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Sanity Clause - 2020 edition

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    2020 has been a weird year, one constant is the Sanity Clause. HO HO HO.

    Run Streak Rules:
    1. Minimum 30 minutes run every day(up to you how much more you do).
    2. No banking of days, i.e. cannot run twice one day and then skip a day. Neither can you run an hour 1 day and skip a day.
    3. No minimum pace, just has to be over 30 minutes.
    4. Once you miss a day you are out. no if's and or buts. done.
    5. Starts 1st December.

    For first timers - it's not easy. Although given lack of Christmas parties may be a tad easier this year.

    Add your name to the below, and get the runners ready.

    Name|Distance |Date streak ended



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