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Skoda Octavia RS 151 - fit head unit and reverse camera

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    Total car noob here. Bought a diesel RS 2nd hand about 5 months ago, in great nick. My car head unit is a bit of a disaster Bluetooth connectivity and steering wheel control wise for a OnePlus 6 (Android 10).

    I thought I could improve it considerably by replacing it with an aftermarket Alpine i902D-OC3 and an Alpine reverse camera kit to go with it (I have somewhere I can get the HU a lot cheaper that retail price).

    It's almost identical GUI to the standard Alpine HUs that get installed but a larger screen with Android auto/apple car play.

    Questions I have are:
    [*]Will all the stats for odometer, servicing, oil change etc transfer if I get it done by a pro?
    [*]Any known spots, preferably Skoda certified, servicing centres that would gladly install these aftermarket parts for me?
    [*]Would I have to declare these changes/would they affect my insurance?


  • Have you priced that system. I priced a similar one and as far as I know its €1400 for the unit alone.
    As far as i know all the original vehicle functions still work through the unit,

    You would have to declare it to insurance as far as I know, given the value of it, and because it’s non OE. Most people wouldn’t bother of course.

    You can fit a reverse camera to the headunit you have (I am in the middle of doing so in mine as it happens)

  • colm_mcm wrote: »
    Have you priced that system. I priced a similar one and as far as I know its €1400 for the unit alone.

    I managed to snag the HU for €700, technically 2nd hand too as the original owner mistakenly bought for a Canton sound system which requires extra cabling. I still need to nab the camera kit.

  • I forgot about this post, how did you get on with your camera fitting? Did you do it yourself or go to a mechanic?

  • I did it myself. It was reasonably straightforward and it’s still working.

    Its not plug and play, so you’ll either need to splice into some of the tailgate wiring (rear wiper) or run another cable from front to back (fuse tap) to power it.