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How convenient that a plan to change the entire economic system...

  • 05-12-2020 1:27am
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    How convenient is it that just as the media and world governments are spreading fear and panic over a minor, flu like illness that an agenda is being pushed to change the entire economic system and introduce 'vaccine passports', digital IDs and a cashless society? I'm referring to 'The Great Reset' being pushed by the World Economic Forum.
    I remember when it was a conspiracy theory that the elites were planning this movement and now they openly admit it. People in our societies are incredibly indoctrinated. Social conditioning has been used to immediately dismiss anyone with an opinion that strays from the narrative as a 'conspiracy theorist' as if their opinion is automatically invalid.

    Ask yourself why is everyone being recommended to take a vaccine for an illness that the vast, vast majority of people are not vulnerable to and many people already have immunity too (that's why most people don't even get symptoms). The answer is clearly profit. More money can be made by the elite class if everyone has to take the virus. Remember these are the same media establishments and governments that lied to us many times to gain support for immoral oil wars.

    Propaganda is extremely effective in Western society. People have been trained to obey and to vilify those who don't. People need to be aware that the media is not your friend. The media is a method of propaganda. Just imagine for a moment if we did not have television and did not have social media. Do you think we would be in the same position as we are in now?

    Has the reaction taken to tackle this virus been worse than the virus itself? Our hospitals were overcrowded every year due to the flu and many elderly and ill people die from the flu every year. A flawed PCR test and a flawed system where anyone with viral fragments (living or dead fragments) in their nose 28 days from their death is marked down as a death from covid. Clearly the 2% death rate has been exaggerated due to this testing method. So does that put the death rate much closer to the flu than first thought? We've destroyed our economy and possibly caused more deaths and hardship than we've saved and I believe from the very beginning the entire situation has been hijacked for ulterior purposes. This 'Great Reset' and the loss of freedoms that comes with it is a scary, dystopian thought. I do hope people will have the motivation to hold onto what remains of our sovereignty. Please do research this movement before immediately dismissing it as a 'conspiracy theory' because many times in the past these theories have turned out to be true.


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    Uh huh....

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    H Please do research this movement before immediately dismissing it as a 'conspiracy theory' because many times in the past these theories have turned out to be true.

    What research did you do that convinced you it was true?

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    It's a plan so we can easily spot all the nutcases, and round them up and enclose them together to shout at each other on a new internet

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    Make sure to always sanitise your tinfoil hat before use

    Stay safe OP

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    Wow the indoctrination has been even more effective than I realised. Immediately dismissed as a conspiracy. These people wouldn't lie to us to make billions. Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria, those were all just happy accidents and it was coincidental that they suited the agendas of some of the wealthiest people in the world. Has anyone ever heard of the CIA declassified documents that included Operation Northwoods? The CIA planned to kill US citizens in staged terrorist attacks to manipulate the public into supporting war with Cuba. Afterwards the president who wanted to disband the CIA was suspiciously assassinated. I'm sure everything is just coincidental and there are definitely not extremely wealthy elites who influence all of these governmental and multinational organisations. I'll close my eyes like the rest of you and pretend that governments and the super wealthy elites who influence them always have our best interests at heart and never lie...

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    Op the conspiracy theories forum is here

    The specific thread, within that forum, called 'The Great Reset' is here

    You're welcome :)


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