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It has started

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    I have to admit something to you, the brothers.

    Despite being in my forties, I have kept all my hair. No, not in sealed bottle of formaldehyde or similar, but on my head.

    Indeed, during lockdown, I have even gained more hair, what with an aversion to sharing the steamy air of a barber shop in current condidtions. It's not quite hippy-style, but it has been more than 13 months since I darkened the door of such an establishment. Not that many of you do either, albeit for different reasons.

    During that lockdown, I have noticed the amount of hair that comes off each time I use a [strike]brush[/strike] comb has increased. For a long time, I put this down to, well, having more hair to fall off. More hair means more hair that can fall off.


    While brushing my teeth the other day I noticed something. It was like one of those times a barber was negligent with an electric razor and removed every hair on some random part of one's head. But it was more. This was a small patch, the size of a thumbprint, of bare skin in the centre of my hairline.


    I am going bald.

    PS Is there a Tooth Fairy-type deal where I leave a tuft of hair under my pillow and get a can of Carnation Condensed Milk in exchange?