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Sex and the city coming back



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    Carrie struggles to walk but still wears high heels? They gave poor Stanford a poor exit too. Agreed that Che is an awful character. Think Miranda will end up with the professor by the end.

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    Miranda just wants to be cast as the lesbian she is in real life thats why she came back. All in all i hear they dont think they can do another series due to the bad publicity regarding Chris Noth, when in fact a second series wont be made as the original fans hate this load of woke sh"!te its painful to watch and the real stars of the original series were carries shoes & Kim Cattrell both missing. Hate the pod cast team, the professor & the real estate agent & the awful wardrobe they have given the housewife one with the botox'ed face. Carries wardrobe is from some clown world no woman in her fifties dresses like that they wear jeans & trainers....... they obviously did it for the pay check.

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    Is Patricia Field involved in this?

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    I'm a gay woman and even I thought that scene between Che and Miranda was awful.

    Another hand up for a 'Samantha in London' spin-off (though I know it would never happen)

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    I was willing to give And Just Like that a fair appraisal after watching the first few episodes that have come out, but the lack of Samantha in the show really takes a lot of the humour and fun out of the new series.

    Miranda has become a complete Karen type who gets her panties in a twist about anything she deems to be “offensive.” The early episodes indicate she is struggling with the booze so expect a full crisis/intervention/rehab/confessional episode(s) centred around that. She is now just a complete PITA of a character. I know Carrie has just lost Big but she is so morose and miserable all the way through.

    The PC bulsh*t and the non binary characters are just thrown in to show that they are all about “diversity” but it seems just so forced and false. Charlotte seems the most unchanged of the three remaining characters but Harry seems a like complete ghost of his original self from SATC.

    I will watch it to the end but SATC this is not. I don’t think AJLT really knows what it wants to be. 5.5/10

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    I actually don't dislike Che's character. I think they are an interesting character and could have been great in some new show set in New York or LA ..... just not the SATC universe.

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    I will grant the new show’s producers and writers one plaudit: they haven’t gone down the road of Carrie and Co. as insatiable cougars in their mid 50s and shagging half of New York’s men, many of whom would be a lot younger then these ladies.

    Now that would have been truly sad.

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    Has anyone watched episode 6 yet?

  • Registered Users Posts: 74,167 ✭✭✭✭ JP Liz V1

    Maybe Samantha could pop up in Emily in Paris

    I do not get Carrie and Anthony scenes as he was Charlotte's friend

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,304 ✭✭✭ Princess Calla

    Cultural appropriation/appreciation.....they are really going for broke on hitting every single "woke" agenda.

    I'll keep watching as I'm an eejit but they really should have left satc alone if this is their offering.

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    Am I cringing my way through this show? Yes.

    Am I glued to the screen out of morbid curiosity? Yes.

    Am I entertained by this although it is absolutely bonkers and even more OTT than SatC 2 (the movie)? Hell yes.

    Oh and I'd be totally down for season 2 obviously!

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,997 ✭✭✭ Loueze

    I have a feeling the role being played by Anthony was originally written for Stanford, but as Willie Garson passed away before they finished filming, they rewrote it for Anthony. Or I could be completely wrong. But that is what it feels like..

    Episodes 6 and 7 were slightly more watchable. Very slightly (except for anything to do with Miranda. I just fastforward). I liked the scene of the three of them in the park, the chemistry is in the original friendships.

    And I have to admit I fangirled a little at the appearance of Jonathan Groff (as the plastic surgeon).

    I guess I'm holding out hoping for an appearance by Aidan, really. I was always torn between whether Carrie should have ended up with Aidan or Big.

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    I thought maybe some of Natasha's kids were Big's as why the will inheritance inclusion

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,304 ✭✭✭ Princess Calla

    I thought that too, but they kinda explained it as he was a finance guy and it was his way of saying sorry.

    It was abit of a tangent storyline that didn't really go anywhere. I was also expecting something involving the secretary.

    I thought last week's episode the closest we've had to the old satc. I genuinely laughed when Carrie and her date were puking in the street.

    Though I was puking myself when Steve started tidying up the food dishes without washing his hands....shudder.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,997 ✭✭✭ Loueze

    Yes I noticed that too! He washed his hands before touching her, but not after, puke! 🤮

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    I'm really tempted to give up on it to be honest. The Charlotte story is so boring and pointless, the Miranda story actually makes me cringe, I have ended up fast forwarding through any scene with her in it. I just hate what they've done with Steve. He was a cute, cheeky chappy in the series and they've turned him into an old man and a joke figure. Also, it mentioned in the series that he had slept with over 100 woman and it was always said that he was good in bed, so how has he turned into such a fumbling disaster? He's in his mid 50's not mid 80's!

    The only story that is worth watching in any way is Carrie's (even though I am not a fan of her character) I thought the scenes with her on the date and the awkwardness after showed some of the old SATC spark.

    I probably will carry on watching for all my giving out, but I won't be sorry when it is over.

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    I'm hoping Che goes off with someone else on Miranda, why bring her and Steve back as a couple

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,304 ✭✭✭ Princess Calla

    I got the impression that the surprise visit is not going to go well. I don't think Steve will entertain her again. I think she will be back in the dating world alone.

    I think they were brought back as a couple to explore the stale marriage/divorce storyline.

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    Very predictable, Miranda’s surprise visit will be a disaster….Che in bed with someone else. How in Gods name is she a comedian, that ‘rally’ was cringe & she (or they) isn’t at all funny

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    For those who haven't had enough....

    .... The Documentary

    Chris Noth Not in it, innit?

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,997 ✭✭✭ Loueze

    Has anyone watched the finale yet? I'll give it some time before posting to give others a chance to watch it.

    I will say I thought the last three episodes picked up a bit, and had more of the vibe of the old SATC. Of the new characters, I did grow to like Seema's character, she reminded me in ways of Samantha, without being Samantha, if that makes sense. But she was only Carrie's friend, not Miranda's or Charlotte's - I did get the feeling at times that Carrie was pulling away from her original friends.

    They crucified Steve's character which I thought was horrible and I will forever dislike how they handled his storyline.

    They did leave quite a few loose ends. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they do a second season.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,304 ✭✭✭ Princess Calla

    Was last night the final?

    It was pretty underwhelming as a show but I think it will fall into guilty pleasure category along with "the hills" reboot.

    Miranda has turned into everything she despised in other women, actually kinda fun to watch....I loved her grey hair, it's a shame she dyed it back red.

    Charlotte continued being Charlotte, she stayed true to her roots I suppose.

    Steve didn't really bother me, he has always been Mr dependable. One of life's happy people content with their lot.....a contrast to Miranda who never seemed happy always striving for something more. The only time Miranda fancied him was when he was happy with someone else and she couldn't have him.

    I'll tune into s2 but if there's no s2 I won't be heartbroken by any stretch.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,997 ✭✭✭ Loueze

    Yeah, it was the last episode. I won't mind if they don't do a second series, it felt like they were kinda giving the "glimpse of hope" at the end that the editor had talked to Carrie about putting in her book.

    Cynthia Nixon was one of the executive producers and it feels like she was telling her own story through AJLT.

    Miranda's storyline pretty much mirrored her own life - she was married to a man, divorced, then fell in love with a woman, (her first same gender relationship) and married her. Cynthia also has a trans child, but I guess she gave that storyline to Charlotte's character.

    Steve broke my heart in his scenes with Carrie, it was so "Steve".

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,033 ✭✭✭ jos28

    Well I've just finished the final episode. I was really glad to see them back, it was like seeing old friends again. I enjoyed aspects of it but generally it was a cringe fest. I wasn't upset when Big died, I was always an Aidan fan. The scenes I like most were the ones with Carrie/Miranda/Charlotte together, like the old days. I really disliked the over the top woke-ism. How many boxes did they have to tick, it was farcical. The last straw was the Trans Rabbi 🙄. I was never a fan of Charlotte, I thought she was vacuous and silly and JLT proved it. Silly attitudes, silly clothing, silly character.

    Like other posters, I didn't like what they did to Steve. I've never met someone in their 50s who carried on like a 70 year old. \If they do another series I agree that Miranda will be miserable in LA and I hope she comes back to find Steve all loved up with someone else. There was a massive gap where Samantha should have been, she was sorely missed. I couldn't take to the new characters like Che and Seema.

    On the plus side I was drooling over Carrie's wardrobe as I did in SATC, love her style. All in all I'm glad I watched it and was delighted to see where they all are now. It's definitely open for season 2 and I'm sure I'll tune in despite the cringe factor.

    PS - I always watched it alone, like a guilty pleasure. I couldn't bear to hear my OH slagging the bejaysis out of it.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,997 ✭✭✭ Loueze

    I liked the trans rabbi ☺️

    I hope if they do bring a second series back, we find out that Steve has met someone - even if its not on camera, but only in a mention.

    Everyone else was left in a good place - even Big, on his cloud in heaven smoking a cigar!

    There's rumours of recasting for the role of Samantha if they do a second season but I honestly couldn't see that working. Its too iconic a role. I'd rather she stayed in London.