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The Walking Dead is ending | Season 11 (2022)

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    So there we have it, The Walking Dead (main series) is ending on Season 11.
    #TheWalkingDead will conclude in 2022 with an extended 24-episode 11th and final season. In 2023, Angela Kang will return to helm a fourth #TWD series starring Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride.
    THE WALKING DEAD, cable’s most popular show, based on Robert Kirkman’s best-selling comic, will come to a close in 2022 with a 24-episode eleventh and final season. Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple said in a press release, “It’s been ten years gone bye; what lies ahead are two more to come and stories and stories to tell beyond that,” said Gimple. “What’s clear is that this show has been about the living, made by a passionate cast, team of writer/producers, producers, and crew, bringing to life the vision put forth by Robert Kirkman in his brilliant comic — and supported by the best fans in the world. He added, “This will be a grand finale that will lead to new premieres. Evolution is upon us. THE WALKING DEAD lives.”

    Although this marks the end of the first series, THE WALKING DEAD universe is far from over. Starting in 2023, Walking Dead Showrunner Angela Kang will return with Scott Gimple to helm a spin-off series centered around Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon and Melissa McBride’s Carol Peletier. According to the press release, “AMC is also working with Gimple to develop a new ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ series, an episodic anthology with individual episodes or arcs of episodes focused on new or existing characters, backstories or other stand-alone experiences. The company, working closely with Gimple, is also developing a number of other new and innovative projects grounded in The Walking Dead universe.”

    THE WALKING DEAD will air its Season 10 Finale on Sunday, October 4th at 9pm followed by the series premiere of THE WALKING DEAD: WORLD BEYOND at 10pm. FEAR THE WALKING DEAD will begin airing part of its sixth season starting the following Sunday, October 11th. Read the full press release below and let us know in the comments how YOU’RE reacting to this massive announcement.


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