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I need Fork for Vitus Substance CRX


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,902 ✭✭✭ Paul Kiernan

    The difference in length of 5-10mm won't make any difference only larger will give you more tyre clearance. Also rake 45 or 50 doesn't matter.

    Presumably you bought the bike like that to save money so buying one of those forks from bike24 screws up that plan. I'd have thought if the one on aliexpress fits it's your best bet. If you can wait!

    The main area you'll have to watch out for is the interface at the crown between fork and headset. I assume that's the headset I can see in the 2nd picture? The large bearing has to sit flush against the fork crown so they have to be compatible. There'll be a number on the bearing which you can then look up to see how it lines up with the fork.

    You could look for a fork on the adverts forum but it'll need to have good tyre clearance so a normal road bike wouldn't do but there's plenty of cx lads out there.

    It's a nice bike. Is that Apex 1x11 on it? Are they hydraulic brakes?

  • Registered Users Posts: 646 ✭✭✭ Tony04

    Rake is offset between the center of the steerer tube and the center of the dropouts more rake =larger wheelbase and usally snappier handling.

    Generally you want the same fork as that was the frame the bike was designed around and thats what it will perfom best with.

    Firstly try vitus to see if you can buy one aftermarket.

    I know the carbon vitus substance are pretty much a Chinese open mould frame with a few tweeks Carbonda gr595 as far as i remember or something similar

    I know planet x use the exact same frame for one of their gravel bikes so you could try them

    Or you could buy from carbonda direct, has a good reputation on other bike forums.

    Would be reluctant to buy a fork from aliexpress as if fork fails you could be seriously injured and at least with more reputable companies you might have a come back, or at least quality assurance.

  • Registered Users Posts: 46 slivebloom

    Thanks for the info guys.
    @Paul Kiernan : Yes it's SRAM Apex, Yes it has hydraulic brakes.
    Your right, I'm trying to save money, hopefully. So far it has cost me €820, (including €56 to ship from UK via Parcel Motel). I'll keep an eye out for the bearing fitting the crow. FYI: on the same eBay the Aluminium version with shinmano group set sold for €826.
    @Tony04: Vitus did reply, but just to say they will ask the tech guys, still waiting. I tried Chainreaction and Wiggle and they weren't that helpfully.
    I did find what looks like the same fork on Carbonda website and on Alibaba. So I'm trying to source it from them. So thanks for that.
    Also found forks that match the geometry on other websites but prices are from €224 to +€500, without bag/bottle mounts.
    And I find forks on Aliexpress and eBay for under €100 but by the time shipping and customs is added I thinking I'm better off going for the branded fork:

    Another question:
    My plan is to put a set of carbon road wheels 700c on this bike and it will be a real all-rounder : What ye think?

  • Registered Users Posts: 646 ✭✭✭ Tony04

    You could try planet x this is the exact same frame.

    That moquai fork looks the same make it seems to be something generic from china with a brand put on it so yeh you could go for that.

    Perosnally id go direct from carbonda, it will probably be cheaper. You get a quote from them and paypal them afaik, reputable on other bike forums. Customs duty only applies when order is over 150 before vat and then its 12% and vat on top of that. It will take longer to ship though.

    As youve got a 1x groupset i would say the bike isnt probably the best for an out and out road bike. But it could definitely come to its down the lanes and boreens. Depends on the carbon wheelset really id go for something stronger rather than lighter i wouldnt use really light or really aero racing wheels. A custom carbon wheel build might be nice, light bicycle is a chinese company making nice carbon rims add some spaim cx ray spokes and dt swiss hubs and youve gotten a solid set of wheels.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,902 ✭✭✭ Paul Kiernan

    Weepsie has a set of forks for a Planet X CX bike which should fit -

    It's post mount brake mount but I think you can get converter brackets or else just get another brake (eg older SRAM post mount will match and can get on Ebay cheap enough).

    Save you a few quid over some of those new forks!

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,698 ✭✭✭ CantGetNoSleep

    How did you get the bike delivered btw? I'm seeing some good deals on that ebay page

  • Registered Users Posts: 167 ✭✭ CormacH94

    Wish I didn't see this eBay page - RIP to the Christmas presents I was planning on buying relatives...

  • Registered Users Posts: 46 slivebloom

    BIG THANKS to Tony04 here:

    I bought the front fork from Carbonda, it took a while to get here, but it was prefect. €129, half of which was shipping.

    Next was getting the head bearings (from wiggle in the end) but it all worked out great.

    BUT I sold the bike this summer, it had 47cc tyres which are great, but I'm now looking for a more aero bike as I'm not doing any grave rides.

    I'm planning on going back to Carbonda (Mr Wing) and buying frame & wheels. I need a bike fit first as I'm looking an aero stem.

    Thanks again Tony04.