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Same leopard 85 heater plug

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    Hi there.Anyone have any idea where the heater plug is on Same leopard 85.Most days my leopard is easy enough started but lately it's been hard started due to the cold weather. I think it's the heater plug but I'd appreciate any advice.Thanks.


  • Didn't know they had a heater plug...unless a previous owner fitted it.
    They do have a little knob on the back of the injector pump that causes a bit extra fuel be injected to help starting.
    With trottle half open, pull the knob upwards.

    See the knob numbered "2" in the picture.

    If it's become hard started, first thing I'd check is the pull cable for the stopper.
    Is it returning properly when you push it back in?
    Then I'd change the diesel filters,clean the gauze in the lift pump, and charge the battery and check the battery cable connections to the battery pole clamps.
    Cold weather really shows up a weak battery.

  • Thank you very much for the reply.That worked a treat.Started first time!
    What size battery would you suggest putting into it?

  • Something like a 620 or stronger.
    Which ever model has the poles positioned so that the negative is on the left and the positive on the right, when the pole side is next the fan housing.

    Don't go toHalfords, they'll sell you something at €250, while tractor parts place should have the same for €120 orso

  • Will do.

    Gonna clean that filter in the lift pump this evening.Will it cause it to airlock?

  • No, cause the diesel will be flowing from the tank as you gently tighten down the cap of the lift pump.
    If you are going at it, stick in a new diesel filter, unless it's been done recently.
    Crossland 522 type, common to almost everything built from the 1960's onwards..
    If you change the filter, be careful not to cross thread the bolt, its awkward getting at it where its placed.
    Then loosen the banjo Union on the injector pump and work the lift pump untill no air bubbles come.
    Banjo union is visible on the photo above just to the left of the little circle with "5" on it.
    Same's are very easy bled as a rule.

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