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Selling stock grants

  • 03-06-2020 11:30am
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    I have a number of stock grants that I want to sell. They were gifted to me through our company. I'm not that clued in on how or what I would receive should I sell them.

    Do I get the gross proceeds, minus tax on the earnings or just the net earnings minus tax.


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    It depends if they are ESPP, RSU, PSU or delayed RSU.
    1-ESPP you will have paid into, so, as you say they were granted I assume that you did not pay in
    2-RSU are restricted stock units, and generally these will be taxed before they are available for you to sell. EG if you get a grant of 100 stock units, you will likely lose ~51 before they vest.
    3-PSU are performance based stock, similar to the above but usually part of a bonus.
    4-Delayed RSU is a scheme where the RSU are held in a grant for 3 years and are tax free.

    In 1-3 above you will be given the shares on vest date and they are already after tax, so what you do at that point is up to you
    4 above no tax is due.