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What is Joe dot ie?

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    What is , is it a news site is it a branded content site, is it a lifestyle site ? it calls itself "The Voice of Irish People at Home and Abroad."
    With a phenomenal 3.5m unique users each month, JOE really is the voice of Irish people at home and abroad.

    JOE is part of your daily conversation and if something is happening that's relevant to you, we'll be across it with fresh, up-to-date and informed coverage.
    JOE has always been and remains the go-to place for viral content in Ireland and is your one-stop shop for news, music, sport, fitness and everything else important that is happening right now.
    I've tried to avoid joe dot ie as much as possible rarley anything worth clicking on but is it any more a less a vehicle for selling products then any other news org?
    Paddy McKenna‏Verified account @PaddyMcKennaReally thrilled that @ellenmcoyne is JOE's first Head of Politics. I'm pleased that the best young journalist in Ireland is joining JOE's brilliant content team, where she will be spearheading campaigning political projects on all platforms.
    is campaigning or journalism they are doing?

    considering the stories that Ellen Coyne is noted for it seems that it will continue as
    Owner "see's his JOE brand become the media brand of choice for men the world over"

    curiously it not listed as a member of the press council

    its UK news site is quite opinionated too