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Mirror dinghy with trailer (needs repairs) - FREE

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    Hi there,

    I'm offering this Mirror dinghy with sail, parts and trailer (for putting boat into water, not a road trailer) for free, if anyone's interested.


    This would be a project boat for someone. The hull is quite soft and there is a hole of about 1 foot which was previous repaired, but needs to be done again.

    A friend who is a shipwright says the boat is repairable and said his suggestion would probably be to fibreglass the whole hull.

    So, it will take work, will never be fast, but may be a cheap option for someone handy or a club.

    I think most of the bits are there, but not sure as I never sailed the boat myself sadly:

    - Boat itself
    - Sail, boom, mast, rudder, centreboard etc all present, but never tried.
    - Trailer (non-road trailer)

    Free to take away in the Howth area, Dublin.

    I'd love to see it go to a new home, rather than be thrown out, which is my next, undesired option. :(

    Any questions or if you want a look, just let me know on thread or by PM.




  • Give the sea scouts in howth or malahide a call they may take it off you

  • About 5 years ago....this was posted on this forum. I donated my old mirror to them at the time.....which they came and collected from Dublin.
    I'm involved with the newly established Youghal Sailing Club and we are looking for donations of sailing boats (old/abandoned/projects/etc). That we can use to show local kids how to restore them and then teach them how to sail them.

    Please PM me or email [email protected]

    All donations gratefully accepted.