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Buying online from "Connection not secure" sites

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    Usually I always buy from places online with verified security lock next to the URL. Is it safe to buy from a website that is actually a reputable retailer, but there's no security check on their website? I always pay through Paypal anyway cos I'm very cautious buying stuff online. I've bought from them before, though not online.


  • A reputable retailer will always have what you refer to as 'a security check' online. The little green lock next to the url means the retailer is actually who they say they are and that your credit card details are encrypted when you make a purchase. Would you be happy to shop without those guarantees?

  • There are several levels of verification that can be applied when requesting a security certificate, depending on what the purpose is.

    A normal SSL certificate attests a confirmation that the website displaying it is the real version of that website. The SSL certificate also allows you to use a secured mechanism to communicate with it whereby information you send to the site is encrypted when in transit - this means that if someone where to incercept the traffic sent from your browser to the website when you place an order, they wouldn't be able to see your payment information.

    A site that wants you to submit payment informaiton should at minimum have an SSL certificate in place - you should not trust any site that does not have one.

  • Have you checked the actual payment part of the site? Lots of retailers only have certs on that part of the site, not on the "browsing" section.

    You should never enter any payment information on a page that doesn't have the padlock. It's not just about the safety/reputation of the retailer, it's every step of the transmission between you and them. A non-SSL transmission is like sending a postcard: anybody between you and the recipient can read it. An SSL transmission is like putting your message in a locked safe that only the recipient has the key for and sending it by courier

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  • Your login / card details and PII in transit are not secure and possibly unsecured in the database also this is a complete redflag. You should be getting all sorts of browser warnings for this..