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Foods that taste weird.

  • 07-01-2021 12:49am
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    I got covid around Stephen's Day. I am mostly back to normal now. I wanted to start this Thread so that people can share symptoms. A lot of people experience no taste / smell. However, I could taste stuff but some stuff tasted very odd. And still does. I know this is a condition called Anosmia. I wanted to find out maybe what else I should avoid, until things go back to normal. So far, foods that have had a chemical taste to them:
    • SuperValu 5 Jumbo Sausage Rolls (400 g)
    • Blue Pringles / O'Donnells Tipperary Salt & Vinegar Crisps
    • Hellman's Light Mayonnaise
    • Garlic Mayo (Eddie Rockets Brand).

    I'm not sure if pita breads are included or if it was the mayonnaise on it. Either way, mayo and garlic mayo are a no go.

    The good stuff have been sweet things. I've had shepards pie, home made fish and chips and trifle. Tea, chocolate and sweets. All good. Its mainly the above savory foods which smell and taste like paint / chemicals.

    I know a good few people with covid, but most are reporting LACK of smell and taste rather than a CHANGE in smell / taste.

    If you have experienced this altered change to smell / taste, please post what it is that's different.

    I'm trying to figure out what's in Pringles, Mayo and Sausage rolls that is not allowing my senses to smell them normally. It is really POTENT. HOLD any of those infront of me, and they'll all smell and taste the same. It is the weirdest sensation.


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    There's Facebook groups with people saying they have the same weird chemical taste in foods.

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    Post the actual brands and ingredients of all the stuff you are talking about, tesco list most.

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    Interesting! I *kinda* know what you mean as I have sinus issues year round and I often get a weird taste with certain foods.

    Can you list more foods?

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    I pasted all the ingredients of each product into Notepad++ and clicked each word to find commonalities.
    • They all contain Oil (Vegetable, Rapeseed or Sunflower).
    • They are all high in Salt. But I have had salt on other foods with no issue.
    • The following ingredients have been found across 3 of the 4 products I listed. None span across the 4:

    Vinegar, Starch, Flour, Antioxidant, MALTODEXTRIN.