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  • 24-09-2020 9:23pm
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    Is Bass available on draft in many areas.

    It featured on TV in a donegal pub as restrictions for the county were announced today.

    For example I can't ever remember seeing it on draught in the Dublin region, even though it was Bertie Ahern's drink of choice.

    In 1877 Bass was the largest brewery in the world.

    A bottle of Bass featured in Edouard Manet's Bar at the Follie Bergers.

    Any Bass drinkers on here.

    I remember it being unremarkable.


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    There are a few different beers that use the name Bass. The kegged and canned one you get here is essentially an Irish red, now brewed by C&C in Glasgow having previously been brewed by Interbrew in Belfast before that closed.

    The cask Bass that the gammon get misty-eyed over is a bitter brewed by Marstons for AB InBev who own the brand. ABI also make a different bottled Bass at their own brewery in Salmesbury, mainly for export to the US but I think it's sold in GB too.

    And then there's a Belgian-recipe Bass, which I think comes from Salmesbury too these days. There may be more.

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    The Goblet pub in Artane had it the last time I was in there which was some time in 2019, on tap

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    Beaumont House had it when I was there. Anywhere Bertie drinks will probably have it :pac:

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    Last time I saw it in a bar was about a month ago and that was in a hotel in Cookstown. Some of the multiples in the North carry it in bottles and it's cheap enough; it's ages since I chanced it though.

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    I bought bottled Bass for GBP £1 in NI recently.

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