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Aldi cast iron


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    I have one I bought in lidl years ago and it is a trusty workhorse. They're usually similar quality.

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    flogen wrote: »
    Spotted that Aldi are selling cast iron pans
    Those frying pans are enameled inside & out, and say rated to 250C.

    I got an uncoated preseasoned 12" cast iron pan in TK max for 23euro, I get it ridiculously hot for doing smash burgers and steak. I don't think those pans would suit me -others might say otherwise.

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    Don't have a pan (I'd go unenamelled for that) but I've had a casserole and a cocotte for over ten years each on heavy rotation and they're both still going strong.

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    They're getting great write-ups in the UK press.