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PV Electrical Panels - Meter Reading stalled?

  • 05-06-2020 11:44am
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    Hi all,

    I have 5 photovoltaic electric panels (model number PS250M-20U) it was all done through Joule, they came as part of a new build I bought a 4 years ago.

    Given the recent good weather and I checked the meter reading on the 14th April 4341.54 kwh and again yesterday 4th June with the reading 4341.56 kwh - screenshot included.

    This seems like a very small increase given the good weather? I haven't had it serviced since I moved in any recommendations on what to look out for or even check before hand? My initial thought was to contact Joule to arrange a service.

    Any guidance appreciated.


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    They have not been producing electricity. And it looks like the problem is recent enough. Your 5 * 250w panels, on a decent location and south facing, can expect to generate about 1250kWh per year. So in 4 years that would be 5000kWh. You are just a bit short of that. Could be that the panels are not strictly south facing, you are not on a perfect location in Ireland, or the problem exists a little while longer than since last April. Or a combo of the above.

    Get the installers in to check (or have a look yourself first)

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    Dodgy micro-inverters?