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Your best ever race?

  • 01-04-2020 8:44pm
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    I’ve enjoyed reading some great marathon ‘breakthrough’ race reports on the Sub-3, 3:30 and 4 report threads that Healy initiated recently. But it occurred to me that many of us are either not marathon-oriented at all, or (like me) love marathons but perform better at other distances. So how about a thread celebrating those personal highlight races. Link to the original report, or if you never wrote one, write it now!

    This will bring together personal achievements on road, track, trail, mountains, ultra, cross country - any surface or distance at all. The only requirement is that it was a performance that stands apart for you from all others, and don’t be afraid to tell us why!



  • Registered Users Posts: 4,834 ✭✭✭OOnegative

    A recent one for me, but genuinely a performance I never thought I was capable of until that day.

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,446 ✭✭✭✭Murph_D

    OOnegative wrote: »

    A recent one for me, but genuinely a performance I never thought I was capable of until that day.

    Good one B - still can’t believe you had beers the night before, although maybe the relaxed demeanour worked well for you on the day. How good was this compared to your other bests - is it objectively better as well as ‘feeling’ good?

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,695 ✭✭✭Chivito550

    Two races stick out for me well ahead of the rest.

    National Senior 400m 2014

    Had tried for months and months to go sub 55 after running 55.00. I thought it would just not happen. Eventually I got 54.88 in my very first Nationals. That moment will always live with me. I never ran sub 55 again.

    National Senior 200m 2017

    A carbon copy from above, but this time over 200m. Spent the whole season being painfully close to sub 25, but couldn't seem to manage it. The cards fell the right way and I managed to break a significant barrier once again at Nationals. 24.87. My one and only sub 25.

    I can't pick between the two moments. Nationals is the biggest event for me. My favourite meet of the year. To run my 2 best races ever at this event is very special to me.

  • Registered Users Posts: 350 ✭✭kal7

    School race in a 200m I was in the outside lane, just went out hard as couldn't see those inside of me. Kept waiting for them to come through me. The rest only caught me with 25m to go and was able to hang on for the win, two stronger sprinters in a close 2nd and 3rd.
    Never won another race. Now a mid
    Pack midapack triathlete.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,236 ✭✭✭AuldManKing

    2 stick out for me for different reasons.

    (1) Dunboyne 5m BHAA

    Quite a memorable race as it was my PB for long time over 5m.
    The last mile is the most memorable mile I'll ever run, I was neck & neck with a BP runner (P. Fitz) and about 1km from the finish I was really struggling.
    He beckoned me on and I couldn't go with him, but it did spur me on - as we approached the track, I was quite close to him and got strength from somewhere to overtake him and get a substantial PB and sub 29. Memorable for P.Fitz's actions.

    (2) 1st Sub 60 10m - JT10m 2020

    I never believed that I could go sub 60 - even 10 seconds prior to this race - I didn't believe it - 2miles into it, I didn't believe it.
    But I did!

    I class the Sub 60 10 mile my biggest achievement in running.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,338 ✭✭✭TheW1zard

    Ran my PB in the half after a night on the Guinness. 10 mile pb also had a hangover!

  • Moderators, Computer Games Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 16,116 Mod ✭✭✭✭adrian522

    I'd probably nominate this one:

    John Treacy 10 Mile 2018. A week removed from a 5 mile PB in Raheny. I was as fit as I'd ever been and the 10 mile distance suited me perfectly. I remember thinking "This is too quick" early on but just went with it.

    I can also remember feeling strong around half way and pushing on past a good few people. I kept waiting for the blow up but it never came.

    5 Mile PB of 32:13 and a 10 Mile PB of 67:04 7 days later.

    I couldn't run a mile at those paces now :(

  • Registered Users Posts: 155 ✭✭SuspectZero

    Mine is probably the Blarney Half back in 2013, I didn't write a report but I can weirdly remember almost every step of that race.

    A little preamble but I'd started running properly that year with a 10k Pb of 50 minutes which got progressively lower as the year passed and I'd got down to 1:33 in the Waterford half in July, my main goal at the time was to try run my second marathon in Dublin after running 4:07 in Limerick in May as my first.

    Going into the race, my plan was just to go with the 1:30 group and hang on as long as I could, I was a seriously heavy racer back then and on the Friday night before the race, I ran a 13k race in Emly with one of the lads and finished in 52:59 so the plan was to go out with the 90 group on Sunday and see how long I could hang more in hope than anything else as I have a habit of racing the hard and painful way, I didn't believe I had any shot of actually sticking with them. The course in Blarney was an out and back with the first 7 miles all uphill to Grenagh hill and back down for the last 6(which I didn't know and one that obviously needs much more sensible pacing than a flat route)

    Met a few faster clubmates just before the start who pulled me to the front and I remember going through the first mile in 6:21 and thinking oh shlt!!! This is way too fast even compared to the suicidal original plan so I slowly drifted back to just in front of the pace group over the next 2 miles. There was a guy alongside me who was getting on my nerves sprinting up the hills in front of me and almost walking the downhills and then shooting past again on the next hill so all I could think was I got to burn this guy off, it wasn't until the turnaround point at 7 miles when I looked back that I realised I'd put a minute into the pace group behind and it was all going to be downhill back to the finish. The second half of that race was something I've only felt 2 or 3 times during a race in my life, it felt like I'd cocaine for blood, completely euphoric like runners high on overdrive and I'd almost describe it as feeling like I could run as fast as I wanted and was absolutely blazing past everyone over the last few miles. I hadn't a clue what pace I was on as I was just using a stopwatch and mile markers and I couldn't do the math but when I rounded the last corner, I saw the clock just tick over to 1:26 flat and I sprinted over the line to finish in 1:26:26.

    I couldn't believe it, over a 7 minute pb from the Waterford half 8 weeks before and well under the 90 minutes I thought I was only wishing to break in blind hope. It felt like the easiest effort half I've ever run and it's one of the only times I've wished the race kept going past the finishline, I even get a rush thinking about it now.

    It also gave me huge confidence heading into Dublin 6 weeks later where I went on to run 3:15 for a 52 minute pb. That whole year was a blast when it came to running actually, roasting hot summer with Friday evening races and roadtrips with the lads, I done a lot of stupid training and way too much racing but some of my favourite racing and running experiences were that year but that half tops the pile for many reasons.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,834 ✭✭✭OOnegative

    Murph_D wrote: »
    Good one B - still can’t believe you had beers the night before, although maybe the relaxed demeanour worked well for you on the day. How good was this compared to your other bests - is it objectively better as well as ‘feeling’ good?

    It felt better D because it’s the most controlled & comfortable I’ve ever felt racing. I’ve never felt as strong that far into a race to be able to increase the pace the way I did over the last 4 miles. Plus the ‘feeling good’ factor was a huge help. I blame myself for the beers to!!!

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Can only link the page # and not the post # on the mobile site. Is that right? I'll post entire report but if someone can tell me how to link post I'll edit that.

    Dublin Half Marathon 2018, have ran faster in the meantime but this was a day when it all seemed to come together.

    Dublin Half Marathon Report

    Had company for this one as my two mates who I went with to Rotterdam were running. My buddy who broke 3hours there was pacing the other to a 1:32 as it turned out, a 10min PB :)

    Parked near the cricket ground and jogged up to the start line with a few strides thrown in. Feeling pretty pumped but a positive type of nervous energy. Forgot just how big a race this actually was numbers wise and had to come back out of the starting pen to get a decent spot towards the front.

    Km 1-5 (3:47, 3:48, 3:50, 3:48, 3:55): 19:08

    After my ill judged start to the Frank Duffy I was determined not to make the same mistake here. I knew it was a slightly risky strategy as the first few k are a nice downhill and a good chance to bank a bit of time, but I stuck to my guns. I had one or two runners in my early group ear marked as guys who would be under the 1:20 mark and as we headed down Ordnance survey road I was in a decent group of about 15. 3:47 kms was the magic number today and the first 2k passed without fuss.
    Then my lace opens, pull into the side, panicking a little bit as I knew that the possibility of breaking 80mins was marginal enough, back out and rejoiced proceedings with the group maybe 10secs ahead now. Coming up towards the S bends I was running beside David Carrie and I figured he might be a good man to pace off going up the short climbs, and he may well have been but then my lace opens again :(
    I'm annoyed now, pull in take a couple of deep breaths and then a couple of extra seconds to make sure I tie the damn things properly this time. I definitely took off too fast this time and made it back to DC just coming up to the first water station when the lace opens AGAIN!!
    This is not funny anymore, but if anything it calmed me a bit. Took a bottle of water, pulled in just after, took a good swig of water, triple knotted the lace and joined in again on a decent downhill. I've probably lost at least 45secs but I'm moving well and the pace feels comfortable at this early stage.

    Km 6-10 (3:54, 3:48, 3:48, 3:48, 3:50) : 19:08

    That last lace disaster probably took in some of km 6 looking at the splits. The 80 min group is now long gone and in the distance. But moving in past the Zoo and onto the North Rd I'm tipping along nicely, working with a chap in a pink t shirt who I will end up sharing the load with for the rest of the race. Bit of drag up the North road but I'm feeling good, passing a good few here. Tight turn at castleknock gate was not appreciated :)

    Km 11-15 ( 3:49, 3:42, 3:58, 3:43, 3:51) :19:03

    As luck would have it my course recce a couple of weeks back, took me up Whites Rd, so I knew it was drag. Put the hammer down in the km leading up to it to limit any losses. Myself and pink shirt are motoring now and keeping each other honest. Took a gel at last bottle station when we got back into the park. I'm feeling strong and looking forward to taking advantage of the fast stretch down Chesterfield and Acres road.

    Km 16-20 (3:44, 3:43, 3:39, 3:39, 3:50) : 18:35

    Through 10miles about 60:50, 17secs down on my FD time but feeling unbelievably good. I'm certain that I'll go under 1:21 but if I go now, and it had to be now, and wind it up then 80mins could still be on. I know that the upper glen is always a tough stretch but my mind is made up. Pink shirt is still here and it's one of those moments Where it didn't need to said, I pushed and he tagged on straight away. Going down acres was great, just in a rhythm and enjoying the race and the fact that I'm finishing strong. A few of the guys I tagged at the start are coming back quickly now and I know it's gonna be touch and go. Clap my hands together and shout 'come on' coming up the upper glen :)

    Km 21 (3:36, 3:31 for the bit)

    Down the final stretch, 3:36 fastest km of the race, coming up to line I actually thought I had about 5 secs in the bag and eased off a smidgen :o but I stopped watch past the line @1:19:59 So I was 'fairly sure' I had it but was a little worried until I saw official time on the phone ;)

    Considering the time lost in the first 5k I couldn't be happier with that result. Feeling great today, had a few beers last night. Got up at 6am and did about 15k Easy, left the watch at home and just ambled about reliving the race in my head :) legs never felt better after a race. Back out on walk with Erin Healy in the buggy now and writing this report from a McDonald's whilst taking a well earned break from my staple porridge breakfast :)

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  • Registered Users Posts: 16,034 ✭✭✭✭event

    Not a proper report but my best ever race (not my fastest) was DCM 2013.

    2013 started with Limerick

    I had ran my first ever marathon that May in Limerick. I finished in 3:58:xx and was delighted. But seriously de-hydrated. I had trained all winter in compression gear due to the cold and the rain so on they day I wore the same. I missed the first 2 water stops and by mile 11 or so was in serious trouble. The 4 hour pacers caught me at about mile 24 and only for them I wouldnt have finished. Got over the line, couldnt walk and lay on the floor for about an hour getting water in to me. Decided the week after I would do Dublin.

    Trained all on my own all summer and came to the big day. Just wanted to beat limerick, had no other target in mind. Started well, held back a bit. I wasnt used to the crowds at all and only support I had was my brother at certain points of the course. Got to half way point and was feeling pretty good so pushed on a bit. I had in my head that this "Heartbreak hill" was coming up and was getting ready for it. Had it in my mind that this was going to be torture going by the online reports. Fell in with some fella around mile 18, we said we'd do it together. Back then Roebuck was earlier than it is now. So anyway, we get to mile 21 and I ask yer man, where is this hill. He looks at me like I had two heads and said we just went up it. To put it in to context, Dublin that year had an elevation gain of 161m. Limerick had 224m so I was used to worse and my training runs for 20 miles all were up around 160-170m.

    Anyway I pushed on, came home in 03:5:301 and ran a negative split. Was delighted and the marathon had truly taken hold

  • Registered Users Posts: 946 ✭✭✭KSU

    On from the vault which predates my boards days.....

    1500m Dublin Championships from my Juvenile days out in ALSAA. 3 advanced to All Irelands and fairly strong field where I would have expected to be 4-5. At the time I had been racing a Skerries lad regularly in particular over the cross country. We normally finished back to back (the order changed up but he had the advantage head to head)

    The race itself went fairly to plan in the early stages. Top 2 separated themselves from the field early one (one was training partner so I knew exactly what sort of shape he was in) then 3rd and 4th caught in no mans land running solo, and usual scenario of myself and himself sitting in 5th and 6th. Kinda gave up on qualifying as I wasn't exactly known for my speed so when gaps form wasn't the greatest for closing them down and covering moves.

    Two laps in and nothing had really changed, moving at a decent clip (in around PB pace) with my the lad from Skerries tracking me obviously relying on his speed to get the best of me. Coming into the last lap I was waiting for the inevitable and low and behold he comes blowing by me with 300m to go. For what ever reason I didn't respond - not because I physically couldn't as I was feeling quite confident in how I was feeling. But I was biding my time and after 50m he had put a good gap on me chasing down the guys ahead I decided now was the time to go.

    Body responded in a way that I had never experienced before. Within 50m I had taking on spot, another 25m and I had taken the other guy who had been running solo . Skerries lad however was still a good bit ahead, however this gap was closing with every stride. Coming off the final bend and we were neck and neck in a battle for that last qualifying spot. Normally would leave me for dead however his kick was spent and the two of us were just holding on for dear life. Came down to the dip and the big head came to my rescue pipping him. In terms of time I will be honest can't remember if it was a PB or not (think so but can't be sure)

    These days I doubt this race would register with himself as he has gone on to run 3.42 and take National Senior titles but I like to think races like this kept him honest in terms of work ethic :p

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,507 ✭✭✭Damo 2k9

    Most recent one for me, something I was hugely proud of. Also, glad to get it in before everything started happening

    Barcelona Half Marathon 2020

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,851 ✭✭✭✭average_runner

    Not a race report but the following was mine

    Bob Heffernan 5k 2017 19:38 PB

    Went into this race in great shape, had some good results behind me but never broken 20 mins. My usual time was 20:50 etc.

    Did Griffeen Park run 4 weeks out from it in 20:30, best time there. 2 weeks later Le Cheile 5k in 20:05 with a 3:40 last k. So knew it was there but needed to attack earlier.

    The race was on Tuesday, but that Sunday was out on the beer with friends from 2pm till 4am, not ideal prep but had Monday off.

    Went into the race very relaxed, just waiting for it to start. Remembered the first 3k I attacked hard and time was close 11:30. Passed a few from the club.
    4k I struggled a bit but for the last km I kicked for home with whatever I had left. Was delighted with the PB. Still am :)

    A week later in Dunboyne I got my 5 mile pb, 33:00 flat. Legs died after 6k, felt the 5k race in them. Did Dunshaughlin a few weeks later, 42:14, second fastest 10k.

    Following year did a sub 20min again, got injured in training for a half after it and never rediscovered that form again :(

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,446 ✭✭✭✭Murph_D

    No question for me that my best ever performance was the 800m at National Masters 2018.

    I had set this as the goal race for the year and trained really well throughout the summer. Some of those Daniels sessions were brutally tough but somehow got through unscathed and ended up in great shape. As I knew I only had an outside chance of a medal the real goal was a sub-2:30 time which I achieved - only shame was that lap two was mostly in no man's land and might have done even better with someone to race. But pound for pound this race trumps any other I've ever done. If I was starting out again I would pay far more attention to the track.

  • Moderators, Regional Abroad Moderators Posts: 26,928 Mod ✭✭✭✭rainbow kirby

    I've been running for a long time, but this one starts and ends with Barcelona Marathon 2011.

    3rd marathon, I was young and fit and actually had a decent training cycle! Broke 4 hours for the one and only time - that will NEVER happen again!

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,601 ✭✭✭Wubble Wubble

    That's a very good question.

    There have been a lot of very good ones over 150+ races down the years.

    I'm going to go for the Docklands 5k of 2017 (Post #323 on my log).

    Why? I'd had a number of disappointments over the distance, one where I almost unfailingly can't pull out all the stops. This time I got it right, in warm weather conditions (which I hate!) on a Thursday night in July. I had to battle a whole lot of demons along the way, and I needed to really dig in at the end in order to reap the rewards. It was my first sub-20 - still my only one - and as I type, that stat looks like it's going to survive a third year.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,376 ✭✭✭diego_b

    Great question, a few races come to mind. Firstly going sub 4 in my second marathon in DCM 2016, another was getting my club's record for 50K in my first and only ultra race to date in Donadea 50K 2018 (it's only record I hold or ever will hold unless I want to try for 100K). And last year running the 800m in the Munster T&F Championships aiming for sub 2:50 (pb was 2:54:49)...running the first lap in 1:18 and holding on for dear life on the second lap to come home in 2:43:29.
    However the one that comes to mind is Tralee marathon 2017 where I broke my marathon pb from DCM 2016 by 14 minutes. I'd had a great training block over the winter and despite the poor conditions on the day it all came together for me. It's the performance that I think of the most and one I would like to try emulate in Dublin some year...had a go in DCM 2017 (was on target up till about 16miles but couldn't keep it going and came home in just under 3:55 after a horrible run walk/slog in the last 10K).

    What I think of most is when I moved ahead of the pace group after 18miles to run ahead of them the whole way to the finish. I could have stayed with them the whole way around but I felt good and backed myself to be able to do it and I did, came home in 3:43:41. I treasure the memory of the last few miles of that race.

    Full race report on my defunct log for Tralee 2017 ->

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    That's a very good question.

    There have been a lot of very good ones over 150+ races down the years.

    I'm going to go for the Docklands 5k of 2017 (Post #323 on my log).

    Why? I'd had a number of disappointments over the distance, one which I almost unfailingly can't pull out all the stops. This time I got it right, in warm weather conditions (which I hate!) on a Thursday night in July. I had to battle a whole lot of demons along the way, and I needed to really dig in at the end in order to reap the rewards. It was my first sub-20 - still my only one - and as I type, that stat looks like it's going to survive a third year.

    150+ races, jeepers.....what are we talking, 15 per year or thereabouts? Not outrageous actually , just seemed a lot at first. Must check my own numbers...

  • Posts: 17,728 ✭✭✭✭ [Deleted User]

    Not really much of a racer ........ 105kg in mid 2018, used to lift weights and eat. Had enough of it and lost over 3 stone..... very little cardio but I used do a treadmill 5km every so often..... saw the times go from 30 mins to 23 mins.

    Decided I'd chance some 5km races ........... did a 4 mile race in my local village (fundraiser for an athletic track iirc) as a training race, hoping to do it in about 32 mins or something. It was a year after I started to lose the weight and I ran it in 28mins36secs at 83kg. Was delighted.

    Hoping to get an under 20 minute 5km this summer as I'm 40 later in the year. I don't run much though.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,250 ✭✭✭coogy

    Great idea for a thread D.

    Not been at this game all that long really so not an awful lot to choose from.

    That said, apart from my first marathon attempt in 2018, most of my other races are certainly 'up there' in terms of performance for one reason or another.
    If I was to pick a stand-out race though, it would probably me my most recent, the Naas 10 mile.
    Here's the race report, which, looking back, does not really do justice to how good I felt during the run and my reaction at the finish line when I saw that I'd bagged a 10 minute pb. Far and away the most satisfying race experience I've had to date:

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,446 ✭✭✭✭Murph_D

    healy1835 wrote: »
    150+ races, jeepers.....what are we talking, 15 per year or thereabouts? Not outrageous actually , just seemed a lot at first. Must check my own numbers...

    I'm up to 125 myself (since 2012). Averaged around one per month in the first few years but when you do the shorter stuff you can race a lot more. More than 20 races a year the past few years - 26 in 2018!

    Does anyone use VDOT or other values to get a (somewhat) objective comparison between performances ? There are probably lots of limitations to such a comparison, but my marathon PB VDOT (47.5) is much worse than the 800 (55.9).

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Murph_D wrote: »

    Does anyone use VDOT or other values to get a (somewhat) objective comparison between performances ? There are probably lots of limitations to such a comparison, but my marathon PB VDOT (47.5) is much worse than the 800 (55.9).

    Yeah I've had a nosey before alright. Didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

    5k: 59.8
    5Miles: 59.9
    10k: 60.3
    10Miles: 58.5
    Half: 58.8
    Marathon: 55.8

    Just need to be more aggressive and have a good day on the big day and they'll match up.....was meant to happen on Sunday :(

  • Moderators, Computer Games Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 16,116 Mod ✭✭✭✭adrian522

    Mine was as follows:

    800M 49.4
    1500 48.4
    1 Mile 49.4
    3k: 49.9
    5k: 51.2
    5 Mile: 51.2
    10K: 50
    10 Mile: 51.3
    Half 49.5
    Marathon 46.3

    So my best performance was the one mentioned above for 10 Miles.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,186 ✭✭✭crisco10

    Great question and one that I have never really pondered. I'd be stuck between 2 from last year to be honest, both PB's but one was a surprise performance, the other well planned and worked for.

    The Unplanned one - 5km Staff Relay in Phoenix Park
    Always have done this race, mainly as a social occasion with people from office. Tend to not got too concerned about training for it or anything. This year was no different, except I suppose I'd more miles in the legs over the spring. Anyway, turned up and ran, and with about a km to go, I thought my watch was wrong, my PB was about to be smashed by about 30 seconds. Came home in 18:30. Still my only sub 19 5km, and it's not the easiest course. Still don't know where that came from.

    The planned one - 10km in South Dublin Race Series
    Strangely less exciting, but based on the above, I was fairly confident I could also break 40 for 10km (my PB was 40:15 :mad::mad: ). Anyway, did a 6-8 week training plan over June/July which tuned me up for the race in Clondalkin. Came home well ahead of target, 38:38. It was very satisfying because I hit all the paces in training, and managed to be in "comfortable pain" for most of the race. A well executed training cycle all in all.

  • Registered Users Posts: 19,511 ✭✭✭✭Krusty_Clown

    I think the race that I left it all out there on the course, was the Dublin Championships 5,000m in Santry (part of the graded meets), where after training for the 5k distance for 6 months (averaging 160km/week), I managed to take 3/100ths of a second off my road 5k PB. I honestly didn't know whether to laugh, cry or puke. The fact that I took a second off that time the following week in a road race (that felt a lot easier) just added salt to the wound.

    Rotterdam will always stand out on paper as my best performance (2:29:61 ;)), but I reckon my finest race was Ballycotton 10 mile, in 2017, when I ran 53:36, to finish in 15th place overall, and get this.... 3rd M45! Ballycotton always brought out the best in me and I was definitely in the shape of my life, but both of my 5 mile splits that day would take a chunk off my 5 mile PB. There was just something about the setup of that race that squeezed out every ounce of your potential. I miss that race so much...

  • Registered Users Posts: 946 ✭✭✭KSU

    Rotterdam will always stand out on paper as my best performance (2:29:61 ;)),

    In all my years running I have still never seen a result been amended so many times on the tracking apps

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,582 ✭✭✭Swashbuckler

    Great thread. I had a long think about this one and narrowed it down to two.

    On the surface of it my 1.19.52 in Charleville is an obvious one but it wouldn't feature in my top two performances for various reasons.

    Top two would be my first sub 40 in Killarney 10k 2017 and my still standing 10k PB in Ennis 2018.

    Killarney is one of my favourites. I had run a decent time in Ennis 2017 (40.30) in March and spent the following few months taking my running more seriously than in the past. In hindsight I was overtraining but as many people here have experienced, big gains are made when you start introducing some proper structure to your training. I went into Killarney in July 2017 thinking sub 40 was on the cards and feeling positive. Got to killarney and my watch wouldn't power up. Maybe the best thing that could have happened to me. Ran the race entirely on feel with no watch. Got the the final stretch and saw 37.xx on the clock and was astonished. Crossed the line in 37.52 absolutely stunned and delighted.

    Ennis 10k is a special one for me. It was my first really big performance being coached by Luke. Another day where I felt really positive and one of the few times I got working with another lad and we just pushed each other all the way. Got to the final stretch and saw the clock just passing into 36. Again, astonished with the time. 36.05. The course was a little short but it is what it is.

    Two of my best performances at my favourite distance.

  • Registered Users Posts: 610 ✭✭✭figs

    Been a long time since I've been on this forum. Good to see there's still a few familiar names still knocking about.

    My running has suffered badly over last few years due to injury, work, family, and had kind of fallen out of love with it. Now trying to get my arse back in gear and get some level of fitness back. I'm starting from zero, so could take a while. What better way to motivate myself than reminiscing over past results?!

    For me there's four stand-out races, all from 2012 to 2014.

    Finishing Boston Marathon 2012 on a very hot day was an achievement for mental toughness - my sub-4hrs wasn't going to break any records, but given that I pretty much blew-up after 5 miles (yes, 5 miles) and wanted to quit, digging in for 21 miles to finish the race was a success.

    Breaking sub-3 in Berlin Marathon 2013 after a number of attempts was my biggest goal ticked off.

    Best race was definitely Bohermeen Half 2014. I finished with an unexpected sub-80, and a smile that lasted for weeks!

    Most enjoyable race was St Anne's Parkrun June 2014, where I ran 17:26 after a race-long battle with another Boardsie, who pipped me for second. From start to finish, this was so much fun.

    So, looking forward to the long road ahead, trying to get back some semblance of fitness, and to enjoy running and racing again. Hope to be a more frequent visitor to this forum over the coming months, and to be able to add a few more "best ever races" in the future.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 240 ✭✭Sussex18

    My most recent race always feels like my best race🙂 I suppose I started running 11 years ago and the gradual incline of improvement, there was lots of races that felt like great achievements at the time which now don't look so great, as I improved 🙂. Last year I broke 1:40 for the first time in the Half Marathon in Galway and then brought it down to 1:36 just 6 weeks later on a harder course. That was I think genuinely very good for my level.

    Also breaking 4 hours in the marathon felt epic in 2015, having hung on with the pacers on a very tough final 6. 2 miles or so. I don't think now that was a great time, certainly not when measured against my times in 5ks and 10ks. But you know what a combination of injuries and now the Covid virus has meant that it remains a marathon pb and not sure I will beat it now 🙂