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Social work as a career

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    Hey! I have been interested in becoming a social worker for a while now and have the option to complete a two years masters to become one.

    However, I am concered, as during my research on what exactly social workers do and reading about peoples experiences as being a social has mostly been negative.

    Many people talk about the high level of stress and how it is not an enjoyable career. I have read comments from people saying to run the other way if you are thinking about becoming a social worker, not to mention the scrutiny from some service users, for example - videos on youtube of cients videoing their social workers and verbally abusing them, along with negative perceptions from the media (Although most of what i saw or read was based in america or england).

    Of course I have also seen some comments from people who love being a social worker. I am aware that there is many different areas of social work also.

    I am just looking to hear from experienced social workers on what their experience in Ireland is like. Pay, Stress, workload, work-life balance and overall job satisfaction.

    I would also appreciate advice from social work students and what their experience has been like overall.

    Any advice is extremely appreciated. Thank you in advance! :)


  • I don't have any specific experience of being a social worker, but just to say you'll always hear good and bad views from people.

    Generally there are ups and down to jobs, plus there are so many different areas, environments and everyone passes things through their own filter.

    I think research, getting views, talking to people etc is the right way to go. At the end, hopefully you'll be able to know the good stuff you'd get from the role (specific to you), the bad stuff (you'd have to put up with), the balance between them and whether it's the right thing for you.

    Good luck with it and hope you get some replies with first-hand experience!