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Gamepass quests Microsoft Redeem points



  • Opened a case.. and the feckers asked me to get another achievement to see if that would pop... So I opened Ark on the cloud and entered a couple of cheat codes and got 11 achievemnts straight off , clicked on the top ten again and it wouldn't turn in so replied to them.

    Got the Weekly Treasure today aswell thanks

    Completed Day of the Tentacle and Omno for Daily 50s.

    Next one up is Procession to Calvery , it's kind of a Monty Python click thing. Easy to do. Following Welsh Hunter's guide.

    I suspect this is where Chicken Possible / Rewards Hunter is getting his videos from.

  • The little one has been smashing Disney Adventureland for the last few days via cloud. Easy daily 50s for me and the game doesn't even need to be installed :D

  • Another top 10 out for 500pts

    In other news, got my free GPU month again on ambassadors program.

  • What's the ambasadors programme?

  • Titian Fall 2 quest just unlocked for me from just starting multiplayer looks like it’s glitched at the moment.

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  • Depends on the players I think.

    If you haven't played before you get a bunch of credit.

    Took me about 4 games. Kind of enjoyable as I prefer these to soccer games.

  • Just sign up and start clicking on missions!

    This season finishes end of December but get started and see what you have to do.

    Click away for 3 months and free GPU is yours.

  • Battlefield 250 points

    Choose Sundance character to get wingsuit

  • Or this achievement up today.

    Might be a little less convoluted.

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  • I did that a week or so ago. Am I the only person who found the wing suit bit simple but the chopper almost impossible to control?

    There's another Top10 award up so I started playing Scarlet Nexus yesterday, it's a bit cut scene heavy but I think this will do to pull me away from playing Sekiro (for the 5th time)

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  • I did Twelve Minutes, just do nothing for 5 minutes as soon as you get into your appartment.

  • I've just seen a Maka video for Townscaper. Easiest bunch of achievements I've seen in a long time.

  • Of the recent ones I've played, Deer Simulator, Unpacking and Kill it with Fire are all super easy completions and quick. Reasonably fun too.


  • It's Weekly Treasure day 🎁

  • There's a monthly new Halo game 3 achievements quest here. Can be done through cloud!

    Also in rewards app there's another punch in for halo hidden in the "show all" weekly set section.

    Also if you're into Halo there's a free skin stuff in Xbox perks.

  • Nice, thanks Treppen. 3 easy achievements there!

    Just got my 70 week streak today too for an extra 2,500 points :)

  • Weekly treasure is there today.


  • Quick question - for the quests, I know there's a bonus for every 10-week streak completed. Is there a larger bonus at the end of the year? (I hope not because I just broke a 35-week streak by mistake 😔)

    Or are you better off doing a 10-week streak and let it lapse and repeat ? Just wonedering as there are smaller bonuses at 3, 7 and 10 days.

  • Nope, no bonus for 52.

    It's good in a way as people would be stressed as hell if they missed it .

  • Phew - that's a relief because when I realised on Tuesday there were some definite FOMO. :-)

    Grand, I'm going to switch to grinding up to 10-week streak and then back to the start again.

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  • I think if you miss the weekly Streak it just effectively bumps your 2,500 back by about 5 weeks.

  • I lost a 60-odd week streak recently because Bing searches weren't registering. Eventually figured out that I had been signed out from Microsoft account on Bing!

  • Anyone else having issues turning in quests?

    EDIT: was trying to turn in quests from the app last night, checking now on the console in my profile under game pass quests, there is nothing there. "Check again later, there are no quests at the moment."

    Hmmm opened the rewards app on the console and got an error about rewards not being supported in my market, closed reopened it and it was fine. Rebooted the console did the same.

    Checked the phone again and the error was a similar one about market not being supported, it's funny I did see the warning about some games not being available in the app due to location when I've opened it this week and thought not much of it. Killed my wi-fi connection and tried the phone app on 4G and I redeemed the quests.

    Looks like I've some tail chasing to do now.

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  • Hmmm problem looks to have been that I was on the 85.x.x.x address range with Vodafone, decided to reboot the router for a new address after the mobile app worked on 4G (would have a different IP there) and the out of market error I was seeing. After a reboot I was on the 109.x.x.x address range and all is fine.

    I did do a what is my IP while on the 85 range and showed my location as Dublin so that shouldn't have been an issue but I have had other oddities with that before.

    Just hope I wasn't flagged because of it.


  • If you're still in the same country and not dicking around with different regions then you should be ok.

    Contact them on the live chat and confirm that everything is ok (take a screenshot of their response). At least you can show this back if you get banned out of the blue.

  • Weekly Treasure is there today 💰

  • Great, got a nice 1,000 quicker than making a cuppa 😁

  • Ya I'm two achievements away from finishing Procession to calvery, so this is next on the list.

    Finished Omno before that. A bit longer but nice game.

  • I was going to do 1 per day, but accidentally got one going for the first one.

    Whole thing took 13 mins, with 6.5 of that watching the walkthrough!

    Omno done from me, great little game and also Procession done, weird but fun too!

    I also played Michonne walking dead, that has 21 achievements, so will keep you going for 3 weeks.

    I started to play Senua next, as that's on the list of quick achievements, but there's only 10 over an 8 hour play time, so about 50 mins per achievement is a little long for me!

    What's everyone else playing for dailies? 😁

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  • Senua took a while for me so gave up eventually, some parts were tricky enough. Great atmosphere in that game if you have a good sound system/headphones.

    Day of the tentacle was good too.

    Another good one was Turing Test , if you have the puzzles in a walkthrough then it's no problem.

    Rather than watch the walkthroughs first, I put the YouTube videos on half speed and do it at same time.