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Duo Prop - Repair or replace?

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    Hi chaps,

    Looking some opinions on my props please. Had my first visit to my boat since my yard lifted it out for the season.

    It was a new purchase last year and this was the first time I've seen it out of the water myself, and had hoped if I got away with just the anodes needing changed I'd be doing well.

    Alas it wasn't meant to be and I got a surprise and noticed the damage to my props. It looks like I've rope remnants in between the two props and whatever was attached to it may have done the damage. There's three sections in need of attention as far as I can make out.

    I'd prefer to repair if possible but if I have to get another set so be it, so I thought who better to ask than the combined wisdom of boards on whether these can be salvaged.

    It's a Penta DP-D drive, and aluminium props I think. It's based on Lower Lough Erne as well so would be grateful for any recommendations of repairs/replacements close to home if possible. Thanks guys