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Nokia Lumia 630

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    I just got passed down my mothers phone a Nokia Lumia 630 is there any way of connecting these phones to a PC so, I can upload some photos ? I dont have a cable to connect to a PC I dont know if there was one included in the box I just have the charger. I dont know what the cable is called is it a usb c ?


  • It should have a micro USB connection so a normal micro USB cable should work. You could also try using the Bluetooth connected to your PC to upload photos.

    It has a micro SD slot so you could also add photos to a spare one and then insert it into the phone.

    Still a nice mobile at age 6!

  • Beagslife wrote: »
    ....Still a nice mobile at age 6!

    Also, puts many of the present day phone cameras to shame despite its lower pixel count.