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    Black Bear – Levine – 2020

    Plays with narrative, roles and identities in quite a Lynchian way. There are two separate but linked stories, one feeding into the other though different in important ways. The second is intriguing, though annoyingly meta, a film about filmmaking. Aubrey Plaza is powerful but her hysteria and breakdown is a little hard to take in the second section. Intriguing, though a little incomplete.



    Joy Division – Gee – 2007

    Simple, complete, unsensationalist look at a hugely influential band that only released 2 albums. Tragically, the one voice that is missing is Ian Curtis’. Made it clear how much they have influenced modern music; Interpol couldn’t exist without JD.



    All hands on deck – Brac – 2020

    Gorgeous, heart-warming without being sentimental, funny, charming, a feel-good film that is not too sweet. An embodiment of the French summer, with a multi-ethnic cast and set in an idyllic camping ground where every day is sunny and everyday worries are left behind. A simple yet joyous story of youth and discovery. A real pleasure.



    24 Hour Party people – Winterbottom – 2002

    Not as good as it should have been. The breaking-the-fourth-wall element took from the effect, where Coogan – as Tony Wilson – keeps talking directly to the viewer, narrating or explaining what is happening in the film itself, taking us out of the experience. Gives some impression of the chaos of the times, but doesn’t quite capture the ambience, the revolution, the social upheaval.




  • Is Rubber gone / Quentin Dupieux I cant see it on my fire stick or laptop?

  • Watched "A Special Day" last night & you're right. Did'nt expect it to be a good as it was, but it was an absolutly fantastic film like you said & also one of the best I've seen recently too. Probably my favourite Mastroianni film, certainly better then "8.5" and just ahead of "La Dolce Vita" as well.

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  • I see "good vibrations" is now on mubi..hugely enjoyable little film about Terri Hooley who was a huge influence in the NI punk scene.

  • hedi, 2016, Tunisia , i liked this movie a lot. A look into tunisian culture, economy and the tensions between arranged marriage and a tight knit multigenerational life versus a longing for more control over your own life story. i've simplified it a lot which is probably why i don't write much here or anywhere on what i've watched. It's also about various crossroads we get to and have to make decisions, each of which will change direction in your life but cause pain.

    Rojo , 2018 Argentenian . Good fim , throwback to the 1970's when things were in flux a lot .

    I watched another movie on plex last night french 2020 film called all hands on deck , enjoyed it , lighter film but very entertaining

  • I finally got around to Welcome II The Terrordome today, and thought it was a very good, if understandably not upbeat, watch. It's a fascinating setup for a film from 1995 - part Brazil, part gang/ghetto movie - but the narrative is more interesting than such a simplistic description might suggest, in part due to being directed by a black British-Nigerian woman and therefore having a different perspective to other films set in the ghetto. There is one subplot that reads to me as being about the difficulties of forming intersectional alliances when subjected to endless systemic racism and violence, which contrasts with another subplot about the need to overcome historical divisions and unite against a common enemy.

    I liked the use of music within the film, where it's not just part of the characters' lives but also used to describe character motivations or intentions, almost like a musical at times.

  • watched cargo 200 , russian movie , thought it was well worth watching. not brilliant but a very well made movie