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Random Golf Thoughts



  • I don't think the two higher guys were new to golf but maybe new to competition. It was stableford.

    There was nothing personally bad about any of them at all, nice enough guys. Just it was an hour over what I'd call a slow round for no real reason, 5 minutes a hole adds up I guess. Slow to tee off, slow to get to a ball etc. Add that in with looking for balls on most holes adds up

    Not worth a thread, just wanted to vent :D

  • If it's strokes, then it's strokes. With other formats you hit a ball in trouble off the tee with an iron, then go back and pull driver for a provo and whack it as far as you can to try salvage something. With strokes it's the opposite, if ball one is in trouble, then you need to reign backwards, tee up a second while dealing with your anger or stress and FIND that fairway to protect against a really big score. Any other versions of that format and it's simply not strokes.

  • ^ Quick Followup: if you are left with a downhill putt for an 8 on a par three on traditional strokes versus a version where you pickup after 8 -you are going to play that shot differently under the two different formats. And it's also part of what makes that risky shot in over the water on the prior hole all the more pleasing when you make the carry and stitch it for an unlikely birdy :)

  • no thanks.

    if it was that slow. id just go home. wouldnt enjoy it at all

  • That's a crazy long round! I've never been out that long on a course.

    In casual golf if they're not holding anyone up I think they're right to keep playing. They'll learn faster that way. But at a minimum they were holding you up. If it's taking them that long to get around they need to figure out how to speed up.

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  • Anyone ever get tennis elbow from golf? Apparently tennis elbow is more common for golfers than golf elbow is. The difference is tennis elbow is pain on the outside of the elbow and golfers elbow is pain on the inside. I had played a load of golf in July including rounds or range sessions every day in the last week of July. So last touched a golf club 3 weeks ago and it hasn't gotten any better. Going to see physio on Friday as lifting anything over a kilo is painful

  • You make perfect sense, as does your follow up. I hadn't even considered that strategic element to it but it changes how I approach Stableford so of course it would for stroke play too. As you can tell I put little or no thought into it, just entered my head while waiting on a slow group last weekend.

    I do hope there is more acceptance of 9 hole tournaments in future years. 18 holes can be a real slog if its slow, especially if you know you're out of it in a comp. I'd love Saturday/Sunday evening 9 hole comps at our club. As it stands the only 9 hole comp is a midweek four ball thing that I'm not mad about.

  • 5hr 30m just crazy stuff, I’ve often done sub 2 hours solo, 2.5 two ball etc with no rushing. 4 balls with multiple lost balls and provisionals a disaster alright but what can you do when someone knocks a drive into the deep stuff and decides to take out a 3wood and then it’s popcorn as they lose ball after ball, rinse/repeat for loooooooong round

  • Got around in 4 hours on Sunday in fourball. Pretty quick and we never saw the groups in front of us, nor the ones behind. Everyone was rushing in to get in, in time, to watch the Roscommon Vs Offaly U20 match on TV. it was a lovely way to play :)

  • I wouldn't be the quickest player but far from the slowest. I can do under the 2hrs as a one ball without any issues and under 4 for a 3 ball would be normal so it was a bit of a shock when I checked the time crossing the 9th

    That was it basically, 1 OOB , next I the trees then trying to get up and down from 200yds needing a punch cut riser. Next shot is trying to get up and down from 205 as it ricochet backwards ha

    I joined the line late as a single which probably gave me more patience than I would've had on another day

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  • Athlone senior and junior scratch cup on Sunday 29th of august if any around and fancy it. Course is in super condition

  • Actually won this with 35 points

    So let's talk about why rounds should be longer..

  • Good man! On reflection did you enjoy the round?

  • Good question, I'd say I'm happy I played it but didn't enjoy the second half of it after I checked the time walking off the 9th. I knew we were slow at that point but once I seen just how slow it took the enjoyment out of it and I was more focused on pushing the group a bit

  • What handicap do "non golfers" get in a classic-fundraiser scramble with WHS? We are running a scramble at the weekend, in past events I have played, non golfers typically got assigned 18, but i believe that has gone up now has it?

    Also, some scrambles I have played the organizers have added 4 handicaps together and divided by 7 and others have divided by 10. Is there a set rule to determine the teams handicap? I read something online about using 5%/10%/15%/20% of the 4 players but that seems like an opportunity for mistakes on the day.

  • When were 460cc+ drivers outlawed? A friend who hasn't played in a long time rocked up for a round with us yesterday with a 580cc driver. We all had a go hitting and were getting much more distance with it. I guess that's why it was outlawed. It was even easier to hit it straight(Based on how I was doing with my own normal driver during the round). It sounded and looked awful though

  • Mid-2000s it was outlawed by USGA and limited it to 460cc

  • I see The Island Golf Club will be upping their prices in 2022 by 17.5%

    May-Oct (Mon to Thurs) was €165 now €200

    May-Oct (Fri to Sun) was €185 now €225

  • Crazy money. I wonder how many lines they'll sell at those prices.

    I'd love to know what the actual average green fee is. I imagine the tour operators booking in hundreds / thousands each year get a good discount. And I'd say there's a high proportion playing as member guests, or getting a deal some other way.

    I remember playing with a lad who played there the week before and I said that to him. He said no way, they don't give discounts there's. So I said wow, you paid the full rate so? No, he got it for around 60 because he knew someone there.

  • Have to say, I'm a little bit surprised and a bit disappointed at the lack of sellers that don't offer periodic payment for Clubs

    I'd imagine there's a fair whack of people who baulk at the idea of paying €450 for a new Driver or €900 for Irons etc, however a 12-month payment period for them would likely encourage quite a few sales. Even just thinking Marketing-wise, '€38 per month for 12 months' sounds better to many than '€450'

    I do see McGuirks use a 3rd party crowd (Humm) but it looks like nobody else in Ireland does it. I can't imagine setting it up would be too much of a nightmare. I suppose the turn-off might be non-payment of something that has €200 left to be paid off mightn't be worth chasing so there might end up being dead-money there but still

    Probably is a Business opportunity really

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  • I was reading an article on this subject recently. In Ireland there is only Humm (which used to be called Flexi-Fi) who provide this service, the main player in this space is Klarna which you'll see all over the UK sites offering the same option as payment. In a previous role I had some dealings with Flexi-fi and found them very poor to work with in terms of integrating their service to our eCommerce sites so I'm not that surprised the uptake is relatively low compared to other places. It is available in some B & M stores where I assume there is a portal the seller accesses to process and application. O' Dwyers in Kilkenny offer it in store only but advertise on their website.

    Klarna is expanding into Ireland in 2022 so I'd expect that to become a much more readily available option for people soon. Only thing with Klarna and that sort of thing is if you are spending €1-1400k on a new set of irons you'll want to be fitted for them and I don't think they offer that service on custom clubs so to me not of much use. Maybe if you knew exactly the specs you want it would work out ok though. Its certainly cheaper than putting it on the credit card and paying it back though so if you know what you want its a great option. I'd probably only consider it for things like a putter or maybe an electric cart personally but not sure I like the idea of a 12 month loan for something relatively small like that.

  • Interesting interview with Brooks, thinks he can catch Nicklaus in majors and speaks about Phil's gamesmanship in the PGA.

    No mention of Bryson though, which is strange as it's a pretty open wide-ranging interview. Wonder why he or the interviewer considered it off the table, maybe because of the Ryder Cup, which he isn't particularly a fan of with all the team meetings and whatnot.

  • He's more unlikeable than Bryson

  • It's good to have characters in the game, beats robotic boredom

  • He is no someone I would call a character he is just a moan, and a bit of a bully. He also seems to have no love for the game which is fine but like I don't want to watch someone like that.

  • He's not really a character though. He comes across as someone trying too hard to be the tough guy

  • Poor choice of verbs, different "personalities", think you know what I mean

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  • He has a very unlikeable personality in that case!