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Hot water solar panels losing pressure

  • 20-01-2020 11:00am
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    We have solar panels for our hot water and system pressure dropped to 0 recently, got a plumber out last Wednesday who fixed a leak and refilled the system pressure to 2 bar. Over the weekend I've noticed that the system pressure has fallen back to just above 1 bar, could this be due to the cold weather or is it likely to be another leak or some other issue?


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    Hard to say, keep an eye on it. If it falls down further significantly, it's probably another leak. I presume the plumber bled the system so there weren't any air locks left and the system was filled up properly.

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    Had similar when the diaphragm on the pressure vessel failed. Would pressurise and seem ok for a short while and then start hearing air in the pump

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    It seems to have stabilised at around 1.2 bar of pressure, hasn't moved from there in the last 48 hours. I'll keep an eye on it for the time being in case it starts dropping again.

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    Peculliar that my solar tubes haven't increased over 12ish degrees all winter !
    I havent checked the pressure that is a good point.

    What kind of temps are you getting theses days !??