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Republican War on Covid Orders Grinds on Despite Trump’s Illness


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    Republican efforts to roll back virus-fighting measures have been steaming ahead for months, and little could halt their momentum Friday even as President Donald Trump became one of more than 30,000 Americans hospitalized with Covid-19.

    In Michigan, the state Supreme Court invalidated dozens of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s pandemic executive orders. In Wisconsin, Republican legislators filed a brief in support of an effort to block a mask requirement amid one of America’s most dire outbreaks. And in Mississippi, Governor Tate Reeves defended his move this week to end his own mandate, the first such move in the U.S.

    For months, the Covid-19 pandemic has surged sequentially around the nation, from the Pacific Northwest to the Northeast, then the Deep South and Sun Belt. Now there are record daily cases reported in Montana and South Dakota, and Wisconsin has become a hot spot.

    On Friday, however, Mississippi’s Tate said there was little danger in lifting the state’s mask mandate.

    “Wearing a mask and staying socially distanced helps,” he told Y’all Politics, a website that covers the state’s politics. But, he said, the virus had retreated meaningfully in his state.

    “Many on the left have overplayed their hand,” Tate said. “I think that they are using this in the election, because if we were talking about the economy, President Trump wins.”

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    Yet another link dump by the OP

    We already have an American response thread

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