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Advice on PHEV estate

  • 29-06-2020 2:21pm
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    Hi all,

    So the father in law had a lend of our Optima PHEV Estate for a few days there while his old diesel car was getting fixed.

    Well, he loved it. Loves the electric in town and how comfortable everything was on the motorway. He'd love to buy one brand new but they aren't available here and have been discontinued in the UK.

    Basically, he wants an estate that is also PHEV. He does a lot of long weekends away golfing etc. Would like something big since he does take the kids at times too, so the things that sometimes you don't think about (charge points in the back, dual climate control etc) would be a bonus.

    I was looking at the Mondeo with him as he suggested it, but apparently it's a bit sluggish and the battery distance isn't exactly great in real world scenarios.

    Wondering if anyone has any suggestions?