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Traineeship as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician with Lufthansa

  • 18-02-2020 1:25am
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    Hi all,

    I had a successful aptitude test last week with Lufthansa in Shannon for a 2 year traineeship in aircraft maintenance. I have been invited for an interview on the 28th . Looking for any advice from anybody that may have done this interview or a similar one and what I can expect to be asked and what I can do to prepare? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!


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    Learn the various items you'd find in a cockpit and where they are located.

    Throttle, FMC, Gear lever, flaps lever, spolers, light switches on overhead panels.

    And learn how a gas turbine works! Just the basics, Hi and low compression chambers, fuel injectors etc. just the basics but watch a video on youtube. there are some good basic videos.

    I was asked all those with the Aer Lingus apprenticeship interviews. I didn't get it but i got to the last 60 out of 1500.

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    Learn a bit about the company, what they do, where they have bases, what aircraft types they do, and the basic differences between the various types.
    Learn a little bit about the theory of flight, how an aeroplane flies, how a jet engine works and even how a car engine works.
    They're going to be looking for someone with an interest in the industry, an interest in the technology and a bit of basic technical knowledge and aptitude.
    You don't have to be an expert on everything but a bit of knowledge about a lot of things can go a long way.

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    Thanks for the advice guys! It's a massive help and I really appreciate it :D

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    Always have a question!