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Cocktails - hood items to have

  • 21-12-2020 11:14am
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    Even though we are not massive drinkers, picked up a cocktail shaker set as a gift for my wife for xmas.

    We have some baileys, gin and whiskey somewhere in the press, but is there 3 or 4 spirits/mixers that one would advise to get to cover a number of cocktails?
    I dont expect to be doing any tom cruise style mixing (hello 80's kids!) so not looking for anything too fancy!


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    Really depends on what you like to drink but a bottle of vodka and rum would be fairly standard on top of what you already have,

    Espresso martinis are very popular these days so you might want a bottle of Tia Maria/Kahlua (also needs vodka).

    Sugar syrup is fairly common in a lot of cocktails. Make it yourself at home using 1/3 sugar to 2/3 water. I reuse old spirit bottles so it looks nice in the cabinet too.

    In terms of mixers they can be awkward as some need to be fresh e.g. fruit juice. A good mix of small cans of tonic, soda water, ginger ale/beer and coke will keep you well covered though. They can at least be shoved in a press until needed as well.

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    Definitely pick up a bottle of vodka, you can do loads of great easy cocktails with it - cosmos, espresso martini, Moscow mules.

    Cointreau is a good ingredient to have, bit pricey but crops up in loads of drinks. I love a lemon drop martini or margarita, both of which have Cointreau.

    If any of the recipes you want to make have lemon or lime get double the amount you think you'll need, I'm always running out of limes!

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    you need something you can measure with, I'd recommend a digital scales, because cocktails work best when the spirits and mixers are in the proper proportions

    you need the following bottles

    white rum
    dark rum

    mixers already mentioned

    a long spoon

    some appropriate glassware

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    If you’ve got gin then I would suggest:-

    - Sweet vermouth

    - Campari

    - Bourbon

    - Bitters (I suggest orange bitters)

    From the above, and a few bits like egg white and lemon juice, you can make Negronis, Boulevardier, Americano, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Whisky sour and others...

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    Really depends on your tastes, but I’d say simple syrup (homemade!), vermouth, Angostura bitters are all worth having.

    Check out the IBA’s list of cocktails and see what ingredients come up frequently for the ones you like the sound of.

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    Vodka & Triple Sec would be 2 to have...

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    Lots of lemon and lime juice are vital cocktail ingredients for me. I juice and freeze citrus juice.

    If you have a spirit, citrus juice and sugar, you can always make a tasty simple cocktail.

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