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Xbox Bargain Alerts (Games/Hardware/Accessories) - Part 2

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    As the old thread has now has close to 10,000 posts, it's time to give the boards hamsters a break and move on to a new thread. The old thread is still available here, but will be closed to new posts.

    This thread should be for discussions about genuine bargains relating to all things Xbox. If things veer off dramatically off topic (I've been guilty of this myself), then report a post, let us know and we'll steer things back on track.

    I'll also post one of the most popular deals here, the Game Pass Ultimate upgrade. This way, of people ask about it, you can refer them to the first post here. Hopefully that'll reduce the amount of posts about it.

    Game Pass Ultimate upgrade deal:

    Microsoft has three different subscriptions for Xbox: Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, and Game Pass Ultimate.

    Xbox Live Gold gives access to online multiplayer, with four free games a month. It costs €60 a year if bought directly from Microsoft, or around €40 if bought from a place like CDKeys.

    Game Pass gives access to hundreds of games, including the latest from Microsoft owned studios. It's a revolving list of games, with games going in and out on a regular basis. It normally costs €120 a year of access.

    Game Pass Ultimate combines the Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass subscriptions, and has games available on PC as well. It normally costs €160 a year if bought from Microsoft.

    Here's how the upgrade deal works: Adding any length of Game Pass Ultimate to your account will automatically upgrade any existing Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass subscription to Game Pass Ultimate. If you have 14 months of Xbox Live Gold, and two months of Game Pass, then adding 1 month of Game Pass ultimate will result in you ending up with 17 months of Game Pass Ultimate (14 + 2 + 1).

    Here's a step by step for those with no subscriptions at all on your account:
    1. Buy three Xbox Live codes at the best price you can find.
    2. Load the codes onto your Xbox account, one after the other
    3. Buy the "1 month of Game Pass Ultimate for €1 deal"

    After this, you'll have 37 months of Game Pass Ultimate.

    If you've already added some Game Pass Ultimate onto your account, then you can still avail of the offer, but you'll need to wait until your subscription expires. Once you've got no Game Pass Ultimate on your account, then you can proceed with the steps above.