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09 Toyota Prius - Sell privately or Trade in against newer model

  • 06-10-2020 9:24am
    Registered Users Posts: 121 ✭✭ cloughy

    Anyone give an idea of what price my Prius might get, with current NCT certificate, or with a fresh one for a year.

    I have managed to get a date to test it for next week, so will put it in and hopefully will pass, and if so what might it sell for.

    I am looking to change to a 2018 Prius Business Edition, price from mainstream dealer is straight cash 23k,(trade price 26k) or 20k plus my Prius as is, so effectively 3k as a trade-in, but is the 23k a reasonable straight cash price for this car, mileage is circa 30k km.

    If I can get a good bit more tham 3k privately then would be better to sell and pay 23k cash only for Prius, if not then will trade in and be done with it, as it owes me not a lot as have had for 10years, and recently had its cat stolen, hence why I’m getting rid of it as don’t want it to happen again.

    Looking at other garages the price seems good, but dont know how much they advertise for to be able then to reduce to make it look like a good deal,