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G&P stoner 63 railed version

  • 17-12-2020 3:27am
    Registered Users Posts: 669 ✭✭✭ scar 101

    Hey all just testing the water with this gun, will happily keep it but maybe someone else would like it and get more use out of it then me or just be a nice Christmas present for someone. Its definitely a head turner and a great support weapon with a fast fire rate, very rare aswell. It shoots around 310fps with .2g at 23rps. The mag is abit small for the amount of fire you want to put down but with weighing the same as a fully kitted m16 its much nicer to carry around then many other support weapons. Its seen only a handful of skirmishes but it has a few scratches on it but nothing major. I will try and get pictures up soon, will price it at 580 ono may accept a trade for another G&P, TM, or GBBR with cash my way depending