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Offys to close too?

  • 15-03-2020 7:45pm
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    Guessing only supermarkets and Pharmacies soon enough?


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    Nothing to suggest that, and most supermarkets sell booze anyway.

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    They’ll probably have to control entry soon but no reason to close them.

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    They’ll probably have to control entry soon but no reason to close them.

    My pharmacy had a person manning the door, 5 max allowed in at once. They should have really been asking people what they wanted so they could be in & out fast, but I guess a pharmacy has to be more discrete.

    This will be a disaster for pubs, not only the loss of trade but I expect when they are opened again many will have gotten used to not using them so I would expect a permanent drop in trade.

    They have banned large concerts etc, nobody was asking if they were going to close record shops...

    If they banned the sale of alcohol the illegal trade would grow immensely, I had thought before it would be interesting for it to happen, let some hypocrites see what it is like to live with your drug of choice being illegal.

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    We all got put on short term lay-off today. Was expecting it and I can afford it better than most of my colleagues but still. It's the indefinite part that really bothers me.