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Computer Programming / BIS Grinds

  • 29-10-2020 2:26pm
    Registered Users Posts: 40 Sweg

    Hi everyone,

    Below is a list of some of the technologies I can give support on:
    • Java
    • Angular
    • TypeScript / Javascript
    • HTML / CSS
    • C#
    • Asp.NET / Visual Basic.NET
    • SQL
    • MS Access / Excel

    No previous experience is required. All levels of developers are welcome.

    If you’re just starting off from scratch & want to go through the very basics, that’s no problem.

    If you’re experienced & just looking to fine-tune your code (refactoring, etc.), I can cater for that too.

    I will provide relevant material during the sessions.

    If you're facing specifc issues, I can help teach you to resolve those (FYP's, or personal projects).

    But before you decide to do anything, here’s some of my background:

    • Graduated from BIS a couple of years ago with First Class Honours, and am currently working as a Java Developer.
    • Received First Class Honours in all my Coding modules.
    • Tutored Masters in C# and MS Access (performing CRUD operations on an Access DB using C# and SQL).
    • Tutored 2nd Years in Visual Basic, C# & Access. (performing CRUD operations on an Access DB using Visual Basic (Semester 1) & C# (Semester 2) & SQL).

    We can have one-on-one sessions, or if you'd like to have a group session then we can come to an arrangement for that also.

    Still interested?

    If so, then please send me a message with the number of people interested, & we'll sort something out

    Looking forward to hearing from you!