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5 Letter Blanagrams

  • 24-10-2020 6:58am
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    Shall we play a Blanagrams game, with a series of 5 letter words, going from a starting word to a goal word, within 5 word exchanges ?
    A blanagram (blank+anagram) is an anagram of another word, but with the substitution of a single letter.

    To Play:
    1. Start with the last word (from the previous posters solution)
    2. Change one letter and rearrange letters to form another word
    3. Continue the series of words until you reach the previous posters goal word (ideally within 5 blanagrams)
    4. Propose another 5 letter goal word for next poster to be able to reach, within 5 blanagrams
      ...and play goes from the previous goal word to the new goal word, and so on until the thread dies *which may be on page 1 ;)

    From [starting word] FRESH to START [goal word]

    Solution: FRESH -> SHARE -> HEART -> TREAT -> START

    Rules of Play:
    • In your solution, blanagrams must use the same letters as the previous word (like anagrams), replacing (only) one letter with any new letter, per word.
    • Be considerate in your goal word selection. In other words, [dont be a dick] to the next poster by making your goal word overtly challenging to reach. For example, asking the next player to go from QUAGS to XEROX is neither clever nor considerate. ;)
    • If you cant see a progression from start word to goal word (atleast 1 same letter), within 5 letter exchanges, don't leave it for the next poster.
    • Keep it clean, in consideration of all posters.
    • and remember, we all make mistakes ;)
    Anagram solvers such as this may be helpful with solutions and potential goal words.

    I wlll try to demonstrate...

    We'll start from the previous word ^ START to the new goal word: DREAM