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VRT on used PHEV

  • 06-08-2020 4:19pm
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    Apologies if this has been covered recently. The most recent results thrown up by the search function were from around budget time last year.

    Is there a VRT rebate on used PHEV's being cleared ex UK?
    As an example, I calculated the VRT on a 2018 BMW 530e, which comes out at approx €2900. (max nox amount of €600 applied as I didn't have any figure to input)
    However, a contact in the motor trade, who admittedly isn't importing PHEV's every day of the week tells me that there is a rebate, which should bring the net VRT figure down to approx €1600. Does this sound correct, or does the ROS VRT calculator factor in the rebate?


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    ros includes rebate if you selected correctly,

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    Thanks, I never checked The ROS numbers in detail. The rebate is clearly factored in when you look at it properly.