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Winter project.... acoustic strat

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    Yes, I know all about the Fender Stratacoustic.

    I own one. but my son has nicked it and taken it off to Uni.


    I LIKE strats. I've owned a load of them over the years, but as the world turns I find myself playing about 95% acoustic, both at home and gigging.

    I even have a strat with a piezo bridge and a bone saddle already......


    remember the Gibson acoustic Les Paul? no, didn't think so..... they only sold about 6 of them. Chambered bodied LP with no magnetic pups, JUST a piezo in the bridge......

    My cunning plan, is get a reasonable strat.... Squier or Encore say..... take off the scratchplate and bridge.... rout it out completely hollow..... put a spruce acoustic top on it and a regular acoustic bridge with a piezo pickup..... and a preamp strap jack.

    unplugged it'll be almost as quiet as an electric, but plugged in, it'll sound like an acoustic, but play like a strat...... and be virtually feedback proof......

    I'll let you know how I get on!