a brass knucks to Cena and the challenger wastes no time in sliding the weapon to his fits and nailing WALTER between the eyes.

    Heenan rolls to the outside and grabs a steel chair, sliding it into Cena who whollops WALTER repeatedly. Heenan revives the referee and rolls him back inside as Cena covers the champion….. 1…..2…….3!

    Cena and Heenan embrace and waste no time in getting out of dodge as the European fans revolt. Cena nd Heenan have robbed WALTER.

    The next night, also in Austria, Cena appears flanked by Bobby Heenan. Cena addresses the crowd:

    Cena : I told everyone that I would do “anything and everything” to win and you can boo me all you want, but the fact is I am willing to go the extra yard, the extra mile, to do whatever it takes to win and if you don’t like it, it doesn't matter because …...THE CHAMP IS HERE!

    The fans feel betrayed by Cena, but the champ looks unmoved.

    Cena : The world knows me, they know what Im about and my star is still rising. I'm Hollywood now....... Big stars likes me stay on top....we don't lose. I had to win, I had to maintain my reputation as a champion and as a winner. My mantra has always been "HUSTLE, LOYALITY RESPECT", well I proved last night I can still hustle, and I hustled the shizit out of WALTER and everyone around the world.

    Heenan tells everyone that he signed the biggest star in BCW and because of his managerial prowess, Cena is the BCW Heavyweight Champion. He then claims he has a big surprise for Cena later on that he will surely appreciate.

    But before he can reveal his surprise, the music of WALTER plays and out comes the former champion to a huge hometown pop. He marches to the ring and Cena gets ready for a fight as Heenan bails. Cena goes to attack but WALTER nails him with a big boot. Cena is knocked on his backside, as WALTER stalks him while the fans call for Cena’s head. Suddenly 4 men jump the barricade.

    Commentator : What the hell? Who are these 4 men?

    The four men are Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, Santana and Ortiz. Cena squirms to the outside while WALTER is surrounded by these 4 individuals. All four men attack and despite his best efforts to fight them off, WALTER is pummeled to the floor. Each man hits their finisher before Heenan orders them to drag the giant up for Cena. Ricky Starks assembles four steel chairs, as Cena then sets WALTER on his shoulders. Cena hits his Attitude Adjustment finisher through the four steel chairs and all 6 men (Cena, Cage, Starks, P&P and Heenan) stand tall over the broken body of WALTER.

    WALTER gets taken to hospital in Austria as Cena and co fly home to the USA. The next week it is revealed WALTER is badly injured and despite warnings he is hellbent on traveling to the US to seek revenge. But luckily for John Cena…….. the Covid 19 pandemic hits and lockdown begins, keeping flights to and from the US grounded and more importantly, keeping WALTER in Austria. The show continues in the US, with Heenan out alone to explain what happened last week.

    Heenan : John Cena is not only the biggest client I have ever had, but he is the biggest star in the history of pro wrestling. Not only is he the greatest wrestler ever with a plethora of accolades, but he is now a Hollywood mega star. He is no longer John Cena, he is Hollywood John Cena.

    Cena enters and he is decked out in an expensive shirt, ridiculously expensive bling and looks every bit the star Heenan claims he is. He is flanked by his new associates. Heenan introduces them one by one.

    Heenan : John, everyone is asking who these men are. Allow me to bring some clarity, I brought these guys in..... for you. Being the big star you are, you needed the best managerial services money can buy. You were willing to do whatever it took to be the best, and so you hired the best. WALTER and these fans can spin things whatever way they want, bottom line is you were smart enough to hire me and the result of last week's title match read “and NEW BCW Heavyweight Champion, Hollywood John Cena.

    Cena raises the title above his head as the fans voice their disapproval.

    Heenan :Now it's my job to ensure you stay where you belong. Being the star you are, you need security. You need someone to keep crazed fans and stalkers from your personal space, you need someone to watch your back. Every star who has won an oscar has their own bodyguard and now you do too. Introducing your own personal minder, yes he will be so good for you.....Brian Cage!

    Heenan : And since your champion John, you need to be surrounded by like minded people. Champions need to be in the company of other champions. So these two men have been hand picked by me to be the next tag team champions of BCW. Santana and Ortiz….Proud & Powerful!!!

    Heenan : Every star needs an understudy, a protege if you will, someone who can take over when you hang it up. So I give you a man who oozes charisma just like the star you are, a man who has got that ruthless aggression just like you and a man who is the absolute future of this business. I have hand picked him to be the next Intercontinental Champion of BCW, Ricky Starks.

    Heenan : John Cena, I give you …’re Entourage!

    The group now officially known as the Entourage would run roughshod over the division, with Cena seemingly untouchable. Cena was dominant and no one could stop him or his Entourage, not Moxley…. Not Ricochet, Not Proud and Powerful. No one. But a breaking news hit BCW and the world 4 weeks before Beyond Chaos Wrestling's biggest Pay Per View to date…… restrictions were being loosened and that meant flights to and from Europe were back up and running …… and that meant WALTER was coming back.

    While Cena and his Entourage were in the ring, a promo would play. From WALTER.

    WALTER : John Cena, you take about Loyalty and Respect. That belt you have is the most valuable object in this business. You give me no respect, you give that championship no respect and you are a man without honour. You and your friends will see me in one week and I will show you what respect is, I will teach you about honour. . Be ready. I am coming to end you.

    Cena wasn't worried, thinking was untouchable and with WALTER’s return being a week away. Later that night, during a tag team title match involving Entourage Members, an interference heavy match looked like it was going in Entourage’s favor thanks to Cena’s involvement. But word suddenly came through to the commentary…..

    Commentator : I have just received word….. That message we had from WALTER earlier stating that he would be here in one week….. Well a timestamp has been discovered on it…… its form was recorded one week ago….

    With that, an obvious John Cena would get the fright of his life when the intro of WALTERS theme music played and the fans erupted. WALTER appeared and a stunned Cena would send Cage and Starks into attack as he hightailed it. WALTER would throw Starks aside with ease and smash Cage with a boot. Cena exited the arena with Heenan. WALTER would lay down the challenge.

    WALTER :John Cena …… at Ultimate Chaos VIII, you will have nowhere to hide….me….you….. HELL IN A CELL!!!

    The match was rubber stamped by BCW management and it was officially much to the dismay of Cena. WALTER vs Cena III would be a Hell in the Cell Match.

    The Snake and The Rabbit.

    As mentioned in the above story, BCW held its annual Chaos Rumble in which the winner would be granted a guaranteed shot at the BCW Heavyweight Title. A moment in this match turned out to be the catalyst for future events.

    Before the match, the sharp witted Jake “The Snake” Roberts had the dream of finally getting a shot at BCW Championship glory. The title had eluded him for years, yet he felt this was his chance to make his dreams a reality. During the match, Jake fought hard and many fans wondered if this was finally Jake’s year. But another fan favourite had his own plans and as the match was every man for himself, the ever popular Jon Moxley fought equally as hard.

    Towards the end of the match, Jake felt his goal was within reach but a quick counter by Mox meant Jake was dumped out and his dreams vanished. Jake would initially appear angry before cooling down and admitting he has bested the better competitor. The returning John Cena would eventually win the match by eliminating Moxley last.

    Soon after Jake would confront Moxley and initially vent his frustration before extending his hand to Moxley. Mox declined respectfully, leaving Jake hanging. Moxley would move on to feud with the now champion John Cena and his Entourage. However, a recurring theme was that the numbers were too strong for Moxley. On one occasion however, Mox received back up from a chair wielding Roberts.

    Commentator : Jake is here, and he is running wild on Cena’s Entourage.

    With the Entourage retreating, Jake and Moxley would stare each other down before Jake again extended his hand. This time, much to the fans' joy, Mox would reciprocate. Moxley and Roberts would begin tagging with each other against Cena’s Entourage in the build up to Moxleys title shot against Cena. A bond appeared to have formed, with Moxley and Roberts having similar experiences growing up with alcoholic fathers and abandonment issues.

    Moxleys big match was a wild affair, with Cena’s Entourage and Roberts involved. The closing moments involved Cena getting planted with the Paradigm Shift finisher, But just when Moxley appeared to have the win over Cena, he was dragged out of the ring and DDT’d by Roberts!

    Commentator : What has Roberts done….. Moxley had Cena dead to rights and Roberts betrayed him.

    Roberts would reveal his action the next night on Monday Night Chaos.

    Jake Roberts : (speaking softly) When you walk down the road of life, you make choices. Will I go the right way, or the other way? I made my choice a long time ago…. I went my own way. I live my life the way I want to. To all the kids watching at home, you can live your life the right way but it's no guarantee good things will come your way, there may always be someone like me just around the corner. Everyone wants to ask me…”why Jake why?”

    Jake begins to retell a story to the audience.

    Jake Roberts : Let me tell you a story about the rabbit and the snake. There was a rabbit, hopping along his little trail. On this trail he finds a snake. The snake is wounded. The rabbit was a kind soul, he said “snake… I will help you, I will nurse you back to health.” The snake replied, “But I'm a snake….why would you do that? I'd eat you”. “Oh no said the rabbit, if I help you you can become my friend”. And so the rabbit did, day after day after day he nursed the snake back to health, treating his wounds and slowly but surely the snake recovered, just like the rabbit promised. But as soon as the snake had recovered, the rabbit was struck down by the snake.He unleashed his venomous fangs into the jugular of the rabbit. As the rabbit laid there, taking his last breaths, he asked the snake “why…..why?” and the snake answered him “I told you, at the very beginning…..I’m a snake”. And you Jon Moxley are the dumbest rabbit there I've ever seen. Never trust a snake. An eye for an eye Jon, an eye for an eye.

    Moxley would cut a promo of his own the next week.

    Jon Moxley : I don’t blame Jake Roberts, you play with snakes you’re gonna get bitten right? What happened is on me. And that's cool, but Jake wants to talk about an eye for an eye and being even…… if Jake Roberts believes we are all square then he is sorely mistaken because payback is a bitch called Jon Moxley and he’s coming for Jake Roberts.

    Moxley would not have to wait long for revenge as the next week after Jake was finished a match. Moxley’s music would hit and he fans would erupt. Moxley would unload a barrage of strikes on Roberts, and Jake would fight back before BCW officials would separate the pair.

    The next week Mox would arrive at the arena and would be attacked immediately by Roberts from behind. Roberts would be relentless in his assault, but Mox would fight back. The situation would end with Moxley delivering his Paradigm Shift DDT’d to Jake on a car bonnet. Jake would be busted open badly by this and need several stitches to close the open wound.

    Weeks later, a bandaged Jake Roberts would cut a promo on Mox backstage.

    Jake Roberts : Im hurt, I wont lie. My bones are sore, my body is bruised, and my blood has poured. But I will live to fight another day because these wounds will heal. And make no mistake, revenge is a dish best served cold. I plan on causing pain to Jon Moxley, but a snake has to be clever. I can bash his skull in with a chair, I can crush his bones with a baseball bat or I can leave him laying in a pool of his own blood, but that would be too easy. I don’t plan on leaving physical scars because just like what Mox did to me, those can heal.

    The camera pans out and we can see Jake is holding a Cobra, with Roberts tapping his head in antagonistic fashion.

    Jake Roberts : What I want to do is cause true pain. Not physical pain, but true, real pain. Do you know what true pain is? True pain isn't getting smashed with a chair by someone like Mox, true pain isn't being driven head first onto a car bonnet, true pain isn't even being sucker punched by my old man because I left the milk out of the refrigerator. We both know what that is like Mox, don’t we? But thats not true pain. True pain is looking up at my mother, the woman who brought me into this world. True pain is seeing her eyes turn away from me as she walked out that door and abandoned me because of my deadbeat father. She had enough of getting cold cocked by him too and she ran, tears running down her face as she walked out and never came back. She left me with that sadistic alcoholic fcuk. That’s true pain. And Jon Moxley, I will cause you true pain. Next week, me and you in Cincinnati, your hometown. Meet me in that ring, sanctioned…. Just me and you, and I will promise you I will deliver you true pain……. I will introduce you to Beelzebub himself….. Trust me.

    The next week, word has spread that Mox has shown up and is ready to end this war with Jake. Moxley enters and paces back and forth. He’s fired up and Jakes music plays but no sign of Jake.

    Jon Moxley : Jesus Jake, don’t leave me waiting Jake. I’m here, I’m ready, I’ve done some stretches backstage man and I’m getting a little impatient. I’m here, live and unsanctioned….I’m unsanctionable Jake. I’m a simple man Jake, I like my beer cold and blood on my fists, so let’s get this over with and maybe we can have a beer together if you’re still conscious when I’m done.

    Mox tosses the mic and awaits Jake. However, there is still no sign of Jake but after a moment, video plays on the Tron and its Jake.

    Jake Roberts : (talking very slowly) Hi Mr Moxley. Sorry I’m late, I got sidetracked. I don’t think I can make it. I really wanted to be there and beat you into oblivion but I had a better offer. Recognize where I am?

    The camera pans out and we see Jake is outside a front door, which is open a jar. He picks up a letter from the inside.

    Jake Roberts : (reading the letter) The residence of Mr and Mrs Moxley.

    Commentator : Oh my god, he is at Moxley’s house.

    Jake Roberts : Mrs Moxley? You didn't tell me you had a wife, lets see if she's home shall we?............Hello, Mrs Moxley…...I’m here to borrow some sugar???!

    Jake opens the kitchen door and we see Moxley’s wife, the former Renee Young, gagged and tied up on a chair. She’s attempting to scream as Jon Moxley is in shock in the ring.

    Jake Roberts : Oh, there you are, I see you're a little tied up at the minute. I’ll help myself.

    Jake comedicly pretends to search for sugar in the kitchen , before….

    Jake Roberts : Oh I’m just useless, I guess I’ll just have to get some from you directly.

    Jake slowly approaches Renee, before slowly pulling down her gag and pressing his lips against hers. Jake then slowly licks the cheek of Renee in a psychotic manner.

    Mox rushes out of the ring and out of the arena, as Jake continues.

    Jake Roberts : I told you Jon, you play with a snake and there is a high price to pay. I was prepared to let things lie, but you had to get your revenge. Now you reap what you sow. I told you you’d meet Beelzebub….. Well here he is…..

    Jake picks up a bag from off screen and it contains a cobra. Jake slowly taps its head aggressively before, gently placing Beelzebub around the lap of Renee. Renee begins to scream and cry loudly, while Jake pulls her gag back in place before kissing her forehead affectionately.

    Jake Roberts : I wouldn’t scream…. It will give Beelzebub a fright. You don’t want him to feel threatened do you…. He can be a little unstable when frightened…..but sure I suppose your man is the same isn’t he?

    Jake exits the room and shuts the door behind him as Renee attempts to scream. Jake exits the house and gets back into his truck. Jake address the camera before he leaves.

    Jake Roberts : You reap what you sow Jon. Now you will know true pain and now you will pay the heavy price for daring to challenge me. Never cross a snake.

    Jake speeds off and it isn't long before Mox arrives to rescue his wife. Mox barges and the camera feed cuts.

    The next week Mox arrives for an in-ring interview and he is looking for blood. He grabs the mic viciously from the hands of the interviewer and his passion is off the charts, with Mox clearly (no pun intended) unstable.

    Jon Moxley : Lets cut to the chase man, I'm done playing get your fcuking ass out here now and he can settle this. Last week was the worst day of my life, you degraded my wife, you put your hands on my wife…… let me tell you something Jake, I’m going to end you. You talk about Satan and the devil, well I am going to unleash a hell on you that you didn't know existed. This ain't over…. It hasn't even started yet. Get your fcuking ass out here now Man.

    Jake comes on the Tron, and with a message for Moxley.

    Jake Roberts : (Talking softly and calmly as usual, smirking all the time) I feel so alive Jon. We all like to do things that make us feel alive, don’t we? . Some like driving face cars on the motorway and closing their eyes. Some like jumping out of a plane and pulling their cord at the last second….. We all have these things that make us feel good, and last week in Cincinatti, man…. I felt good. Looking into her eyes, watching her tears roll down her face, knowing I could do whatever I wanted and Jon Moxley couldn't do a thing about it. Man it felt so good, so good…… it was the greatest feeling I have had in a long time. Then, watching it back on catch up TV, watching your face drop as the penny dropped, man…. That was so good I should have had to pay for that. I will have that experience forever. Just, like when you look into your wife’s eyes you will see the terror I inflicted.

    Jake smirks grows and grows on Jake's face like a cheshire cat as he continues

    Jake Roberts : Trust me Jon, you will see my face, etched in your brain everytime you look into your Wife’s traumatised eyes. Evcerytime you touch her, she will always have the soft, sensual feeling of my tongue pressing against her cheek…. Everytime she closes her eyes she will jump in terror as she remembers that silky, slither of my snake, flowing over her body. Forever Jon, forever.

    Jake closes by accepting Mox’s challenge.

    Jake Roberts : Moxley, I’m not hiding. You want me at Ultimate Chaos…… that's fine, I accept. I’ll be there, and all you have to do is step up. If you show up at Ultimate Chaos VIII, please…… don’t disappoint me. Bring that anger, that anguish, that suffering and give me the fight I deserve Jon. I warn you, don’t disappoint me…… your Wife certainly didn’t.

    Moxley goes ape and delivers a Paradigm Shift to the interviewer in his rage. Officials swarm Mox and he attacks before they eventually restrain him. The match is officially granted, Ultimate Chaos VIII - Jon Moxley vs Jake Roberts - Unsanctioned.

    You come at the King.....
    One of the biggest coupes of the year was when BCW general manager Drake Maverick somehow convinced the hottest talent in Japanese Wrestling today, Kota Ibushi to sign with BCW. Kota felt like he had accomplished everything in Japan, and wanted to conquer the States too. Many different companies made offers, such as MNG and BWA, but it was Beyond Chaos that got Ibushi to sign on the dotted line.

    Ibushi was mostly silent and many wrestling news outlets believed that former NJPW wrestler and current BCW superstar, Ricochet had influenced Ibushi’s decision. Ricochet was quoted as saying how happy he was that Ibushi signed and that he can't wait to welcome The Golden Star of japan to BCW.

    Weeks and weeks of anticipation had built up, with BCW hyping up the first appearance of Kota Ibushi. When the day finally arrived, Kota made his entrance to a hot crowd and he began to address the crowd.

    Ibushi spoke of a new challenge, how he had his eyes set on soon facing John Cena, Walter and others, citing his desire to test himself against the very best and one day winning the BCW Heavyweight Title. But before he finished, the music of Ricochet hit and out came one of the most popular stars in BCW.

    Ricochet appeared and was all smiles as he walked down the ring, visibly pumped at the sight of Ibushi. He stepped into the ring and hugged the new BCW star, with a smile from ear to ear.

    Ricochet : Man, how long has it been. Im so happy you are here man, you are gonna tear it up. All I have been hearing in the last month is…”are you and Ibushi gonna tag” and “who do you think his first match should be against”. Someone gave me the idea of me and you going for the tag team titles. Imagine, your first match…. Me and you winning tag team gold.

    Ibushi says “why not” as Ricochet asks the crowd for their approval.

    Ricochet : Awesome.... There’s just one small problem man……

    Suddenly Ricochets demeanor shifts and he smashes the microphone into Ibushi’s face, stunning the crowd.

    Commentator : What the hell did I just witness!

    Ricochet follows up with some quick strikes and a massive spin kick to the jaw, which floors Ibushi. Ricochet then grabs a chair and wails on the fallen Ibushi with little remorse, as the crowd boo’s. Ricochet then climbs the ropes with the chair in hand and jumps off hitting a 450 splash with the chair smashing Ibushi.

    Commentator : I thought these guys were friends, what is up with Ricochet?

    Ricochet grabs the mic

    Ricochet : Yeah man, there’s just one problem….Id never tag with a punk like you.

    Ricochet drops the mic and leaves, as referees tend to Ibushi.

    The next week, Ricochet explains his actions and lays a challenge down to Ibushi.

    Ricochet : What people need to understand, the golden boy Kota Ibushi isn’t the man they think he is. Years ago I was in New Japan….. I started up with the company at the same time as Kota. We were both trainee’s, or young boys as it is traditionally known. The difference between me and Ibushi…… I was a Gaijin. I was a foreigner. I wasn't Japanese. And as a Gaijin young boy, I had it tough, while Ibushi had it easy. Why I wasn't training or wrestling, I was cleaning Dojo’s, washing the gear of older wrestlers, sleeping on a cold floor….. I was in a forgein land, alone and getting treated like dirt. While Ibushi did nothing, he was the Golden Star, everyone fawned over him while I was treated like crap. I was better than him, I always bested him in training, I always went harder, faster, stronger and because I showed him up, I was held down. I was embarrassing the great new hope of japanese wrestling, Kota Ibushi and I was punished for it. I had to bite my tongue, I bided my time and I worked harder, but I never got a fair chance.

    The fans disapproved oF Ricochets actions as he continues.

    Ricochet : I got punished because I was American, because I was forgein and never got the opportunities Ibushi got. Had I been given the chances I deserve, I'd be NJPW champion years ago. Ibushi got everything handed to him, he had so much privilege. So I left to come to America and I have been unstoppable here. I have been proving how good I am, no one can touch me. Now Ibushi wants to stroll into my country, seek a challenge here? Man, this is my house, my palace....MY KINGDOM. I'm the King here and he will bow down to me. He wants a challenge the King of BCW? Well, look no further. You were protected in New Japan. Here, In BCW….. it's just you and me. Ultimate Chaos VIII is just around the corner… and you Ibushi…. What do you say?

    Ricochet from here on out dawns the moniker "King Ricochett" and
    becomes so much more self entitled. His attitude changes and he develops a huge chip on his shoulder.

    Ibushi accepts the Challenge some weeks later and its official. Ibushi vs King Ricochet.

    "Model" vs "Role Model"

    It was announced in January this year that Brie and Nikki Vella would be inducted to the BCW Hall of Fame class of 2021. The big announcement was made on BCW Monday Night Chaos and both Nikki and Brie made an appearance to thank the fans for the honour and to see them at the Hall of Fame.

    During this appearance, they were interrupted by the reigning Womens Champion, Bayley. The ever cantankerous superstar appeared to give her thoughts on the latest inductees to the BCW Hall of Fame.

    Bayley : It's typical, you two are nothing but glorified fashion models who knew the right people and had the “right” look at the right time. And yet you both are considered legends….. Man, that's a low bar. Like if you two bimbos are considered Hall of Famers, then I must be a shoe in right? You two get treated like wrestling royalty, while I get overlooked. I've accomplished more in my short career than you two have combined. I’ve dragged women's wrestling by the scruff to levels never before seen, I have had 5 star matches which are considered classics and I've beaten everyone…..everyone in my way, yet you two get the spotlight. You two are nothing but 2 bit tramps who couldn't lace my boots….

    With that comment, Nikki Bella had enough….. She slapped Bayley so hard, she fell smack on her behind. Bayley rolled out of the ring, holding her face as Nikki Bella begged her to step to her. Bayley declined and went to the back, seemingly embarrassed.

    The next week, Bayley would be annoyed at the fan reaction from last week. She would claim she was sucker punched by Nikki and said she was sick of hearing all week that Nikki kicked her ass. Bayley laid down the challenge to Nikki Bella for a match at Ultimate Chaos VIII.

    The next week Bella would respond stating that she was flattered by the offer, but that she was remaining retired. She was happy to focus on other projects outside of wrestling and was looking forward to the Hall of Fame ceremony.

    This enraged the Womens Champion, who claimed Bella was ducking her. But she told the fans not to fear, as she was going to face one way or another.

    The next week she had an edition of her talk show segment, “Ding Dong, Hello!”. She promoted the show all week as a “The Bellas: Revealed” special. Bayley had claimed to have numerous interviews with the people who “knew Nikki Bella best”. This segment was more of a sham, as it was merely a vehicle for Bayley to run down Nikki. Bayley would introduce guests via video link that were the guests at all……

    Bayley : Without further ado, let's introduce the world to my first guest…..The man who hired Nikki Bella for her “assets” and then started banging her Mom….. Jeez, that's not creepy at all…. The daddy-in-law of Nikki Bella…...Big Johnny Laurenitis!

    John did not appear, but rather a picture of him on the tron with a moving mouth.

    Johnny (Bayley basically doing a rough Johnny Ace gravel voice) : Hey, how are ya….. Great to be here Bayley.

    Bayley : Let's get down to it….. What did you see in Nikki Bella when you hired her?

    Johnny : Nice cans.

    Bayley : Wow, tell us how you really feel Big Johnny. Do you find it a little perverted that you are now dating the mother of a girl you literally perved upon? Like what did you see in her…..?

    Johnny : Nice cans.

    Bayley : Ok, I'm sensing a pattern here. One finally question Big Johnny, it was Patricks Day not long ago…. Did you celebrate with a few drinks?

    Johnny : Nice cans.

    Bayley : Wow, what a one track mind, I can see why Vince liked you! Thanks Johnny. My next guest….. Is … male equivalent, BCW’s reigning Heavyweight Champion….. And Nikki Bella’s ex…..John Cena.

    This time its no mock interview, the real (and obviously heel) Cena appears on the screen.

    Cena : Hey fellow Champ. Listen I’ll be straight up. We had a good arrangement, I wont diss her. She wanted me leech off my stardom and I needed my nuts licked. It was a good relationship. No complaints. But she was baby crazy, man I didn't want to be no bad daddy…. She got a all crazy. She tried tricking me into having kids. She tried piercing condoms, tried drugging me…. Hell she even tried to use a turkey baster …. Man you don't wanna go there.

    Bayley : Thanks John. I’ll see you later dude. (Cena leaves the tron) As you can see, Nikki Bella didn't deserve her chance in wrestling, then she hitched her big ass wagon to John Cen and the rest is history…..but don't take my word for it, don't take the two Johnny's word for it. … take her word….ladies and gents…..Nikki and Brie Bella.

    The screen switches and we see Nikki and Bire Bella…...except its not them, but Bayley posing as both in a switch screen parody. Bayley is playing both parts as she wears a red tee that says “Boobs” for Nikki and “No Boobs” for Brie. She also wears a fake witches nose for Nikki.

    Bayley : Hi girls….. Real talk… why is Nikki Bella ducking me?

    Nikki : Like you know, whatever…..Im like so scared of Bayley.

    Brie : She’s like totally the best ever.

    Nikki : Like I wanna face Bayley, but like ….. Im afraid she will beat me up so bad, like my implants will be so broken….

    Brie : Nikki, babe, like she I would say she would bash your brains in, but like…. You have to have brains first…

    Nikki : Like shut up Brie, go hug a tree. I can't face Bayley anyway….. Because I am busy blowing my big nose…. It's like a process you know……

    The mock interview is then over as the real Nikki Bella appears on the screen.

    Nikki Bella : Wow Bayley, this is desperate. It's clear you need me to stay relevant. You can have all your fun here, but I'm above all this. I'm not facing you, I'm staying retired and you can continue your sad, jealous little charade if you want, but I won't bite. Laters b!tch.

    Bayley is left fuming, but the segment ends with Bayley adamant she will change Bella’s mind.

    The next week, Brie Bella has a sit down interview with a BCW reporter. They talk about her career and the upcoming Hall of Fame. The interview is going fine until the reporter, begins to ask questions about Nikki and Byaley.

    Reporter : Is it true Brie that your sister Nikki is afraid of Bayley?

    Brie Bella : No, she’s not afraid….she’s retired. Shes happy with Artem , focusing on her non wrestling projects….

    Reporter : Are you sure, because we have it on good authority that you say something different to your close friends. We have a direct quote from JJ Bella, your brother, who states you said….”I know Bayley would kick my sisters ass so bad that I'd finally be the prettier Bella”.

    Brie Bella : Excuse me?

    Reporter : yeah, the quote here says Bayley would beat her in ….”3 minutes flat….. 3 minutes” (Bischoff homage)

    Reporter (reaching over to show Brie) : Look it says it right here…..!

    With that the Reporter lunges at Brie and begins breathing her down. Brie lies hurt on the ground as the reporter (in true Eric Bischoff fashion) takes off some prosthetic makeup and a wig to reveal herself as Bayley!

    The Womens Champion would continue her assault on Brie Bella. After a vicious beatdown, Bayley would piledrive Brie on the concrete floor, damaging her neck. Bayley would leave the scene as officials hit the scene. Brie Bella would be stretchered out and sent to the hospital.

    The next week, Bayley would come out with a mic in hand but before she could speak she was attacked by Nikki Bella who jumped the guard rail. Both women would be pulled apart by BCW officials. Bayley would be hauled up the aisle as Nikki Bella would grab the mic….

    Nikki Bella : Bayley, you and me…'s on….bring it b!tch.

    The match would be official…. Nikki Bella vs Bayley, at Ultimate Chaos VIII with the Womens Title at stake!

    Entourage Upgrade

    When Bobby Heenan set up the Entourage for the newly heel John Cena, it had been expected that Santana and Otriz would be on the fast track to be tag team champions. It seemed to be a home run. But when they faced the BCW current tag champions, Jey and Jimmy Uso…. they fell short.

    With John Cena World Champ and Ricky Starks as Intercontinental Champion, both Cena and Heenan were disappointed that Santana and Otriz failed to make it a clean sweep. Upset at their failure, Santana and Ortiz were given one more chance by Cena to bring gold to the Entourage. But once again, Santana and Otriz failed in their attempt.

    Displeased with their constant loss, Cena fired both men from the Entourage. Cena would chastise both men and publicly dress them down. But while Santana and Ortiz were usually very obedient and stood up to Cena and brawl would ensue with Cena, Cage and Starks. But suddenly, 2 men would appear and assist Cena and co.

    Commentator : Thats ...thats the AOP….The Authors of Pain.

    Akam and Rezar would beat the hell out of both Santana and Ortiz. The AOP, along with Cage and Starks would eviscerate Proud and Powerful, leaving both men bloody and motionless.

    With Santana and Ortiz absent, AOP would dominate and soon they would do what Santana and Ortiz could not….and beat the Uso Brothers to become BCW World Tag Champions. AOP, as members of Cena’s Entourage, would be undefeated and beat all comers, ensuring all the gold remained inside their faction.

    But with no match booked for Ultimate Chaos VIII, it appeared AOPs sole purpose at the event would be to back up Cena and co. A big brawl would ensue on the go home Monday Night Chaos between WALTER, Aleister Black, Kushida and Cena, AOP Starks and Cage. AOP would appear to be helping the Entourage gain the advantage until the lights go out. A single spotlight would appear at the top of the entrance ramp and Paul Ellring would stand at the top of the ramp.

    Commentator : Thats Paul Ellering…. The former manager of the Authors of Pain!

    Then the music of Proud and Powerful would play. The fans would go nuts as a masked Santana and Ortiz would hit the stage and get direction from Ellering before marching to the ramp to brawl with AOP as the show went off the air.

    Commentator : Santana and Ortiz and Paul Ellering have turned the tide!

    It was announced on BCW’s Twitter page that Santana and Ortiz would challenge AOP for the Tag Team Titles at Ultimate Chaos VIII.
    The Revolution will be Televised

    It wasn't long before Cena’s Entourage would gain more gold. Ricky Starks, Bobby Heenan's handpicked protege of Cena, would eventually bring home the Intercontinental title to the faction. However, he was not keen on defending it. He would walk out of challenges of Kushida, get disqualified against Alester Black and then eventually he would pin both Black and Kushida in a three way dance thanks to interference from Brian Cage.

    Soon after Straks would claim to be the “fighteniest” champion ever. These claims fell on deaf ears of the fans who felt he was undeserving of this moniker. General Manager of BCW, Drake Maverick agreed with the fans and felt Starks had ducked his challengers. He concluded that he would have to defend his title against both Black and Kushida at Ultimate Chaos VIII in a ladder match.

    Starks, clearly annoyed, was defiant and encouraged Black and Kushida to bring it.

    Ricky Starks : I've beaten that Back to the Future superfan Kushida so many times, I feel like he should be dressed like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day rather than Marty McFly. Same goes for that ghoul Aleister Black, I’ve beaten him so much I feel he should change his name to Tommy Never-”End”ing. I mean, If I have to climb a ladder over their fallen carcasses to prove Im the best, then so be it.

    Drake Maverick : There is one catch though…. It's not just Kushida and Black, since everyone says you can't win without Cage I mulled over the idea of having him banned from the match. Everyone tweets me telling me its Cage who does all the heavy lifting and all the dirty work for Starks….…… but I thought better of it.

    Starks looks relieved but Drake hits him the sting in the tail……

    Drake Maverick : I thought since he does all the hard work… he deserves a shot himself. So its Starks defending against Black, Kushida and Cage at Ultimate Chaos VIII.

    In the weeks before we had Kushida and Black team up to take on Starks and Cage twice. In the first match we would see Kushida accidentally hit Black with a high kick. Black would retaliate with an intentional Black Mass roundhouse. Starks and Cage would take full advantage to pin Kushida.

    In a rematch a week later, Black would walk out leaving Kushida to fend for himself. However, when Cage would hold Kushida up for Starks, Kushida would duck and Starks would nail Cage. A furious Cage would knock Starks out in a rage and leave himself.

    The descension would be played down by Entourage manager Bobby Heenan, who would claim they are all on the same page and the plan was for Starks and Cage to unite to ensure Starks would retain. Cage would be unhappy at this and was so pissed he would walk away. Heenan said not to worry, that the Entourage would be united at Ultimate Chaos.

    The Intercontinental Match is set..... 4 Men , Starks v cage v black v Kushida...Ladder match

    Behind The Music : The Heath Slater Experience

    Everyone's favourite air guitar expert, Heath Slater has been well liked in BCW. Yes, he loses most matches he is in, but it’s not about winning or losing for him, its about taking part, entertaining the fans and having a good time. However, Drake Maverick has had the hard task of balancing the books in BCW and after signing a new talent, he has to make some cuts.

    Drakes Office

    A knock on the door is heard and in walks EC3, Ethan Carter the third.

    Drake Maverick : Come in, take a seat.

    EC3 : Listen dude, you can’t fire me, I didnt mean to sit on your dry cleaned suit after baby oiling up and I didnt mean to clog your personal bathroom….

    Drake Maverick : Listen, I’d never fire you, well….. Maybe if you got a new job somewhere else, can I ring MNG on your behalf and see if their hiring?

    EC3 : MNG won’t have me….. The already have Scott Steiner and I can’t compete with that.

    Drake Maverick : What about BWA? I can get BH on the blower……. Man, I really need to fire someone before the end of the day. This pandemic has the board up my ass with budget cuts.

    EC3 : Maybe ring accounts?

    Drake Maverick : Yeah, great idea……

    Drake picks up the phone and dials the accounts section.

    Drake Maverick : Yeah Hello….. Julie, Drake here…… yeah yeah the little boy with teh cute bow time...., anyway I need a big favour….., I need you to find something for me in the numbers…… can you check the numbers to find ...I dunno roughly 50k…. Plus benefits and healthcare, say 70k…… find me 70k….. Julie….. Hello?

    We can hear the phone go dead and Drake appears panicked.

    Drake Maverick : Julie…. She’s always fooling around….. What am I gonna do EC3….. can I fire you?

    EC3 : What! You can’t fire me….. Merch sales by homosexual men are up 100 percent with me on the roster, men love me. You can’t fire me…. I’ll sue….. I’ll say you groped me….. Hashtag me too…… You’ll be the next Velveteen Dream…… you can’t fire me… we go way back….. Remember when we drank all of my Aunt Dixies Peach Schnapps?

    Drake Maverick : Fine, ok ok…… I won’t fire you…… but I need you to do me a favour…..send Heath Slater into me…..

    EC3 does just that and soon after the One-Man Rockband himself struts into the office.

    Heath Slater : Hey, my man….. Whats up kemosabe?

    Drake Maverick : Heath ….. You’re fi...Im gonna have…..I need to let you….

    Heath Slater : WOAAHH MAN, chill out. You can’t fire me, fire EC3 yeah….. I saw him steal one of your bow ties a few weeks back…… I think he’s got a side job as a chippendale. …

    Drake Maverick : I’ve made my choice Heath, i am sorry!.

    Heath Slater : Man, I have kids man.,.... It says so on my shirt….. I have loads of kids….. Morgan, Tiffany, Heath Jnr, Samantha, Terrence, Christina, Merlin, Bethany, Britney, Brandon, Wallace, Candy, Lexi, Sharon…….

    Drake Maverick : Listen…. I ….

    Heath Slater : …..Warren, Barry, William, Shauna, Horace, Lance, Alexa, Google, Martini, Jager, Chantelle, Cheryl, Kirk, Cartman, Token, Jack, Dougal, Len, Shawn, Michael, Kevin, Nash, Scotty, Razor, Walkman, Sean, Hunter, Terra,....

    Drake Maverick : Listen, I’m sorry. You just don’t pull in the demographics we need…. We need someone more popular, fresher, more modern…. Someone who can actually play an instrument…..last week you spent 5 minutes just saying the word “Saxamophone” into a saxophone.

    Heath Slater : The fans ate it up.

    Drake Maverick : I’m sorry Heath, so long.

    Heath Slater : After all these years, it’s so long….. Good luck?

    Drake Maverick : I don’t recall saying good luck.

    Heath Slater, looking all forlorn and heartbroken, heads for the door, but as he leaves, another man attempts to enter….. Its BCW’s newest signing…..Elias.

    Health Slater : Oh…. now I get it.

    Drake Maverick : Drake this is Elias…. He is going to be playing a concert for us at Ultimate Chaos VIII.

    Heath Slater : So you're Elias.

    Elias : Yes.

    Heath Slater : You're a musician slash wrestler!

    Elias : Yes

    Heath Slater : I’m a musician slash wrestler.

    Elias : So?

    Heath Slater : Are better than me?

    Elias: I do not know you …. But, Yes!

    Heath heads out the door and rings his wife.

    Heath Slater : Hey baby, ….. Its me…….me, your husband……...Heath……, any way I got fired today… that Jeff in the background…….. Ah you said it was over……… was that Jordan calling him dad?..... You said it was over between you two…….don't put him on……. Hey Jeff…….hows it hanging buddy, …..… sure, you can open my whiskey…...sure, just fill my car up when your finished buddy…..

    Heath walks out the door and is gone……

    3 Months later……

    The scene opens at an american family restaurant “Samoa Joes Family Feedbag”. We see Heath Slater and he’s waiting on tables and singing to customer!

    Heath Slater : Howdy folks, here I am, Happy Heath, thank you Maam, this will be a hoot, Happy Heath, here I am, while you eat.

    Heath is just finished his birthday song to a customer when he’es tapped on the shoulder.

    Adam Rose : Alright mate!

    Heath is embarrassed.

    Heath Slater : Oh jeez,....Adam, hey...Rosebud… how you keeping mate?

    Adam Rose : I got into the music biz, Adam rose Talent Manager/Agent…… what happened to you mate?

    Heath Slater : Eh….. i’m getting experience for an acting role…. Yeah, that's it. I'm in this new movie….. I play a man who befriends a talking pie and he has to travel back in time for some reason and he's a tightly wound restaurant greeter.

    Adam Rose : That's all bollocks mate, isn't it?

    Heath Slater : Yeah, I lost my job, my wife…. My kids man…..

    Adam Rose gives Slater his card.

    Adam Rose : Here's my card, gimme a call when your shift ends…...A toddler waddles by and vomits on Heath's leg before waddling off) …… I’ll sort you out mate….I’ll hook you up with some new treads and I’ll see what I can do with the smell. Call me anytime except between 10pm and 11pm … that's Adams time!

    Adam exits and Heath is standing there reading the card. Adam gets a call the next day from a desperate Heath Slater. They meet up at Slater's studio apartment at the Sleep Ezey motel.

    Adam Rose : This place is rough, you actually live here?

    Heath Salter : Please don’t tell people how I live?.... But it ain't all bad…… I sleep in a racing car, do you ?

    Heath points to an oversized kids racing car bed as Adam Rose rolls his eyes.

    Adam Rose : Ok listen mate, you have talent… we go way back, I know it's in there….. You just need to found your way… find your mojo.

    Heath Slater : Man I lost my job, they have that new guy, Elias…. I can’t compare to that.

    Adam Rose : Of course you can. I’ve used my connections to get you back to BCW.

    Heath Slater : You got my job back?

    Adam Rose : Well yes…. But in a more accurate way, no. I paid the security lad some cash and got him Spinal Tap tickets….. He can sneak us in the backdoor. Once we are inside, we can sabotage Elias’s gig and get you on stage as a last minute replacementThey will have to let you play because it’s short notice and you can fill in and win them over.

    Heath Slater : Look at me, Im washed up, I have no talent anymore.

    Adam Rose : What a load of rich creamery butter. Of course you have talent. I have all the talent you need right here…..

    Adam Rose whips out of brownies from a tupperware box.

    Heath Slater : (not wanting to seem poor) Sorry dude, I filled up on cold hot dogs before you popped over. I’m not a fan of brownies either man.

    Adam Rose : These are talent brownies, a few bites of these and you’ll be on a wild ride man. All the great entertainers do it. Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin…..and my gum, it put them on the map.

    Heath had already stuffed his face and munched down the ebay part of the brownies.

    Adam Rose : You were only supposed to have one….. Oh jesus.

    Heath Slater : Im fine…….

    Before Heath can continue he starts to trip. Adams' voice begins to distort as Heath's eyes close.

    Heath awakens and he is in an animated country forest and Adam Rose appears as a talking coyote.

    Heath Slater : Am I in kansas?

    Adam Rose : No ….. This is your inner-subconscious.

    Heath Slater : Adam is that you?

    Adam Rose : No, I am a manifestation of your own inner monologue….. I am here to guide you.

    Adam points Heath to 3 doors embedded in the tree’s.

    Adam Rose : These 3 doors will help you find your talent. Go forth.

    Heath goes into the first door…… inside is Leo Kruger (Adam Rose’s alter ego). He is in there skinning a cat with a huge blade.

    Leo Kruger : What are you doing here…. Get out of my office.

    Heath runs and as Leo throws the blade at Slater, barely missing him. Heath shuts the door.

    Heath Slater : Hey space coyote, he just throw a knife at me.

    Adam Rose : Yeah…. He’ll do that….. I wouldn't call it a knife, more of a machete. Anyway.

    Heath goes to door number 2, inside is a giant gold version of Elias!

    Heath Slater : Hey, Elias….. You look different……

    Elias : Look closer Heathy……

    Heath Slater : Oh, you're 40 feet tall now…. And made out gold.

    Heath again runs away as Giant Gold Elias tries to squash him. Adam Rose (still in coyote form) tries to enlighten him.

    Adam Rose : Behind these doors are your biggest fears….. Your fear of your friends turning on you….. Your fear of being replaced….. Behind the last door is your biggest fear.

    Heath Slater : I'm not afraid of anything dude!

    Adam Rose : Oh really? Watch out, sock puppets!!!!

    Heath scrambles : Where?! Where? WHERE!

    Adam Rose : Listen, calm down…...we can sort this out…. Just go, face your fear.

    Heath walks in to the final door, which appears to be complete darkness. The door shuts behind him.

    Heath Slater : Adam…… ….Adam……..

    Suddenly a giant spotlight turns on and shines down on Heath. More lights turn on and it seems Heath is on stage at a gig and the fans are chanting “one more tune” repeatedly. Heath looks down and notices a guitar is in his hands.

    Heath Slater : Wow….. Ok…… Helllllllo St Louis! Here's one from my latest album.

    Heath attempts to play but his guitar is out of tune. Awful noise spews from his guitar and the fans revolt, booing Heath to high heaven.

    Heath Slater : Just a sec….wait…

    The boos grow and Heath panics as the crowd begins to disperse. The crowd eventually disappears except for one man slow clapping in sarcasm in the darkness.

    Heath Slater : Oh you think you can do better?

    Voice : A vietnam vet with no arms and legs could handle a guitar better than you son…...I'm ashamed to be your father!

    Heath Slater : Dad???!

    The man walks into the light and its Harley Race.

    Harley Race : You suck. Son!

    Heath Slater : What? Harley Race…. You’re my Dad?

    Harley Race : No you idiot. You never met your real Dad, you used to tell everyone that Harley Race was your Dad. I'm a manifestation of what you think I look like. It's pathetic …… it was pathetic then and it's pathetic now. You’re an embarrassment to me.

    Heath Slater : Why did ya leave me Daddy? Why didn't you hug me Daddy, ya hugged the mailman!

    Harley Race : I left because of you…. Who’d want a loser like you as a son.

    Heath begins to sob and slumps into a heap on the floor.

    Harley Race : Look at ya. No wonder I left. Who’d go see a loser like you in a concert or a wrestling match. You’re as dumb as a mule an dtwice as ugly,........ Pathetic!

    Heath Slater : No!

    Heath snaps up, wipes his tears away and stand up to his old man.

    Heath Slater : No! You are pathetic….. You walked out on a 3 year old boy who adored you, who worshiped the ground you walked on. As it turns out I was better off without you. I made something out of myself….. I'm a much better Dad than you, I'm a decent professional wrestler and I’m a hell of an entertainer. I like making people happy. I like being me and no matter what you say I know I'm better than you. You are the one who is PATHETIC.

    Suddenly Heath is alone on stage and the crowd are back cheering his name…….

    Crowd : Heath…..Heath…… Heath……..

    The sound of the crowd isn't the crowd at all…..

    Adam Rose : Heath...Heath….wake up…. Heath…...

    Heath is coming out of his hallucination and Adam Rose is over him waking him up.

    Adam Rose : Speak to me Heath.

    Heath Slater : Howdy Space Coyote….

    Adam Rose : Space Coyote?

    Heath Slater : Man I had the craziest dream, you were there, Elias was there and Harley Race was my Dad!

    Adam Rose : Harley Race was your Dad …… ok?

    Heath gets to his feet, brushes himself off and grabs Adam Rose by the lapels of his suit.

    Heath Slater : I’ve seen the light Adam and I know what I gotta do….. Im ready to rock BCW once more baby!

    Adam Rose : Great stuff Heathy baby. Next Stop, Ultimate Chaos VIII!!!

    Can Heath Slater get to the Pay Per View? Will he get to rock out for the masses? Will Elias get in his way? Was this an appropriate use of Harley Race? Tune in to Ultimate Chaos VIII to find out!

    BCW World Heavyweight Championship Match

    WALTER Vs John Cena (c)

    Unsanctioned Match
    Jake "the Snake" Roberts vs Jon Moxley

    Singles Match

    Kota Ibushi vs King Ricochet

    BCW Womens Championship Match
    Bayley (c) vs Nikki Bella

    BCW Tag Team Championship Match
    The Authors of Pain vs Santana and Ortiz

    BCW Interconental Championship Match

    Ricky Starks (c) vs Kushida vs Aleister Black vs Brian Cage

    Special Musical Performance
    Elias in Concert.

  • 6561e4e6223997d84dade006f12fbc10.png




    The Godfather vs. Val Venis - Singles Match


    The Godfather via Pimp Drop


    Dean Malenko vs. Dick Murdoch - Singles Match


    Dean Malenko via DQ. Murdoch has enough of being outwrestled by Malenko and attacks Malenko with a hurley


    Sergeant Slaughter & 'Hacksaw Jim vs. Ivan & Nikita Koloff - Tag-Team Match for the 2DW Tag-Team Championships.


    Ivan & Nikita Koloff


    Jacob Fatu vs. Junkyard Dog - O'Connell Street Fight


    They've boarded the Luas...


    Akira Hokuto vs. Lita - Singles Match for the 2DW Women's Championship


    Akira Hokuto via Dangerous Queen Bomb


    Kane vs. Sycho Sid - Steel Cage Match


    Kane Tombstone Piledrives Sid in the centre of the ring, tears the cage door off its hinges and exits the cage.


    Jacob Fatu Samoan Drops Junkyard Dog onto the tracks at Heuston Station...





    Vader vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi - Singles Match for the 2DW All-Ireland Championship.


    Hiroshi Tanahashi via Texas Cloverleaf incapacitation.


    Dusty Rhodes vs. 'Ravishing' Rick Rude w/Pamela Anderson - Singles Match


    Dusty Rhodes via Bionic Elbow from the second rope.


    The Undertaker vs. Andre the Giant - Singles Match for the 2DW Heavyweight Championship


    The Undertaker via Chokeslam



    The Godfather vs. Val Venis - Singles Match

    Dean Malenko vs. Dick Murdoch - Singles Match

    Sergeant Slaughter & 'Hacksaw Jim vs. Ivan & Nikita Koloff - Tag-Team Match for the 2DW Tag-Team Championships

    Jacob Fatu vs. Junkyard Dog - O'Connell Street Fight

    Akira Hokuto vs. Lita - Singles Match for the 2DW Women's Championship

    Kane vs. Sycho Sid - Steel Cage Match

    Vader vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi - Singles Match for the 2DW All-Ireland Championship

    Dusty Rhodes vs. 'Ravishing' Rick Rude w/Pamela Anderson - Singles Match

    The Undertaker vs. Andre the Giant - Singles Match for the 2DW Heavyweight Championship

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    Pauliemania IV

    Pyro goes off and our commentators welcome us to the show:


    Drew McIntyre v Nigel McGuinness

    Early back and forth action, with McIntyre eventually seizing control. The crowd are desperate for McGuinness to gain a foothold in the match, eventually he feeds off that energy hits McIntyre with stiff uppercuts before locking in the London Dungeon, Drew looks to be on the verge of tapping out but just manages to reach the ropes. McIntyre goes to the top rope but McGuinness stops whatever he was attempting and hits McIntyre with the Tower of London. 1 2 but Drew kicks out. McGuinness is beside himself with rage he charges at McIntyre but walks flush right into a Claymore. 1 2 3 and this one is over.

    Winner: Drew McIntyre


    Booker T v Otis

    The power of Otis is overwhelming at the start from Booker as Otis reminds Booker about what he said on his podcast. Booker’s ring savvy comes through as he steps out of the way of an Otis charge to the corner, Booker hits the Bookend on Otis but Tucker tries to interfere only to be met by Stevie Ray on the ramp. Otis hits Booker with a Powerslam and goes for the Caterpillar, Booker rolls out of the way before the collision and hits Otis with a Scissors Kick. 1 2 3 and we have a winner.

    Winner: Booker T


    D’Lo Brown v Chris Jericho

    Jericho starts off in control of this bout. He lands a running bulldog before going for a Lionsault but Brown gets his knees up and injures Jericho’s ribs. Brown then hits a Sky High on Y2J before heading up top for a LO Down. Jericho gets his knees up to block the attempt. He then hits D’Lo with a Codebreaker. 1 2 kickout. Brown is still alive. He tries one last rally but Jericho locks in the Walls. Brown nearly claws his way to the bottom rope but Jericho drags him back to the middle of the ring where he ultimately taps out.

    Winner: Chris Jericho


    Ron Simmons v Damien Sandow:

    Before the match, Ron’s tag team partner, Butch Reed pleads with Simmons not to go out but he refuses to listen. Sandow has total control of this bout, after hitting Simmons with a Snap Suplex, Reed comes ringside pleading the referee to call this one off, Simmons grabs Sandow into a rollup after the distraction, 1 2 kickout so close. Simmons tries to hit Sandow with the Dominator but Sandow counters with You’re Welcome! and gains the 3 count.

    Winner: Damien Sandow


    Randy Orton v Diamond Dallas Page

    This has a big fight feel to it. Both men go at hammer and thongs for the opening 10 minutes where an all out brawl ensues before the referee gets it back under control. Orton slows the pace of the match down to his usual style but struggles to find a way to win without his signature RKO, he lines up a punt but DDP moves out of the way before hitting a Diamond Dream. 1 2 but Orton kicks out. Orton removes a turnbuckle but the ref stops him before going over to fix it. Orton plants an RKO to DDP while the ref’s back is turned. 1 2 3.

    Winner: Randy Orton


    Mark Henry v Yokozuna

    Both men lock up but neither give an inch. Henry gets the early advantage but soon Yokozuna gains control. He hits a Samoan Drop on Henry as the World’s Strongest Man charges at him. Yokozuna locks in the Bearhug but Henry powers out and attempts to hit the World’s Strongest Slam, just as he looks to hit it he is unable to fully lift Yokozuna and ends up getting hit by the Banzai Drop. 1 2 3, ring the bell.

    Winner: Yokozuna


    Paulie is backstage with Johnny Ace:

    Paulie: “How the hell are we going to fit that guy in one of the pods?”

    Ace: “Yeah, I think he’ll be starting the match, Paulie.”

    Tag Titles Match – The Street Profits v Harlem Heat

    Both teams shake hands before this epic once in a lifetime encounter. Back and forth action but Profits get the upper hand and isolate Stevie Ray. Classic tag team manoeuvres as both Ford and Dawkins tag in and out to stay fresh. Stevie eventually tags in his brother and Booker cleans house. Heat hit the Heat Bomb on Ford but Dawkins saves the day. Otis and Tucker make their way ringside but all 4 men come together to take them out before re-joining the action, Booker is thrown out of the ring, Dawkins hits a Pop-Up Spinebuster on Ray before Ford connects with a Frog Splash but Booker hits a Scissors Kick on Ford before tossing Dawkins from the ring, Stevie crawls into a cover on Ford. 1 2 3 all over.

    Winners: Harlem Heat


    Women’s Gaunlet Match:

    Bianca Belair v Jacqueline to start

    Jackie puts up a good fight but is no match for Belair as she hits a Spear and gains the pinfall win.
    ODB comes down next, attempts a Bam but Belair counters with a K.O.D. 1 2 3, winner.
    Asuka is next up, this bout goes on 20 minutes with the Asuka locking in her patented submission hold, Belair is able to fight out hit a Spear and a 450 Splash to advance.
    Charlotte Flair arrives next to complete the match, she works over a tired Belair’s legs, she hits a Natural Selection, goes for the cover, 1 2 Belair kicks out, Flair locks in the Figure Eight, Belair manages to reserve it forcing Charlotte to release, Belair hits a Spear and K.O.D. 1 2 3 and we have a new Women’s Champion.

    Winner: Bianca Belair


    Ladder Match for PCW Global Championship

    Nigel McGuinness v Otis v Mark Henry v Ron Simmons v DDP v D’LO Brown

    An entertaining contest of high flying moves and power moves leads to Mark Henry climbing the ladder with Otis going up the other side, the weight of both men leads the ladder to give way. DDP sets up a new ladder but D’LO stops him retrieving the belt, DDP lands a Diamond Cutter from the top of the ladder, DDP gets back up this time he’s stopped by McGuinness, Nigel hits a Tower of London from the top but both men are down. Ron Simmons climbs and ladder and is able to unlock the belt and is your new PCW Global Champion. What a Moment.

    Winner: Ron Simmons


    Main Event; Paulie and Johnny Ace sit ringside to watch as the Eliminination Chamber comes down.

    Chris Jericho, Damian Sandow, Booker T and Drew McIntyre will fill the pods.

    Yokozuna and Randy Orton start the match. Orton struggles with the power of Yoko and Orton is rammed into the cage. The countdown for entrant 3 begins and it is – SANDOW.

    Yokozuna charges into him as exits the pod and sends him back in there, Orton comes back at Yoko and they take it back into the ring, Orton attempts and RKO but Yoko is too powerful and just powerslams him, he drags him to the corner, goes for the Banzai Drop, Orton moves and then Punts Yokozuna hard to the skull. 1 2 3 and

    Yokozuna is eliminated

    Drew McIntyre is next out and him and Orton go at it as their past battles are managed on commentary. Booker T joins the action, the trio fight it out amongst them for five minutes before Chris Jericho enters the fray. Booker goes for a Scissors Kick on Orton but he is pushed into a Claymore by McIntyre and gets eliminated.

    Booker T is eliminated

    McIntyre gets hit by an RKO, 1 2 3.

    Drew McIntyre is eliminated

    We’re down to Orton and Jericho, this is a great battle, Orton hits his Mid Rope DDT and sets up for an RKO, Jericho hits a Codebreaker instead and then locks in the Walls of Jericho, Orton is able to get out of it somehow, Jericho hits a Running Bulldog, goes for a Lionsault but Randy hits an unbelievable RKO mid air. 1 2 3 and Orton has won.

    Chris Jericho is eliminated

    Johnny Ace heads to the ring to present him with the PCW World Championship belt but nails Orton with it instead, Damian Sandow hits You’re Welcome on a dazed Orton. 1 2 3 and we have a new champion.

    Winner: Damian Sandow

    Paulie asks Ace why he did that. Ace says it’s best for business as we go off the air with Sandow holding the title belt aloft.


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    After an opening video package, fireworks and pyro go off from a sell-out crowd of 72,000 at the Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada, where we welcome you to Monday Night Grappling: Grapplemania. There will be 7 unmissable contests on show for your pleasure this evening, on a night where pride, glory and a place in history are on the line. There will be 5 championships at stake, as well as the future of a storied tag team, and in our main event we will see arguably the biggest fight in combat sports history as Mike Tyson goes one on one with Brock Lesnar.

    Tonight promises to be one of the biggest, action-packed, extravaganzas of all time. So without any further ado, let us get Grapplemania under way…

    MNG US Heavyweight Championship
    ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham vs Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura

    Back story: Furious that GM Jesse Ventura wouldn’t give him a rematch against Ricky Steamboat following The Dragon’s victory in their vacant World Title bout, Graham has been on Ventura’s case ever since. He accused Ventura of being jealous, pointing out that Jesse himself had said he modelled his career on him. The Superstar would claim the US Title, but that didn’t quell his hatred of 'The Body'.

    After Ventura’s repeated warnings to Graham to let it go went unheeded, Ventura decided enough was enough. Not wanting to strip him of the title and give the Superstar more reasons to feel aggrieved, Ventura has challenged him to a match at Grapplemania. The board have agreed to this, provided Ventura agrees to step down as GM if he wins.

    What they say…

    Ventura: ‘Billy Graham was my hero and role model. But I was a Navy Seal, and I fought for my country in Vietnam. If you think I’m going to let the Superstar run his mouth on me without consequences, diminishing the United States Title in the process, you’ve got to be a bigger idiot than those who think Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy.’

    Graham: ‘Let me tell you something. Jesse likes to believe in wild conspiracies, but what I’ve accused him of is not bitterness, it’s the truth, baby. He has stopped me from being on top where I belong because he wants to be the Superstar. But there is only one. I’m the man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour. I will retain this belt. I am the United States Heavyweight Champion and I am the greatest!’
    The Match

    Superstar came out last and immediately went for Ventura, not waiting for the introductions. They brawled around ringside, with Superstar in control. Ventura, however, lived up to his ‘always cheat’ mantra and managed to clock Superstar with the ring bell, as well as choking him with a camera cord.

    Eventually the referee managed to regain control and got the two men into the ring where the match could officially start.

    At the bell, Ventura immediately went for his backbreaker submission move – but Superstar was able to fight his way out of the hold. Ventura charged the ropes but Superstar caught him in his bearhug submission.

    Ventura attempted to position his arms towards Superstar’s face – presumably trying to rake his eyes – but Graham was wise to it, and simply squeezed harder.

    There was nowhere for The Body to go and when the referee asked him if he was willing to submit, Ventura nodded his head.

    Winner by submission and still MNG US Champion: ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham.


    After the match, several refs had to enter the ring to get Graham to release the hold. Graham got in Ventura’s face and trash talked as he lay there on the mat. Graham then got a mic.
    Graham: ‘I told you, Ventura! You cannot stop the man of the hour, the Superstar! Don’t think you’ve seen the last of me tonight either. Mark my words, baby!’
    The Superstar raised aloft the US Title as he left the arena to the jeers of the fans. The announcers wondered if his remarks meant he was going to interject himself into Steamboat’s match later.

    Ventura was helped to his feet by the refs but asked to be left alone. Ventura then took off his jacket and his wrestling boots and left them in the ring. The fans recognised the significance of the moment as Ventura fought back tears. He grabbed an American flag from the crowd on his way up the aisle and waves it to the fans as he stopped to pause at his ring attire one final time.

    Why I went with this feud: Ventura was heavily influenced by Superstar Billy Graham so it made sense to have him face off against the man who was his inspiration.

    Why I booked it this way: I teased the idea of Ventura having to leave his GM role if he won, but I think Ventura’s main strengths are outside the ring, so I’m happy for him to continue in that position. I wanted this to be his last match, and to go out by putting over his role model in a very strong way. I would have bigger plans for the ‘Superstar’ further up the card, so he needed a decisive win. From here, Graham would gloat about retiring Jesse, and his ego would grow even more out of control.

    MNG Intercontinental Championship
    Finlay (c) w/Molly Holly vs Katsuyori Shibata w/ Hirooki Goto

    Back story: Previously a beloved babyface, Finlay turned heel and took increasingly ruthless steps to hang on to his precious IC Title. He has also linked up with a woman he helped to train, Molly Holly.

    Shibata, meanwhile, was cleared to compete following the career-ending events in New Japan of several years ago, earning the right to be number one contender. As honoured as he was to face the legend Finlay, the feeling was not mutual – and Finlay has queried the medical evidence. Many fans suspect the Irishman is experiencing an emotion he’s not renowned for – fear. Which of these stiff, wrestlers will tough it out to take the title?

    What they say…

    Finlay: Afraid? I fear no man. I know what’s it like to be told you’ll never wrestle again from an injury, as I faced that prospect in WCW. His situation was even worse than mine, so I was simply looking out for the kid. But he hasn’t wanted to hear it. That’s fine. Just remember not to blame me for what happens to him.

    Shibata (via translator): ‘In my country, we respect Fit Finlay as one of Europe’s great wrestlers. It will be an honour to face him. And it would be the honour of my career to defeat him for the Intercontinental Title.’
    The Match

    Shibata extended his hand at the start of the bout but Finlay swatted it away and took Shibata down. He landed a series of vicious stomps, leg and knee drops on Shibata as the fans stood up and watched on in concern. The announcers noted Finlay was showing absolutely no mercy.

    Finlay took control early in what was a stiff yet methodical match-up. Every time Shibata would seem to build momentum, Finlay would target his head and regain control.

    After twenty minutes or so, Shibata took charge. He took Finlay down and began hitting the Irishman with the kind of offence that he had been dishing out – aside from the headbutt, which the announcers noted was a move he would no longer do on doctor's orders.

    The finish of the match saw the ref take a bump after Finlay reversed an Irish whip, sending Shibata into him. Finlay told Molly to get his shillelagh from under the ring – but before she could hand it to him, Hirooki Goto grabbed it from her. Molly then ran away and back up the aisle as Goto followed her slowly, shillelagh in hand.

    Back in the ring, Shibata was distracted by these events and turned around into Finlay’s Celtic Cross. The ref slowly recovered and Finlay pinned him for



    No. Just a two!

    Finlay was irate and began to berate the referee. He went for the finisher again, but this time Shibata slipped free. He hit a knee to Finlay’s gut and ran the ropes before unleashing a vicious penalty kick on Finlay. He covered…




    Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Katsuyori Shibata

    Shibata celebrated a successful return to in-ring action, as Goto returned to the ring and both men shared an embrace. Afterwards, when a bloodied Finlay got to his feet, Shibata offered a handshake – but Finlay again swatted it away, saying ‘I want my rematch’ before leaving the ring.

    Why I went with this feud: These two would put on a brilliant, hard-hitting match. I think it would be one of the standout matches on the show.

    Why I booked it this way: Shibata had to get the win on his return from injury and end Finlay’s long reign. As we see with the ending, the bitterness wasn’t quite settled here. I’d have Shibata win the rematch, and then move Finlay into mixed tag matches with Molly. Shibata meanwhile would feud with his friend Goto for the title, with Goto turning heel and pointing out that without him stopping Molly's interference, Shibata would never have become champion.

    *****Backstage segment*****

    We see GM Jesse Ventura being fussed over by a nurse as he tells her he's fine. An official enters and says Billy Graham can't be found. Ventura says he's just spoken to both Ricky Steamboat and Jeff Hardy and both don't want interference spoiling their match later. As a result, both have agreed to the match now becoming a No Disqualification bout.

    The ref then asks should they increase security at ringside. Ventura says no - he is going to go out on commentary himself and ensure there are no problems.

    Losing tag team must disband permanently
    World's Greatest Tag Team vs The Von Erichs

    Back story: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin and Kevin and Kerry Von Erich were once great friends. Brought together by a shared need to overcome personal demons, Haas and Kerry in particular shared a strong bond, both being helped by Ricky Steamboat’s rehab facility.

    But in the desire for both teams to become contenders for the tag champions, the relationships gradually became strained. It became broken beyond repair when reportedly an illegal substance was found by police in the car used by the four men, driving to a show. Neither side would initially blame the other, but since then, both would lay the fault at the door of the opposite team. Regular brawls ensued as the bitterness and hatred became too much for the company to handle.

    GM Ventura has decided to put a stop to it, stipulating that the losing team must disband, and will never get a tag title shot ever again. Which team will suffer the most devastating defeat in their history?

    What they say…

    Charlie Haas: ‘We tried to be the good guys, boys, but you took it to this level. Why not admit what was found in that car was your fault?’

    Shelton Benjamin: ‘They want to make out that it was on you, Charlie, but we ain’t about to become the World’s Greatest Fall Guys. This company ain’t big enough for the both of us and tonight the Von Erichs' tag team ends.

    Kerry Von Erich: What was in that car had nothing to do with me, and Haas and Benjamin know that. You don’t get to drag the Von Erich family name through the mud. Tonight, we put an end to you.

    Kevin Von Erich: You said it, brother.
    The Match

    Ventura came out to do commentary as promised. After that, Strike Force’s music hit and they cut a promo in the ring about how they were excited to be in the company, and were looking to strike the tag division with force. They would watch the match from the stands.
    Ventura: ‘Can I not escape my old rival Chico Santana following me everywhere?’

    Commentator: ‘Will you stop?’
    Haas and Benjamin entered first and were jeered, with the Von Erichs getting all of the love from the crowd. The announcers noted the fans hadn’t lost faith in Kerry and Kevin.

    The early exchanges were controlled by the WGTT with quick tags by Haas and Benjamin as they used their superior mat wrestling skills to dominate.
    After working over Kevin for long stretches, eventually he made the hot tag to Kerry, who came in and cleaned house with clotheslines and a crossbody.
    The finish of the match saw Kerry hit his tornado clothesline on Haas, but as he made the pin, suddenly the lights went out.

    Up on the titantron we see CCTV footage of a car.
    Commentator: I believe that’s the car from the infamous night in question when the four men were caught with an illegal substance.

    We see a man from behind putting a white bag into the car boot, and as he turns we see that it’s…
    Commentator: ‘That’s Kevin Von Erich! He was the one that the cops pulled over! I didn't know he had any problem!

    Ventura: ‘You weren't supposed to know. Who the hell got that footage? Only the authorities and those close to the guys had that information.’
    Kerry looks on in shock, as his brother, who is on his knees outside, is seen mouthing ‘I’m sorry’. Back in the ring, Shelton has made a blind tag, and as Kerry turns around, Shelton hits him with a T-Bone suplex. Kevin tries to intervene but Haas has recovered and cuts him off. Benjamin covers for…




    Winners and remaining a tag team: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

    Haas and Benjamin celebrate in the ring, as Haas gets in Kerry’s face, screaming ‘I told you! I told you it wasn’t anything to do with us!’ Kerry sits in the ring on his knees, heartbroken. Kevin enters the ring and helps up Kerry, attempting an apology, but Kerry pushes him away and walks up the aisle as Kevin looks on, heartbroken.

    The announcers note that the relationship with the brothers may now be beyond repair.

    Why I went with this feud: I thought these two teams would put on a great wrestling match, and wanted to touch on some of the personal issues of Haas and Kerry, so playing into the return of Steamboat’s rehab facility seemed to make sense.

    Why I booked it this way: I think there’s more benefit to having Haas and Benjamin as the top heel team in the company. I’d initially move them into a feud with Strike Force. Kerry, on the back of this, would become disillusioned with his brother’s behaviour and slowly begin a heel turn, with Kevin trying to redeem himself in his brother’s eyes.

    Vacant Women’s Championship
    Toni Storm vs Mickie James

    Back story: With the company having been without a women’s division for several years, it was necessary to crown a new champion at this year’s PPV event. The two women that have earned a shot are Toni Storm, the young fan-favourite, and Mickie James, the experienced and respected veteran. Who will take home the title?

    What they say…

    Toni Storm: ‘I've said on social media in the past that I have always wanted to face Mickie James, and so to beat her at Grapplemania for the Women’s Title would be a dream come true.’

    Mickie James: ‘I defeated Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania to become Women’s Champion, so I know what it takes to unseat a legend. But if Toni thinks she’s going to do that to me, she has another thing coming. Facing me may have been her dream, but it’s about to become her nightmare.'
    The Match

    Both women got positive reactions from the crowd. At the bell, they went face to face and Toni extended her hand. Mickie paused for a moment and then grasped it – only to turn it into a cradle for a near-fall. Mickie smiled and shook her head.
    Commentator: Mickie James knows every trick in the book.

    Ventura: That was a rookie mistake by Storm, and Mickie James knows it.
    The early stages of the match saw Mickie take control, grounding Storm, and trash talking her on numerous occasions. The momentum shifted, however, when Mickie tried a clothesline on the prone Storm at the turnbuckle, only for Storm to sidestep it. She then hit a backstabber, and began working on James’ back.

    The finish of the contest saw both women land near-falls. Mickie via her Mick Kick and Mickie DDT, while Storm was shocked that James kicked out of her diving leg drop and neckbreaker.

    Both women were down exhausted but James was up quickest. She went for another Mick Kick – but Storm ducked, and connected with her Strong Zero piledriver. Storm made the cover…




    Winner and new Women’s Champion: Toni Storm

    Storm fell to her knees as confetti fell from the rafters. The announcers put over that her dream had come true on the grandest stage of all.

    After Storm finished celebrating on all four turnbuckles, James, selling her neck, got nose to nose with Storm as the announcers wondered if they were going to fight once again. But it was James this time that extended her hand. Storm shook it and both hugged as the fans applauded both women.

    The camera moved to backstage where we saw Molly Holly watching on with interest.

    Why I went with this feud: Storm has tweeted that her dream match at a Wrestlemania was to face her idol, Mickie James. It’s a tried and tested story of the young prospect looking to get the better of the wily veteran.

    Why I booked it this way: I would want Storm to be the face of the company, so the plan was always to put her over. The next feud for Storm would be one with Molly Holly, which should produce great matches. I’d also use Molly’s association with Finlay to set up some mixed tag bouts. I’d take James off TV for a while until she was needed further down the line.

    End of part one...

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    World Tag Team Titles
    The Steiner Brothers (c) vs The Road Warriors

    Back story: At last year's Grapplemania, the undefeated Steiner Bros. beat the APA in a bout that was billed as the most physical one ever in the company.

    But now, an even bigger challenge has emerged. The Road Warriors, often seen as the best tag team in Monday Night Grappling history, have returned and earned the right to face Scott and Rick in a match that promises to be an all-out war.

    Who will cement themselves as the most legendary team?

    What they say…

    Scott: ‘No one needs to tell the Steiners how great Hawk and Animal are. We respect the hell out of what they’ve done for this business. But make no mistake, we will walk out of here tonight with the words ‘And STILL…World Tag Team Champions’ ringing in the Road Warriors’ ears.

    Rick: ‘That’s right. Hawk and Animal want to call themselves the best tag team of all time? Then they have to take these belts right here. And that just ain’t happening!'

    Animal: ‘The Steiners are one of the greatest tag teams ever, and they’ve had a hell of a run in this company, but we pride ourselves on being the pinnacle of tag team wrestling in this company. And we will prove it tonight. Tell ‘em, Hawk!

    Hawk: ‘Oh, what a rush!’
    The Match

    The fans were conflicted with duelling chants as the introductions began. ‘Let’s go Steiners!’ ‘L-O-D!’ Let’s go Steiners!’ ‘L-O-D!’

    The first five minutes were chaotic with brawling all around ringside, as the ref struggled to get a handle on the bout. Eventually, the four men returned to the ring and Scott and Animal started things off.

    In the early stages, the Steiners took control and hit a series of double team moves. Scott at one stage got a long two count on Hawk with a top rope belly to belly suplex. As the match progressed, however, the Road Warriors began to have the better of the physical exchanges.

    The finish of the match saw the Road Warriors hit a Double Team powerslam from the top turnbuckle on Rick for the



    …but Scott broke up the pin.

    The Steiners then hit a Doomsday DDT on Animal for the



    …but Hawk broke up the pin!

    The fans were on their feet now, once again giving duelling chants for the two teams.
    Commentator: What a tag match this is, Jesse!

    Ventura: These two teams are showing why they may well be the two greatest we've ever had in the company.
    Scott and Hawk brawled to the outside, with Rick and Animal exchanging rights and lefts in the ring. Rick got the advantage and set up Animal for a top rope bulldog, but Hawk – who by this point had sent Scott into the ring steps – saw what was planned and clubbed Rick Steiner in the back with a double axe handle. Animal saw his chance and hoisted Rick up on his shoulders, as Hawk came off the top rope with the Doomsday Device. Hawk then covered Rick for the




    Winners and new World Tag Team Champions: The Road Warriors

    All of the fans stood and applauded what had been an epic battle. Rick got up after the match and despite being pinned, shook hands with Hawk and Animal.

    Scott, meanwhile, took the tag titles in his hands. He had his hands on his hips as the fans and the other three men wondered what he would do. Scott then draped the titles over the shoulders of the Road Warriors as the fans cheered. The announcers put over this show of sportsmanship.

    Why I went with this feud: I was happy with how my tag team division shaped up this year and I think it’s one of the strongest I’ve had. I considered plenty of match-ups but ultimately, I think this is the biggest money tag team match.

    Why I booked it this way: The Steiners have been presented as the top team on the show, so who better to end that dominance than the Road Warriors? I think there’s more mileage in this feud and I’d have the Steiners win the rematch to set up a trilogy bout.

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat (c) vs Jeff Hardy

    Back story: Despite missing out on the IC Title last year, Steamboat worked harder than ever before, winning the vacant World Championship in a hard-fought match against Superstar Billy Graham.

    As well as that, Steamboat revived the drug treatment rehab facility that he ran back in 2017, when he faced Kurt Angle at Grapplemania. Steamboat has since tried to help those on the roster with problems, such as the aforementioned Graham, Charlie Haas, Kerry Von Erich, and the man he will face for the title at this year's Grapplemania...Jeff Hardy.

    Hardy has successfully overcome his personal demons with Steamboat’s help, and was able to win a battle royal to become number one contender for the title owned by his friend.

    Fate has pitted these two pals against one another, but at Grapplemania only one can emerge triumphant. Who will take the glory?

    What they say…

    Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat: ‘I’m proud of Jeff. He overcame his demons, and if I helped him achieve that, then I’m glad. It’s an honour to face him for the title in this match, but make no mistake when that bell rings, our friendship gets put on hold. I will walk out of Grapplemania still the World Champion.

    Jeff Hardy: ‘I love Ricky. I loved him growing up as a fan, and while they say you should never meet your heroes, in my case thank God I did. I owe him for helping me get back on my feet. But tonight, I can’t hold back because of my respect. This is the biggest match of my life and I will do what I have to in order to win. Tonight, I’m taking the Dragon to the Extreme.’
    The Match

    The ring announcer reminded us the match was now a No DQ contest. Both men got great pops from the crowd. Jeff came out to big pyro, while Ricky came out in his dragon garb. Both men faced off at the bell as the flash bulbs went off. Ricky extended his hand, and Jeff gave him a hug as the fans cheered.
    Commentator: ‘Now this is respect, Jesse.’

    Ventura: ‘I’m about to puke. Are they gonna have a dance and make out as well?’

    Commentator: ‘Oh, stop it!’
    In the early stages, it was fast-paced and both men had a counter for the other’s offence as the fans were on their feet. There were chants of ‘Let’s go Hardy’ that were countered by chants of ‘Let’s go Ricky’.

    Around the twenty minute mark, Ricky went for a superplex, but Jeff countered with punches and sent Ricky down. He went for the Swanton bomb – but Ricky avoided the move as Jeff crashed and burned. Ricky rolled out of the ring and moved over to the Spanish announcers table, removing monitors.
    Commentator: ‘Looks like Steamboat is the one taking it to the extreme, eh Jess? Amazing what can happen to a friendship when there’s a World Title at stake.’

    Ventura: ‘Well, it’s no DQ now. So, all the ref can do is ask him to stop.’
    Steamboat takes Jeff up on to the table and signals he’s going for a piledriver through the table – but Jeff fights out of it and hits a twist of fate on Steamboat – but the table doesn’t break.

    ‘One more time!’ chant the fans. Jeff thinks about it but then stops – he looks up at the turnbuckle and then down at Steamboat.
    Commentator: ‘I hope he’s not going to try anything crazy!’

    Ventura: ‘This is Jeff Hardy you’re talking about!’
    Hardy climbs up to the top turnbuckle, takes a deep breath, looks out at the fans, shrugs, and then does a massive leg drop all the way on to Steamboat, sending him crashing through the table. The fans began chanting 'holy sh*t'.

    The finish of the match saw Jeff roll Steamboat back into the ring. As he did so, out came Superstar Billy Graham.
    Commentator: ‘Well, Jesse! It looks like he’s here. I hope you have a plan?

    Ventura: ‘Security! I need security right now!’
    A bunch of security guys come down and try to grab Superstar away, when suddenly out come Haas and Benjamin to help out Superstar!

    Commentator: ‘Why are Haas and Benjamin out here? Shouldn’t they be off celebrating beating the Von Erichs?’

    At that point, Strike Force descend from their seats in the stands and take the fight to Haas and Benjamin as the fans cheer the wild fight that ensues.
    Ventura: ‘Never thought I’d be glad to see Chico Santana!’

    Commentator: Damn, Jesse. It seems you govern this company about as well as you did Minnesota!

    Ventura: What?

    Commentator: What?
    Back in the ring, Jeff is watching on when, from behind, Steamboat hits him with a low blow!

    Commentator: ‘What the hell? I know this is No DQ, but I never thought I’d see Ricky Steamboat resort to that!’

    Ventura: ‘Well I kinda like it, actually.’
    Outside the ring the brawl is still going on, but Superstar Billy Graham has grabbed a chair and has taken down the security guys and Strike Force. Steamboat, meanwhile, hits a piledriver and makes the cover:



    …but Jeff kicks out! Steamboat then climbs to the top rope and hits his top rope crossbody that has beaten many competitors – but Jeff rolls through and drops him with a slam. He takes off his shirt and throws it on Steamboat and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He connects with the Swanton Bomb:



    Thr…no! Superstar Billy Graham pulls the ref out of the ring! Jeff asks what the hell he’s doing. Steamboat then tells Graham to toss him the chair, which he does! Steamboat then crashes the steel chair across Jeff’s face as the fans look on in disbelief. Graham enters the ring and has a big smile on his face, while Haas and Benjamin have also entered the ring. Steamboat then begins an unmerciful assault on Jeff Hardy with the steel chair. Shot after shot after shot, leaving Jeff battered and bloody.
    Commentator: ‘What the hell is this?! I know it’s No DQ but damn it, this is not right! Jeff Hardy is going to end up hospitalised here!’

    Ventura: ‘It’s looks like Steamboat has aligned himself with these men. He knows Haas and Graham through his work at his rehab clinic. Hell, even for a guy like me with my morals, this is too much.
    After a lengthy beatdown, Steamboat makes the cover. Graham gets in the ref’s face and tells him to count the fall:




    Winner and still MNG World Heavyweight Champion: ‘Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat

    After the match, the fans boo as Steamboat is hoisted up on the shoulders of Billy Graham and The World’s Greatest Tag Team, who celebrate in the ring. Jeff remains motionless on the mat.

    Steamboat grabs a mic.
    Steamboat: What did you think would happen, Jeff? You stupid son of a bitch. You thought I would allow my precious World Title to be taken away from me by a guy who would be sitting under some bridge injecting himself if it weren’t for me? It’s not the first time ‘chasing the dragon’ has left you on your ass.

    These men beside me know what I have done for them. The Superstar didn’t want a rematch with me – he wanted to help me stay the champion. And Charlie and Shelton know I’ve always got their backs – that’s why I gave them the confidential CCTV footage of Kevin Von Erich, one of my rehab clinic clients, that I was privy to.
    Commentator: That was Steamboat’s doing earlier tonight?!
    Steamboat: Nobody is going to take this Championship from me. With these men by my side, we will dominate Monday Night Grappling. We have the World and US Titles, and Charlie and Shelton will soon enough acquire the Tag Titles. I have helped these men see that the only rush they need in life is from winning gold. You can call us The Gold Rush of professional wrestling.

    The four men celebrate on the turnbuckles as the announcers ponder what Jeff Hardy can possibly do against this new group.

    Why I went with this feud: I think Steamboat and Jeff would put on a great wrestling match, and as I had used Steamboat years ago as a mentor figure helping Kurt Angle put his life back together, I thought it would be fun to revive that with Jeff. But this time, with a twist.

    Why I booked it this way: Last time I did this story, Steamboat was the hero that wanted to help; but I liked the idea that this time he is using his influence to control others and keep his title. The fact he lost on last year’s show plays into his fear of losing again. Turning him heel and heading a faction will freshen him up a lot.

    Jeff wouldn’t be hurt from the loss, and the plan here would be for Jeff to align himself with the likes of Strike Force to take on Steamboat’s new Gold Rush stable. I would plan on eventually having Haas and Benjamin get the tag belts and give the stable a good run of dominance that the fans would be eager to see ended.

    Main Event - 5 round MMA Contest
    'The Beast' Brock Lesnar vs 'Iron' Mike Tyson

    Back story: Upon signing with the company, Tyson immediately gave an intense promo, challenging Lesnar, and mocking the idea that Lesnar was a conqueror. The fans wanted the match, but the challenge was initially dismissed. Lesnar’s advocate, Paul Heyman, told Tyson to stay at home, or he would become Lesnar’s ‘bitch’.

    Tyson wasn’t going to accept that. The following week, he would knock out Heyman with a big right hand, injuring Heyman’s knee in the process. And a week after that, Tyson would take his challenge to Lesnar directly, interfering